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We are about to enter a warm and joyful Christmas, and the most anticipated thing is exchanging gifts!It is inevitable to launch the "Christmas Gift Exchange Game" invitation at this time, but are you also racking your brains for gift ideas while you are excited?This time, don’t give the other party gifts that they don’t need. When exchanging gifts, give the most practical skin care as a gift! TWOSEVENTHS We have carefully selected the recommended ranking of 10 affordable and practical Christmas gifts worth 500 yuan. Please read below for the editor’s personal test experience!

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As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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MUJI|Refreshing lotion for sensitive skin

Muji, a Japanese brand that pursues simplicity, nature and high quality, must be on everyone's list of Christmas gifts worth 500 yuan.This lotion is specially sourced from the water source of Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture, Japan to create a skin care series. It is based on low irritation. It has no coloring, no mineral oil, weak acidity, no paraben preservatives, no alcohol, and added grapefruit. Ingredients such as seed essence and LIPIDURE® (POLYQUATERNIUM-51) allow for safe use by those with allergies. The skin feels refreshing and moisturized when moisturized. The texture is light and not sticky, and it feels very comfortable on the skin!

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THE BODY SHOP|Moringa Seed Renewal Shower Gel

THE BODY SHOP, a global green skin care brand from the UK, uses natural, organic vegetables, fruits, and plant extracts to create a 100-percent vegan skin care series. "Moringa Seed Renewal Shower Gel" contains more than 90% natural ingredient extracts such as Moringa Seed Oil and Aloe Vera. It not only has antioxidant and moisturizing effects, but also deeply purifies the skin.Just add a coin-sized amount and add water to rub it in, and you will get refreshing and rich foam. After washing, you will be left with a faint fragrance of moringa seeds, and your skin will also have an obvious soft and smooth feeling!

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Tea Seed Hall|Xiao Nan Leaf Repair Hand Cream

Tea Seed Hall takes Taiwan's local bitter tea seeds as the core of its brand, integrates pure bitter tea oil, natural plant extracts and pure essential oils to launch a sustainable and environmentally friendly natural care series.The star product "Xiao Nan Ye Repairing Hand Cream" is a popular choice for Christmas gifts worth 500 yuan!Based on bitter camellia oil, extracts of nannan leaves, red algae and red quinoa are used to moisturize and repair the skin. The super healing herbal aroma is blended with lavender, coriander seed, patchouli and juniper berry essential oils. , bitter camellia oil and oat kernel oil not only hydrate and moisturize, but also make hands soft and non-greasy.

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A Yuan YUAN|Yue Peach Soap

A Yuan's pure handmade soap is not only a combination of Han Chinese health care and Oriental grass concepts, but its biggest feature is that it exclusively precipitates a set of 18 processes, and is finally condensed and matured under the baptism of Buddhist scriptures, so that each piece of soap has the magical power of purification and washing!The super popular "Yuetao Soap" is different from the chemical fragrances on the market. It has a super high-end natural herbal wood fragrance. It has a super healing aroma. It is very enjoyable to bathe. Its moisturizing effect improves many skin problems of dryness and itchiness in winter!

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KP Memory Fragrance | Fragrance Hair Makeup Repair Water Pandora’s Secret 4312

Taiwanese fragrance brand KLOWER PANDOR is famous for its high-quality and affordable fragrances, allowing girls to refill their fragrance at any time without feeling distressed!The "Pandora's Secret of Fragrance Hair Repair Water" series is specially launched for charming hair fragrances, and the super-selling 4312 exudes iris, combined with the French scent of sweet and sour twigs, with a delicate and gentle feminine flavor. It feels like you are strolling through the streets of Paris.It also contains conditioning, moisturizing and hair care ingredients, antibacterial and deodorizing formula, which not only combats scalp odor, but also leaves you with smooth hair. Even if it is a 500 yuan Christmas gift, it must be tastefully given!

