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Benefits of becoming a review store

Increase search visibility

TWOSEVENTHS All articles have been SEO optimized and are on the first page of the search page

Improve brand exposure

The article is exposed in cooperative media and major forum platforms, helping consumers understand the brand

word of mouth marketing exposure

Through offline interviews, we learned that most readers are willing to share the article information with other users for reference.

Improve service quality

TWOSEVENTHS The articles are based on the true experiences of Mysterious Visitors.

Don’t know me yet TWOSEVENTHS ?

TWOSEVENTHS Train mystery customers who are familiar with the experience of activities in various fields, and make in-depth visits to various activities.We provide third-party impartial activity evaluations, various types of activity recommendations, and activity starter packs.Just like a group of friends around you who know how to play, they will take you to unlock various interesting and fresh activities.

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Evaluate store cooperation methods

fill inEvaluation application form

A dedicated person will contact you to discuss cooperation options.


Store offersexperience project

The store provides a one-time experience, and you can apply for the experience fee from the store later with the invoice or proof of consumption.


MysterioExperience writing

If you pass the Mystery Guest assessment, you will start writing content. If you fail, you will be informed of the scoring criteria and the reasons for failure.


articleOfficially launched

After the article is completed, it will be published TWOSEVENTHS Corresponding article on the website, and enjoy the SEO optimization service of the article.


Othersextra exposure

except TWOSEVENTHS In addition to the website, there are also opportunities to be exposed on cooperative media platforms such as LINE Travel, Sanli, and UDN.


become TWOSEVENTHS Review store

Fill out the application form below and leave the store introduction and contact information. We will contact you again to determine the content of cooperation.


I am an activity lover


I am a job seeker


I'm an internet celebrity


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