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I am teacher Irene Anqi. After I set foot on children's yoga teaching in 2009, I started a yoga method specially designed for special groups.From the process of teaching special children, I realized the importance of physical and mental balance for caregivers, and began to specialize in yoga and healing methods suitable for all age groups and physical conditions.

Teacher presentation

In 2009, I returned to Taiwan from the United States to settle down. The original fixed self-practice was because of a child with a special status in a summer class, which made me start the path of yoga for special children.Along the way, I adhere to the way of teaching yoga for special children, in groups of all ages and special physical and mental conditions, through this method, everyone can safely integrate yoga into their lives.Through the special children's yoga method, help students feel the balance of body and mind from regular yoga practice, realize their physical and mental state through practice, and build students' self-confidence through the process of changing habits.

In 2015, he established the Tianai Yoga Classroom, began to teach Sivananda Yoga and began to work as a yoga healing volunteer at St. Anna's House. In 2017, he took over the promotion of yoga methods for special children in Taiwan, and co-organized the training of yoga teachers for special children every year.This special way made me understand that yoga belongs to everyone, so I embarked step by step on special children's yoga, parent-child yoga, pregnancy yoga, postpartum yoga, baby yoga, evergreen yoga, scleroderma and arthritis yoga, etc., and integrated into it. Aromatherapy, singing bowl sound therapy, meditation, Ayurveda handmade courses, designed a series of complete professional body and soul balance courses for people of all ages and physical and mental states.

Teaching license

  • 2009 Teacher of the Children's Yoga Association of the Republic of China
  • 2010 American Children's Yoga Teacher
  • 2012 Basic Part 1 of yoga teachers for special children
  • 2012 International Sivananda Certified Yoga Teacher RYT200 Hours by American Yoga Federation
  • 2013 Yoga teacher for special children Basic Part 2 American Yoga Alliance RCYS 95 hours
  • 2015 International Singing Bowl Therapist IASH Level XNUMX Singing Bowl Healing
  • 2016 International Singing Bowl Sound Therapist IASH Level XNUMX Singing Bowl Healing
  • 2020 NAHA American Holistic Aromatherapist Certification-Elementary I
  • 2017-Present International Yoga Teacher Training and Certification Course for Special Children Part Ⅰ Organizer in Taiwan
  • 2019-Present International Scleroderma and Arthritis Yoga Teacher Training Certification Taiwan Organizer/Translation

teaching experience

  • Parent-Child Yoga – Taipei American School Girl Scouts Club.Dharma Drum Mountain Anhe Branch Family Camp.Parent-child Museum in Zhongshan District, Beishi
  • Yoga for bilingual children – Happy Kids School, an all-American kindergarten. Abraham Academy.Dharma Drum Mountain Anhe Branch Children's Fun Class and Summer Camp
  • Yoga for Special Children – Santa Ana to one tutoring.Hsinchu City Social Bureau
  • Campus Yoga – Normal University Mandarin Elementary School.Renaissance Middle School.Jinhua Junior High School.Physical Education Class of Senior High School, Taipei European School
  • English Translation for Yoga Teachers – Yoga for Special Children Part 1 & Part 2
  • Prenatal Yoga for Pregnant Women – Johnson & Johnson A+ God Teammate
  • Postpartum pelvic alignment yoga – Xiyue Postpartum Care Center.Junyue Postpartum Care Center
  • Singing Bowl Yoga – Xiyue Postpartum Care Center
  • Corporate Package Course/Institution Lecturer – Lin Li Wedding Dress.Strait digits.Leo Burnett Inc.Bellinger Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals
  • Evergreen/Adult Yoga – Dharma Drum Mountain Anhe Branch Evergreen Class
  • Action Yoga – Santa Ana House Volunteer Service Director
  • Institutional Lecturer – Lecturer in Educational Training at Casa Santa Ana.Hsinchu City Social Bureau.Elite Public Relations Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • 8 years of teaching experience in early childhood education – Seattle, USA and Taiwan

Offer courses and prices


Net energy yoga (group class)

Net energy yoga, guided by traditional yoga methods with essential oils, achieves the overall purification of body, mind and soul through Sanskrit singing, breathing, asana practice, and meditation relaxation, helping us cleanse our body and mind, improve energy and immunity.Suitable for beginners and patients with special diseases.



Online Aroma Yoga for Kids

Through the combination of special children's yoga and aromatherapy, children under 12 years old can feel the balance of body and mind, emotional stability, and focus on the feeling of the moment.Regulate breathing, improve allergies.Strengthen muscle endurance, correct poor posture, improve the functioning of the digestive system and enhance immunity.



Yoga for Scleroderma & Arthritis (online/in-person)

Through joint stretching, breathing exercises, mantra meditation, and asana exercises, it is a yoga course that helps patients suffering from arthritis and autoimmune system disorders achieve physical and mental relaxation.



One-on-One Yoga Assessment for Special Children/Scleroderma and Arthritis

About 45 minutes to one hour of exclusive customized yoga courses for children with special needs including autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, inattention, ADHD, developmental delay, and allergies.Patients with rare diseases such as scleroderma and arthritis.



One-to-One Special Children/Scleroderma & Arthritis/Yoga for Adults

About 45 minutes to one hour of exclusive customized yoga courses for children with special needs including autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, inattention, ADHD, developmental delay, and allergies.Patients with rare diseases such as scleroderma and arthritis.


Mystery guest evaluation

"Tianai Yoga's courses are quite extensive, suitable for students of all ages. Ching was surprised that the classroom started with special children's yoga. Due to the pressure of modern society, family, environment, etc., it may cause the inner self of adults or children. Unhappiness or depression will affect their own behavior, and Tianai Yoga's online yoga courses hope to help more people re-examine their inner self.

The home yoga course that Ching chose was net energy yoga. The coach customized the teaching content after carefully communicating his physical condition and understanding Ching's joint discomfort before the class.At the beginning of the course, practice different breathing methods to completely relax the body, and focus on key areas during the course.On the whole, Net Energy Yoga's online yoga courses can customize the teaching content of each student, and are suitable for students who want to improve their physical fitness or pursue spiritual precipitation. "


Curriculum Highlights

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