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Modern people are paying more and more attention to the beauty of their eyebrows. Having good-looking eyebrows will not only make you more confident. In physiognomy, many people believe that eyebrows are where the energy of the human body gathers. Having eyebrows that suit you will also bring good luck. effect.If you are tired of having to get up early to draw your eyebrows every day, you can improve the shape and color of your eyebrows by matting or floating them, making them look more natural and full.For those who want to try the foggy eyebrows for the first time, the following TWOSEVENTHS I will answer 10 common questions for beginners, from the difference between foggy eyebrows and floating eyebrows, the price of foggy eyebrows, the process of foggy eyebrows, etc., to solve your doubts in one go.

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What is the difference between foggy eyebrows and floating eyebrows?

Foggy eyebrows and floating eyebrows are both semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery techniques. They are similar in principle, but they are also different in the needles used, the way of coloring and the visual effects.Generally speaking, misty eyebrows are relatively smooth eyebrows, with soft lines and lighter colors, and the eyebrows look thicker; floating eyebrows are more prominent eyebrows, with clearer lines and more three-dimensional eyebrows. Usually the lines are more detailed and smooth nature.Therefore, in the vernacular, foggy eyebrows are colored in a mist-like manner, while floating eyebrows imitate the hair flow of eyebrows to create a line effect. Now there are foggy eyebrow studios that combine the two techniques.

Floating eyebrows,Fog eyebrows,Misty eyebrow how to choose?

Floating eyebrows and misty eyebrows are different in appearance, one is thicker, and the other is distinct, you can choose according to your favorite style.Generally speaking, if you want to pursue a natural feeling, you usually choose floating eyebrows; if you like eyebrows with a sense of makeup, you will choose misty eyebrows or misty eyebrows.

How to choose a fog eyebrow store?

It is very important to choose a eyebrow eyebrow shop because eyebrow lifting involves invasive techniques and requires high standards of hygiene and technology to avoid the sequelae of eyebrow eyebrows. The following are TWOSEVENTHS Suggested criteria for selecting a store:

Reviews and Word of Mouth

Search for relevant reviews of the store on Google Map, IG, and Facebook in advance. It is best to read past works to see if it matches your favorite style.

Experience and Certification

Find out in advance whether the beautician or the mist eyebrow artist has professional license and training related to mist eyebrow.

health standard

Because misty eyebrows will penetrate the pigment into the skin, so before misting eyebrows, make sure that the color ingredients are completely marked?Are disposable needles used?Is the environment hygienic and clean?etc.

store policy

Frosty eyebrows are semi-permanent finished products. In order to avoid dissatisfaction after fogging eyebrows, it is recommended to know the store's refund and maintenance policy in advance, such as whether to provide regular maintenance and repair, if you are not satisfied, you can modify it several times, etc.

What is the price range of fog eyebrows?

In Taiwan, the price range of mist eyebrows varies with different regions, different studios, technical equipment of beauticians, and the quality of dyes used, etc., and generally ranges from NT$2,000 to NT$10,000.Some studios will provide more advanced dyes or special effects of misty eyebrows, and the price of these parts will be higher; however, it should be noted that price does not necessarily represent quality. , should also consider their skills and experience, as well as customer evaluation and so on.The following is a list of recommended Wumei stores in various regions, so that you can actually compare the price difference of Wumei in each store.

What is the process of fogging eyebrows?

The process of foggy eyebrows and floating eyebrows can be divided into 4 steps: "consultation and design", "positioning to determine the eyebrow shape", "anesthesia", and "coloring". It usually takes 2-3 hours from prior communication to the completion of coloring , the details of each process are as follows:

1. Consulting and Design

At the beginning, the mist eyebrow artist will communicate with you your preferences. A professional mist eyebrow artist should also give advice based on the customer's face shape, original eyebrow texture, and the position of the facial features.

2. Positioning to determine eyebrow shape

After communication and confirmation, the mist eyebrow artist will first use an eyebrow pencil or a special material locator to draw the outline on the eyebrows.

3. Anesthesia

Before formally fogging the eyebrows, the beautician will apply painless soothing ointment around the eyebrows to reduce pain and discomfort.

4. Coloring

Then comes the formal matte eyebrow process, the beautician will inject the dye into the lower layer of the skin to achieve the effect of coloring.

Will foggy eyebrows hurt?

The degree of pain of misty eyebrows will vary depending on factors such as personal physique, sensitivity, pain tolerance, and techniques used. Because misty eyebrows use micro-needles to inject pigments on the skin surface, most people may experience pain during the misty eyebrow process. Mild pain or tingling can occur, but is usually tolerable.

Before eyebrow mist, some eyebrow mist artists will use local anesthetics to relieve pain and discomfort. Of course, choosing an experienced and skilled eyebrow mist artist can also effectively reduce the degree of pain.If you are a person who is particularly afraid of pain, it is recommended to communicate with the store in advance whether there are other soothing methods, such as using ice packs or local analgesic creams.