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The skincare brand Daughter has a business philosophy that will appeal to everyone: "Because you are also a daughter, you deserve to be cherished."Treat girls' skin as if it were your own. We carefully select the highest quality ingredients, sufficient concentration, and a simple and gentle formula that does not contain alcohol, so that your skin can receive the most appropriate nourishment!The natural loofah added to the lotion is grown by my grandmother in Hualien. It has a non-sticky, refreshing and mild water texture. It exudes a slight citrus and floral fragrance when applied lightly. You will feel the happiness of being pampered every time you put it on your face.

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innisfree|My Hair Strengthening Repair Scalp Essence

The naturalistic brand innisfree is based on the pure energy of clean islands. In addition to health and beauty, it also practices environmentally friendly green living. "Strong and Repairing Scalp Essence" is specially formulated for fine and soft scalps and is silicone-free. It contains Jeju pine, cedar, hinoki, ginsenoside and other ingredients. It not only effectively relieves scalp pressure, promotes circulation, strengthens hair roots and improves hair loss problems, but also The spray-type design brings a cooling sensation to the scalp with just one spray. It is also especially suitable for oily scalps, greatly reducing oiliness!

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Green Vine Vitality|Active Facial Cleanser

Green Vine Life, which advocates pure skin care and natural raw materials, has attracted countless fans of subtractive skin care!The "Active Facial Cleanser", which has sold 22 bottles, has been upgraded to the fourth generation to achieve the most gentle and gentle cleansing without feeling. It uses exclusive vegetable wax and the world's top label of 99.6% natural sources, making every time you wash your face look like The soft clouds are gently brushed, and a small amount of use creates fine and plump foam. After washing, the skin is clean, hydrated and not tight.The mild and low-irritation feature is also recommended for sensitive skin!

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NAMUA|Grapefruit & Oak Moss Essential Oil Fragrance Dry Hands

Taking the unique taste of French light luxury as the fragrance concept, NAMUA's entire series of products are fragranced with organic natural essential oils imported from Europe, and are created with safe grain fermentation alcohol and plant extract ingredients. The original and high-end fragrance is not only pleasant to the body and mind, but also comfortable to use. It’s also super reassuring! The transparent and refreshing texture of "Essential Oil Fragrance Dry Hand Wash" can achieve cleansing power while nourishing and protecting hands. It also exudes a clear fruity and woody neutral fragrance. Whether boys or girls receive this Christmas gift, they will Praise, it makes people fall in love with hand hygiene easily!

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L'Occitane|Rose Hand Cream

L'Occitane, which pays attention to the earth's environmental protection and uses pure natural materials, is also the first choice for Christmas gift exchanges worth 500 yuan!L'Occitane Rose Hand Cream has a moist texture and is easy to absorb. It is blended with shea butter and a variety of natural moisturizing factors. It is easy to spread when used and exudes the elegant fragrance of rose. In addition to moisturizing the hands, it can also leave a fragrance on the body. Suitable for those who like floral scents; in addition to this hand cream with a strong fragrance, you can also purchase its star product, Shea Butter Hand Cream, which has a gender-neutral fragrance and is also very moisturizing, making it perfect for Christmas gifts and personal use.

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The above are the recommended Christmas gifts of 500 yuan this time. TWOSEVENTHS We have compiled 10 affordable and highly practical Christmas exchange gifts worth 500 yuan, ranging from facial care, body care to hair care. They all focus on natural and gentle skin care and are suitable for various skin conditions. They are also great as Christmas exchange gifts. It is suitable and will not exceed the budget of 500 for Christmas gifts. Now many brands offer Christmas gift boxes and Christmas gift packaging services. Just choose the Christmas gift you want from the 500 yuan Christmas gift recommendations in this article, and go to the store to tell them that it is for Christmas gift exchange. Some of them will come with a Christmas gift bag and Christmas gift packaging.

In addition to the 500 yuan Christmas gift recommendations, if you want to see more Christmas gift-related articles, there are 1000 Yuan Christmas Gift Recommendations,1500 Yuan Christmas Gift Recommendations,2000 Yuan Christmas Gift Recommendations, prepare many non-trivial exchange gifts to meet Christmas gifts of various budgets.

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