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With the rise of health awareness, people are paying more and more attention to the prevention of diseases rather than treatment, and ancient therapies such as mugwort warming pots have also begun to receive people's attention. Learning to learn mugwort warming pots can not only help yourself and your family's health , you can also start a business through this skill and help more people in need! TWOSEVENTHS Today, from the introduction of mugwort warming jar to the detailed teaching course of mugwort warming jar, you will have a deeper understanding of this emerging health industry.

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Teacher Tammy

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Many years of teaching experience Teacher Tammy

Meet Teacher Tammy

Teacher Tammy is about to enter her eighth year of involvement in the health aesthetics industry. All along, we have taught more than XNUMX people practical experience and irreplaceable market experience. We pass on correct concepts and techniques through education, so that students not only learn , but also "use it".

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What is mugwort warming jar?

Mugwort warming pot originated from ancient China and is a traditional Chinese medicine technique.Put the mugwort pillars into jars made of different materials (iron or porcelain jars), light the mugwort and follow the direction of the meridians. The warm feeling of the burning mugwort pillars can open the pores and burn the mugwort pillars to produce The moxa smoke penetrates into the body, and combined with scraping techniques, it helps clear the meridians, improves Qi and blood circulation, removes dampness and coldness, and regulates Qi and replenishes Qi.If it can be combined with muscle and fascia relaxation techniques, it can better alleviate the problems of muscle tightness, such as modern civilization diseases: shoulder and neck pain, rounded shoulders, richness and pain, etc.

What are the effects of mugwort warm jar?

There are a series of meridians in the human body, which are channels through which energy (qi) and blood flow.These meridians connect different organs and tissues and maintain the body's balance.When the flow of Qi and blood is blocked or imbalanced, a variety of health problems can result.

The mugwort warming jar burns and quickly places the warming jar on the body. Through vacuum adsorption, the jar will be adsorbed on the skin, forming a mild adsorption effect.This creates an area of ​​low pressure, which changes blood circulation and energy flow.In addition, the smoke produced when burning mugwort contains beneficial substances such as plant essential oils; when these smoke are applied to the skin, the heat effect can penetrate into deep tissues, stimulate acupuncture points and meridians, and promote the flow of qi and blood.When Qi and blood flow, it encourages the body's immune system to better respond to health problems and helps reduce pain, relieve stress and improve overall physical health.

Why should warm pot be used with mugwort?

Mugwort is a plant belonging to the Asteraceae and Artemisia genus. Li Shizhen, a famous medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty, once recorded in the "Compendium of Materia Medica": The leaves of mugwort are used as medicine. They are warm in nature, non-toxic, and have pure yang properties. They can open the twelve meridians and the three yin. It has the functions of regulating qi and blood, dispelling dampness and cold, etc., so it is also called "medical herb".Because mugwort has the property of warming the uterus, it is very suitable for postpartum and confinement mothers to use for health care.In addition, mugwort leaves also have good effects in regulating qi and blood, dispelling dampness and cold, and replenishing yang energy.

But in fact, before Li Shizhen appeared, moxa leaves had been used to prevent plagues for thousands of years. During the Warring States Period, Mencius once said, "Today's desire for a king is like a seven-year illness, and three years of moxa." This means that after many years of illness, If you want to cure the disease, you need to seek old mugwort leaves to have a chance.Even today in civil society, there is a saying that "if a family has had mugwort for three years, a doctor will not use it." This shows that the efficacy of mugwort on the body has been verified countless times since ancient times.

Who is suitable for mugwort warm jar?

Mugwort warming cup is a body care method suitable for both men and women, old and young. It creates hot moxa smoke on specific acupuncture points or body parts to adjust the flow of qi and blood and improve physical health.If you have the following problems, then you are very suitable to try the mugwort warming jar.

Muscle pain

A warm jar of mugwort can help relieve muscle pain, muscle tension, and joint discomfort.This is an effective improvement method for people who need muscle relaxation.

wind-cold dampness

Mugwort warm pot is often used to treat wind-cold-dampness syndrome, a condition in traditional Chinese medicine that often involves joint pain and inflammation.

Qi stagnation and blood stasis

Mugwort warming cans can help improve qi stagnation and blood stasis, which are disorders of qi and blood circulation described in TCM theory and are often associated with pain and discomfort.

stress and anxiety

Mugwort Warming Therapy is sometimes used to help reduce stress and anxiety because it promotes physical and mental relaxation.

What are the taboos and precautions for mugwort warm pot?

Although mugwort warming jar has a long history and is widely used for body health, not everyone or every situation can experience mugwort warming jar.The following are some taboos and precautions for using mugwort warm jars:

Pregnant woman

Pregnant women need to be cautious when using mugwort warming jars.Stimulation of certain points and areas may be harmful to pregnancy.Pregnant women should be particularly cautious when using mugwort warm pot, and it is best to consult a doctor in advance.

skin problems

If the skin on your body has been injured, or you have ulcers, rashes, scars, rashes or other skin problems, you can wait until the skin condition recovers and stabilizes before trying the mugwort warm pot.

