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During Christmas, many people like to participate in Christmas gift exchange activities, which not only adds a strong festive atmosphere, but also becomes a lively part of the party! But what kind of exchange gifts should you choose? this time TWOSEVENTHS Selected 10 models of 1000 yuan Christmas gifts, mainly in the maintenance series, which can be used by boys who receive this Christmas gift. Many of them were voted the first place in gift exchange!

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Aesop | Revitalizing Aroma Hand Cream

As awareness of environmental sustainability rises, the natural and environmentally friendly skin care brand Aesop has become a popular Christmas gift choice! "Revitalizing Aroma Hand Cream" is a hand cream with a woody citrus scent. It has a gentle smell that is not too pungent. The extruded texture is yellow and thick, and it is absorbed very quickly when applied. This hand cream is added with vitamin E. It is absorbed quickly and is also very moisturizing. Most importantly, it does not feel sticky on your hands! Very suitable for boys who don't like the sticky feeling. However, the hand cream in this packaging is not a plastic tube, so when squeezed for use, it will leave wrinkles on the outer packaging, but it does not affect the use and is easy to carry out.

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Aesop | Mouthwash

Aesop mouthwash is a hidden star product. It looks like a brown antique glass bottle and is thick and textured overall. The mouthwash, which is advertised as being non-alcoholic, is transparent and colorless when poured out, with a light mint scent. It brings a refreshing breath to the mouth. It is refreshing after use and does not leave any spicy or chemical burden in the mouth. In addition to 500 ML, there are also travel groups with a small number of ML. You can choose and exchange gifts according to your needs, so that the boys who receive the gifts can always keep a good mood.

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A Yuan YUAN|Good skin purifying mud mask

Long-term exposure of skin to air pollution can easily cause acne and pimples to appear. Especially for oily skin and skin with large pores, it is more difficult to rely on face washing to cleanse it properly. This is also a maintenance headache for many boys. "Good Skin Purifying Mud Mask" has a soft black mud-like texture and is rich in sticky ingredients that effectively absorb dirt and old dead skin cells in the pores. It emits a pleasant citrus aroma when applied. When the time for applying it to the face is up, the dirt on the face will be naturally removed with water. After use, the skin will feel delicate and bright, with a polished and brightening effect!

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Daughter|Eye Cream

When choosing a Christmas gift, just like the skin care brand "Daughter", hold the other person's skin in your hands and love it! As we approach the end of the year, tiredness is most likely to be felt around the eyes, so you need to take more care of your skin to avoid looking old. This jar of eye cream specially selects the highest quality brewer's yeast, palm leaf tree extract, cactus flower extract, witch hazel extract and other ingredients. One bottle can meet the needs of face and eye care at the same time, and can regulate skin texture, repair and smooth. Wrinkles: After one week of application, the skin around the eyes has regained its elasticity and moisturizing power, and its dullness and spots have also been slightly improved.

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L:A BRUKET|092 Hand Cream

The L:A BRUKET brand originates from Sweden and focuses on organic and natural fragrance skin care products, using natural and organic ingredients and emphasizing the concept of environmental protection. "092 Hand Cream" has a simple and high-quality packaging, making it a great Christmas gift! The texture is moisturizing and moisturizing, but not greasy. After use, you can quickly carry out other activities, such as playing on the computer, playing with mobile phones, etc. It is highly recommended for male office workers to use in the office at any time. The scent is like walking into a lavender field, giving it a spa-like relaxing and soothing feeling while saving on dosage.

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Hair angel|Hair angel Yuliangshuang

Long-term exposure of hair to ultraviolet rays, air pollution and other influences are the main causes of dry hair. Hair care is a must-have for both boys and girls! If you are looking for a practical Christmas gift, I recommend this bottle of "Feather Brightening Cream" which contains a variety of hydrolyzed and moisturizing amino acid protein ingredients. Apply it to your hair and it will moisturize and smooth out frizz in just 30 seconds, making your hair look smoother. Restore vitality to dry hair! The texture is light and non-sticky, and it can easily make your hair neat and smooth. It is guaranteed to be the most wanted Christmas gift when exchanging gifts!

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GROWUS|Sea Salt Scalp Exfoliating Scrub Shampoo

If you want to give a boy a Christmas gift without being overly surprised, then give him the No. 1 best-selling product in Korea, the dual-purpose "Sea Salt Scalp Exfoliating Scrub Shampoo". After use, the scalp feels unprecedented comfort. The transparent and sticky texture can clearly see the sea salt particles. Add water and rub it slowly. The sea salt gradually dissolves to form a rich foam. The cleaning power is very good. After washing, the scalp feels like it can breathe. It is very refreshing and comfortable, very suitable for boys who exercise or commute by bike to restore the scalp to dryness and health.

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Developed at 23.5°N Northern Latitude|Oriental Beauty Tea Balance Conditioning Water

Developed at 23.5°N, a natural skin care brand that abandons chemical fertilizers and does not spray pesticides and pursues higher nutritional value, it has always been a Christmas gift that makes the recipients feel at ease. "Oriental Beauty Tea Balancing Conditioning Water" contains tea essence, while adding terminalia leaf and mint extracts to create a refreshing and non-sticky water texture. After cleansing, pat it on the face gently, exuding a light tea fragrance, simple The taste is very suitable as a gift for boys. It is quickly absorbed by the skin, giving it a supple touch and soothing the skin, which is also very in line with men's skin care needs.

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Tamburins|Seashell Fragrance Hand Cream VEIN Leather Fragrance

Tamburins "Shell Fragrance Hand Cream" has a more design-like appearance than ordinary hand creams. In addition to being endorsed by a well-known Korean star, its appearance has also been discussed online. It has a refreshing paste-like texture and will not feel sticky when used. It is a perfumed hand cream. The leather scent is very suitable for men. It can moisturize the hands while also adding a soft fragrance to the hands. Even if the male friend who received the gift doesn't like it, it would be a great choice to give it to his girlfriend.

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YANKEE CANDLE|Scented Candle

Boys’ rooms also need to smell good, especially when girls are invited to visit. Yankee Candle scented candles have a wide range of fragrance types and choices. There are many stores across Taiwan where you can smell scents. If you are new to scented candles, you can buy tea wax first. After you get used to it, you can buy large-capacity ones for long-term use, except for personal use. , is also a good choice for gift giving. With a variety of candle scents and styles, you don’t have to worry about finding a scented candle that fits your budget as a Christmas gift.

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The above are the recommended Christmas gifts of 1000 yuan this time. TWOSEVENTHS We have compiled 10 Christmas gifts worth 1000 yuan for boys. Although skin care gifts are often thought to be only suitable for girls, in fact they are also suitable for boys. Whether it is facial care or body care, as long as you keep in mind the principle of being simple and not cumbersome, I believe the boys who receive the exchanged gifts will be very happy. In addition, many brands also provide Christmas gift boxes. Just choose your favorite exchange gift from the 1000 yuan Christmas gift recommendation and tell them that it is for Christmas gift exchange. Some even come with exquisite exchange gift packaging. No one loses face at all!

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