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Recommended directory for rock climbing in Taiwan

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Panna Rock Climbing Gym

Store introduction

#包石 recommendation#moon board #The style is very Chill

Panna Rock Climbing Gym is located near the Hou Train Station in East District, Taichung City. It is more convenient to ride or drive. It is a rock climbing gym specializing in bouldering. The climbing space has two floors. The front section of the first floor has simple walls and several competition difficulty routes. , the back section of the first floor is a rock climbing wall at an angle, and there is also a rock climbing wall that is rare in other rock climbing sites in Taiwan...

Dapro Indoor Climbing Gym

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#白石 recommendation#上山综合#kilter board

Dapro Dabu Rock Climbing Gym is located in the Dapro Indoor Rock Climbing Field in Nantun District, Taichung. It is some distance away from the Wenxin Park MRT Station. It is recommended to go there by bike or car. It provides climbing and bouldering experience. There are five walls in the venue, two of which are 4.5 Meter bouldering wall, a 9 meter crux wall and a platform...

B-plus Climbing Gym

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#包石 recommendation#有Branch#Suitable for veterans

B-plus Rock Climbing Gym is located on Huanzhong Road in Taichung. It was built with donations from several rock climbing enthusiasts. It started from a basement in 2013 and reached its current location. It is the earliest and longest-running rock climbing gym in Taichung. It can be said to be the This is the "martial arts training" place in the rock climbing world. If you want to pick up some soft routes, don't rush...

Qingchong Rock Climbing Museum

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#白石#上山#Children’s courses are mainly

Qingchang Rock Climbing Life is located near the MRT station in the ecological park. It is more convenient to ride there. The rock gym has two floors. The front side of the first floor is a rare arched structure. The routes are rich and the ceiling and extruded terrain are used. There is a 13-meter climbing wall behind the venue for free climbing at will.
The terrain on the second floor is relatively simple, suitable...

bouldering base

Store introduction

#宝石#Moonboard #Line change frequency is high

The bouldering base is a pure bouldering climbing gym not far from Zuoying High-speed Railway Station. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from the MRT, so it is more convenient to ride there. This Kaohsiung rock climbing gym has the main bouldering area on the first floor, and the advanced bouldering area, moon board, and rest area on the second floor.
There are over 60 bouldering bases...

Boulder Space Boulder Space Climbing Field

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This Kaohsiung rock climbing gym is located inside the Zuoying High-Speed ​​Railway Station. It is very convenient to climb by taking the MRT, high-speed rail, or train. The space is spacious and you can bring your own equipment. You can climb and boulder in a single visit. There are two machines in the venue. The platform is automatically secured, but there are not many climbing routes.
The bouldering area is equipped with large islands, children's walls, Kilte...

Jiutao Rock Climbing Hall Auxiliary Hall

Store introduction

#bouldering# Suitable for experienced players

Jiutao Rock Climbing Gym - Fudan Hall is an 8-minute walk from the Fudan MRT Station. There is a Costco next to it. It is very convenient if you need to find food or purchase after climbing.
This rock climbing gym has just been decorated, with new overall equipment and plenty of clean toilets. The route is moderately difficult, and most require a certain amount of strength to climb...

Camp4 Da Vinci Climbing Gym

Store introduction

#上 climbed#imitating natural terrain rock wall#ceiling rock wall

Camp4 Da Vinci Rock Climbing Hall is located in the Beitou Sports Center, a 10-minute walk from MRT Shipai Station. It specializes in climbing experiences. There is an independent rock tower on the middle island and a rock wall that simulates natural terrain.
With three 9-meter-high walls and a ceiling rock wall, there are a total of 40 to 50 climbing routes...

double8 Rock Research Institute

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Double8 Rock Institute is located in Dihua Street, a 12-minute walk from Daqiaotou MRT Station. Its specialty is rock climbing on the patio. After climbing to the top, you can overlook the old houses of Dadaocheng. The antique scenery paired with the sunset is really romantic!
This rock climbing gym can boulder and climb, but it mainly focuses on "climbing"...

Wusa Climbing Gym

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#上上#内 Inside-inclined wall# Suitable for beginners

Wusa climbing gym has two branches in Taipei, Xinzhuang and Sanchong. The Xinzhuang branch is a 10-minute walk from Xinzhuang MRT station. It is mainly used for climbing, but the climbing does not exceed the specified red line height and can still be used as bouldering. Most of the wall designs are inward-inclined walls with large enough angles, which are very suitable for beginners to practice...