Is there any association or organization that certifies mugwort warm pots?

Currently, there is no specialized association for mugwort warming pot in Taiwan, but some mugwort warming pot teachings are integrated into traditional Chinese medicine health care and Chinese aromatherapy. Therefore, usually if you join an association or unit that has been officially certified by traditional Chinese medicine, it can also be regarded as Certification in mugwort warming jar teaching.

How to choose a suitable mugwort warming tank course?

If you also want to start a business through mugwort warming jars, how should you choose among hundreds of courses?The following are 8 aspects that you can use as a reference for your evaluation:

Early notes

Find out if the store holds a course briefing. If so, you can attend it to learn about the course outline, prices, sharing of past successful cases, etc. It is also recommended to actually go to the store to experience it and confirm whether the store's techniques and teacher charm are what you like. .

Course content

Some stores only teach the canning technique of the warm pot, but only briefly cover the subject part. It is recommended to choose a warm pot teaching course that explains the subject carefully. After all, only by thoroughly understanding the secrets of the human body's meridians and combining it with healing massage techniques can we Flexible response when facing different cases can better meet the needs of customers.

feedback training mechanism

Whether the store provides a return training mechanism, and if there are problems when practicing at home, whether you can take a video and ask the teacher to correct the technique are all things you need to know before class.On the other hand, we should pay attention to whether there is a time limit even if a return training mechanism is provided, such as only serving three months after class, etc.

Number of people attending class

It is recommended to choose a small class of less than 4 people to teach mugwort warm pot. After all, it requires hands-on teaching of pot-moving skills. With a small number of people, the teacher can personally guide each student.

Training certificate

Although you can practice medicine without a license at present, obtaining a certificate is a peace of mind for yourself and future customers.There are currently two types of certificates on the market. One is a training certificate that can be issued by the store itself. It can be obtained by passing the assessment of the instructor.Another type of certificate is issued by an official association, which requires taking examinations in subjects and techniques, such as understanding of acupuncture point functions, meridians and meridians, etc., and can only be obtained after passing the examination.

Bonus tools

Will the store give away tools during class, such as basic warming jars, moxa sticks, gloves, and essential oils?

Entrepreneurship assistance

After the course, will there be any assistance for students to start their own businesses, such as guidance on community management, assistance with keyword operations, or using their existing marketing resources to help students promote the business, etc.

business skills

Through teachers’ case sharing of past customers, students can get started faster when facing customers and better understand how to deal with customers.It is recommended to check the Google Map reviews of the store in advance. If the number is small, it may mean that the teacher has little practical experience and the sharing of business skills will be limited.

Are there any recommended courses for teaching mugwort warm jars?

If you want to find a store recommendation for warming canning tutorials, you can refer to it.Tammy's mugwort warming jar teaching course for Kaohsiung ear fans.In addition to two days of solid subject content and practical operation of technical subjects, we spare no effort to assist students in marketing and entrepreneurship. For example, there is a student section on the official website to help graduate students promote, help students shoot short IG videos, etc. If you encounter problems after graduation You can also send a message to ask the teacher at any time.It is recommended that you go to Ear Fan to try a mugwort warm cup treatment first, and attend a free online briefing session to confirm that it meets your needs and then sign up.

Is mugwort warm jar suitable for starting a business?

The mugwort warm jar is very suitable for starting a business. It is a new blue ocean of health aesthetics and a brand-new big health industry. After all, health is what everyone cares about!In addition, there are currently not many people starting a business using mugwort warm pots. In addition to being highly competitive, the preparation in advance only requires a bed, a warm pot and a mugwort column to start the business. The cost is not high, making it very suitable for first-time entrepreneurs. s project.

What are the advantages of integrating with other industries?

If you are working in the healing industry or the beauty industry, I strongly recommend the mugwort warming jar teaching course. Adding this project to the currently provided services will not only increase the unit price per customer, but also shorten the return visit cycle.

The above is the introductory guide to mugwort warming jar. TWOSEVENTHS inviteKaohsiung ear picking teachingFamous stores:Ear fans Tammy's Let me introduce to you the functions and advantages of the mugwort warming tank.In addition, those who want to learn mugwort warming pot will have a complete answer to the problems they may encounter in mugwort warming pot training. While there are not many competitors yet, find a favorite warm pot teaching and recommendation store to study hard and become such a person. A pioneer in the field.If you or your family members are prone to body aches or poor blood circulation, it is also recommended to take a mugwort warming pot course to remove dampness and cold, activate qi and blood, and safeguard the health of yourself and your family.If you want to learn more about ear-picking and other relaxation techniques that are often paired with mugwort warm pots, please refer to this articleRecommended ear picking courses in Taiwan!

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