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As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Jade Crown Fairy Grass

Store introduction

When it comes to Penghu grass jelly ice, the first thing that comes to mind is the Jade Crown young jelly grass. It is located on Minfu Road in the downtown area of ​​Magong City. There is an endless stream of customers queuing up in front of the store. The Jade Crown Little Prince’s conspicuous signboard People can recognize it in a second.
This Penghu Xiancao Ice is $55 for clear ice and $75 for mixed ice. It will...

Blue Mama grass jelly

Store introduction

The famous Penghu ice shop alongside Jade Crown Fairy Grass is Blue Mama Fairy Grass. It is a long-established Penghu fairy grass ice recommended by locals. It has branches on Guangfu Road and Central Old Street in Magong City, and even offers delivery. By cooperating with the platform, you can enjoy the cool and sweet taste without leaving home.
The Penghu grass jelly here is only $5 without ingredients...

Purple jade jelly grass

Store introduction

Located on Zhonghua Road, Ziyuxian Herbal is a famous Penghu ice cream shop. The store is clean and bright, and there are even as many as 30 kinds of ingredients for customers to choose from. As soon as you enter the store, you will be hungry.
Purple jade grass jelly can be said to be the Penghu jelly ice with the most diverse ingredients. A bowl of Baxian ice is $70, with eight toppings of your choice, plus...

Contains grass jelly

Store introduction

Hanxiancao is located on Hui'an 1st Road. Although it is located in the downtown area of ​​Magong City, it does not require queuing like famous stores. It is a small and beautiful Penghu Ice Shop, and there is a handsome and well-behaved tabby to accompany customers to enjoy the food.
Penghu grass jelly ice is only 60 yuan here, and the most recommended thing by experts is that you can eat jelly and grass at one time...

Ji Ling Xiancao

Store introduction

Ji Ling Xiancao is located on Zhonghua Road, and its green and pink signboard is eye-catching. The Penghu Xiancao Ice here is said to be delicious and made from pure natural Xiancao.
A large bowl of grass jelly ice is $75, and a small bowl is only $55. More than ten years of handcrafted experience allows customers to enjoy a safe and delicious meal. The soft grass jelly is paired with freshly chopped shaved ice, and...

Ice bar bean curd

Store introduction

Bingba Douhua is located in the first-level battle zone of Penghu Xiancao Bing, but it has made a breakthrough through high CP value of cooling ice products! The store is clean and bright, and the grass jelly ice with your own toppings is only $60. It also cooperates with the delivery platform, so you can easily enjoy affordable and delicious food.
The sugar water of this Penghu ice cream shop is exclusively made with red beans, honey beans and other beans...

He Feng Bingpin

Store introduction

Hefeng Bingpin is located opposite a small temple. The seemingly inconspicuous store is full of human touch. Not only can you experience chocolate DIY, but you can also buy Fireworks Festival peripheral products. There is also a delivery line, which is the most unique store. The Penghu Ice Shop is no exaggeration either.
The Penghu Grass Grass Ice here is $50 and has rich flavors...

Ergan·Chopping ice under the old tree

Store introduction

The Erkan Ancient House is a must-visit attraction for many tourists visiting Penghu. In this famous Erkan settlement, there is a hidden version of the Penghu Ice Shop, which is the Erkan·Old Tree Chopped Ice Shop.
Although the Penghu fairy grass ice in this restaurant costs 100 yuan, you can feel the traditional Penghu in an atmosphere full of literary youth and antique...

Dangu Xiancao

Store introduction

Dangu Xiancao is located on Guangfu Road. The store's appearance is clean and tidy, and its bright white signboard instantly attracts attention.
This Penghu grass jelly ice restaurant has good service and reliable ingredients. The comprehensive tender grass jelly ice is only 65 yuan. The ice made from grass jelly ice bricks is dense and delicate and melts in your mouth. It is paired with full of sweet potato balls, pearls, and red. ..

Penghu Fudou tender grass jelly

Store introduction

Penghu Fudou tender grass jelly is one of the Penghu ice cream shops recommended by locals. It is located in front of a house on Minzu Road. The simple outdoor seating looks simple and traditional, exuding the atmosphere of local delicacies.
The Penghu grass jelly ice here is $50, and the comprehensive young grass jelly ice with four ingredients of your choice is $60. The boss is kind...

last of the last

The above are the recommendations for Penghu grass jelly ice this time. TWOSEVENTHS Selected 10 Penghu Ice Shops that serve summer-relieving grass jelly. The authentic Penghu grass jelly ice must not be missed when traveling in Penghu. You can happily enjoy it at these stores, and you can even order delivery.

In addition to Penghu grass jelly ice, you can also refer to it when planning your Penghu itineraryPenghu Travel Guide, if you need accommodation and car rental, you can go throughWhere to stay in Penghu,Recommended car rental in PenghuFind a suitable store; if you want to visit before the Fireworks Festival, you can refer toPenghu Fireworks Festival Guide. I wish you all have a happy trip to Penghu and have fun memories!

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