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Man Ping

Man Ping

Mandy Zhai, a native of Miaoli with Hakka, Hokkien, and other provinces.With a medical background but at the same time want to slash challenges to different people and things, with unrestrained imagination, thinking is more diligent than doing.Is an unrestrained, freedom-loving shooter.

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[Recommendation for picking oranges in Miaoli] Fun and photo-worthy orchards, a comparison of 4 Miaoli orange orchards

In recent years, orange picking in Miaoli has been widely praised. Taking photos in the orange orchards is very beautiful. Many parks will also provide you with props so that you can take endless photos online. However, there are so many orange orchards in Miaoli, so you have to choose...
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[Tainan Vietnamese Hair Shampoo Recommendation] Ecstasy full service! Review of 4 Vietnamese hair shampoo shops in Tainan

Compared with ordinary beauty and stress relief or simple hair washing, Vietnamese-style hair washing can make you feel more comfortable physically and mentally from head to toe. this time TWOSEVENTHS From the aspects of environment, techniques, services, privacy, etc.,...
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