How long does it take for foggy brows to heal?

The healing time of the mist brow varies with individual body differences, it usually takes 7-14 days, during this period, there may be slight redness and tingling in the mist brow area, or some scabbing, peeling and peeling of the skin These symptoms are normal.

It is recommended to follow the maintenance instructions of the mist eyebrow master after mist eyebrows. For example, after the mist eyebrows are finished, avoid scrubbing or rubbing hard to avoid skin irritation; during the period of mist eyebrow healing, please avoid swimming, drying and sauna, etc. Keep the eyebrows moist to avoid infection and affect the effect of misty eyebrows; try to keep the eyebrow area clean and moisturized, use skin cream or moisturizing ointment, etc.; avoid prolonged sun exposure during the healing period, so as not to cause skin inflammation or pigmentation , Of course, the most important thing is that if there are sequelae of foggy eyebrows, such as redness, infection or other abnormal symptoms, please seek help from the foggy eyebrow specialist in time.

What to do if the eyebrows are scabbed?

Floating eyebrows and misty eyebrows use needles to pierce the pigment into the skin, so some wounds will be left during the application; and due to the wounds, scabs will form under the body's natural repair function.But don't worry too much. With the advancement of fog eyebrow technology, there are fewer and fewer cases of fog eyebrow scabs, which can be said to be almost invisible.In the follow-up, you only need to take care of the follow-up after 3-7 days of the scab on the eyebrows, and don't pick the scab wound.

Will mist brows fade?

How long can foggy eyebrows last?I believe this problem often plagues people who want to have a foggy eyebrow.Under normal circumstances, the effect of misty eyebrows can last for more than one year, but depending on the color cream used, the technique of the mist eyebrow artist, and personal physical conditions, the duration and effect will vary, and the effect will gradually fade after that. Here are a few The common reasons for the fading of foggy eyebrows are a reference for those who want to take good care of foggy eyebrows.If you want to delay the fading time, the precautions for foggy eyebrows and the maintenance after foggy eyebrows are very important. It is also recommended to go back to the store regularly every year for maintenance and repair.

personal skin condition

Factors such as the metabolic rate and blood circulation of skin and skin surface cells may affect the color durability of fog eyebrows.

Subsequent maintenance method

The healing process of misty brows needs to follow proper care, if not properly cared for, it may affect the longevity of misty brows.

envirnmental factor

Long-term exposure to the sun, or people who like to engage in activities in relatively humid environments such as swimming and saunas, may accelerate the fading of foggy eyebrows.

Selection of color

If you choose a lighter color at first, it may fade more easily than darker matte brows.

Quality problem

If the color cream of the mist eyebrow is not of good quality, it may cause the mist eyebrow to fade.

Can I use makeup coverage after fogging my brows?

You can use cosmetics on the eyebrows after the wound has healed for one month, but you should avoid using rough cosmetics, scrub products, or chemical hair dyes, bleaches, etc. on the eyebrows, and it is recommended to use soft brow pencil or brow powder to gently fill in brows for a natural-looking finish.

What kind of person is suitable for misty eyebrows?

In fact, there are not many restrictions on foggy eyebrows and floating eyebrows. As long as you want to improve your existing eyebrow shape, or because of illness, accident, or people who are born without eyebrows, foggy eyebrows are a good choice.Although the existing makeup methods such as eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder can also achieve the effect of repairing the eyebrow shape, the misty eyebrow can save time, because the dye is directly injected into the fibers of the lower layer of the skin, so it looks like real eyebrows and will more natural.

What are the risks or side effects of foggy brows?

Although most of the people mentioned above can try to improve eyebrow shape through foggy eyebrows, but if you are the following types of people, it is more likely to cause sequelae of foggy eyebrows, such as skin infections, allergic reactions, etc. Consult a physician or pay special attention to after-care routines for misty brows.

Skin allergies in the past

If you have a history of eczema, urticaria, dermatitis, etc., if you are allergic to the dyes or anesthetics used, or cause severe skin infection symptoms.

Keloid constitution

People with keloid physique need to pay special attention to local circulation to avoid severe edema. Therefore, massage can be done before eyebrow mist to promote blood and lymphatic circulation, and local ice compresses can be applied after eyebrow mist to reduce swelling.

chronically ill or pregnant

If you have had heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases in the past, or you are pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, it is recommended not to fog eyebrows to avoid unnecessary allergic reactions.

The above is the introductory guide to misty eyebrows. I hope to give you a direction for those who are dissatisfied with their eyebrow shape and want to find a second chance for rebirth. After all, misty eyebrows are semi-permanent invasive beauty activities. Only by understanding can we avoid regret or damage to our health later.If you decide to go to Wumei, you are also welcome to refer to this articleMatters needing attention before, during and after fog eyebrows, Do a good job of mist eyebrow maintenance to make eyebrows last and look good.I wish you all good luck and beautiful eyebrows!

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