Yonghe Rock Climbing Field

Store introduction

#上 climb#bouldering#speed wall

The Yonghe Rock Climbing Stadium is located on the sixth floor of the Yonghe National Sports Center. It is a bit far away from the MRT station. It is recommended to take the MRT and take the bus to get there. This rock climbing stadium is the largest in New Taipei City and is in compliance with international competition standards. There are There are: climbing wall, bouldering, and speed wall, all three climbing styles can be solved with one vote! Very...

Citizens Bouldering Gym

Store introduction

#白石#路多#public magnesium powder

The Citizen Bouldering Climbing Hall is about a 7-minute walk from Nangang Exhibition Hall Station. It is the bouldering hall with the most routes and the largest venue in the north. It has diverse routes, rich terrain, and an even distribution of difficulty. Novices and veterans can climb it.
In addition to free magnesium powder for public use, there is also all-you-can-drink coffee and tea. It’s a holiday, so crowded and hot...

Qiyan Rock Climbing Gym

Store introduction

#宝石#children's course#public magnesium powder

Qiyan Rock Climbing Hall is located near Nangang MRT Station. There are about 6 routes from VB to V50. It has a variety of camber angles and free magnesium powder for the public to use.
It focuses on children's courses, and holds summer camps and winter camps during the winter and summer vacations. The most attractive thing is that the route changes almost every week, so you are not afraid of...

Hsinchu red stone

Store introduction

#包石 recommendation#MoonBoard #There are so many routes

Hsinchu Hongshi is located near the Science Park. You need to take the high-speed rail or train to Zhuzhong Railway Station. Like the Shilin store, it is in the basement. It is the largest bouldering gym in Hsinchu. The wall height on the first floor is about 4.5 meters. The terrain is changeable, especially Various overhand, ceiling routes, and small moon...

Rockdance bouldering climbing gym

Store introduction

#boulderingrecommendation#AerialYoga#Suitable for novices

Rockdance Bouldering Climbing Hall is located near Dongshan Railway Station. The transportation is not very convenient. It is recommended to drive there. It is a novice-friendly rock climbing gym. The difficulty of the route is up to V4. What is special is that there is a small area of ​​​​roof wall in the venue. Make the route more interesting.

Passion climbing climbing climbing hall

Store introduction

#bouldering#上山#rock climbing course

Biansen Rock Climbing Hall is located near the Arts and Culture Zone in the center of Taoyuan City. You can transfer from Taoyuan Railway Station to the bus (Taoyuan Passenger Bus No. 151, 152, 117), then transfer to Taoyuan Bus GR Line to the "Zhongzheng Arts and Culture Zone" station. Da. This Taoyuan rock climbing gym is very spacious, with bouldering areas, climbing areas, leisure...

Hsinchu Wind City-Success Hall

Store introduction

#宝stone recommendation#上山综合#rock climbing course

Hsinchu Wind City - Chenggong Pavilion, take the high-speed rail or truck to Zhubei Station, and then transfer to the bus to get there in 15 minutes. It provides climbing and bouldering experiences. The climbing is the main axis, the wall is 16 meters high, and the camber angle is as much as 40 degrees. , the number of routes is certainly enough for you to climb.
This time-honored Hsinchu rock climbing...

Hsinchu Wind City-Victory Pavilion

Store introduction

#包石 recommendation#The venue is wide#Suitable for veterans

Hsinchu Fengcheng Victory Hall provides bouldering services. It is more convenient to drive. For public transportation, you need to take the train to Zhubei Railway Station and then transfer to the bus. The venue is spacious, the lighting is very good, the white walls are beautifully decorated, there are many toilets separated for men and women, and there are shower rooms, changing rooms, lockers, and rest areas on the second floor.
Rest area and rock climbing...

RedRock red rock climbing

Store introduction

#宝石#国产多# The wall is not high

Shilin Red Rock Climbing Gym is already considered a time-honored bouldering gym in Taipei. It is located near the MRT Jiantan Station. After climbing, you can go directly to the Shilin Night Market for food. In 2021, it also opened a branch in Hsinchu.
The rock climbing gym has a wide range of difficulty routes, ranging from VB to V9. National athletes often train here. Moo...