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This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio

Sun Sha
Kaohsiung Pregnant Massage Master

like SPA Sun Sha

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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[Eden Aromatherapy Aesthetic Review] A savior for edema in breasts and legs during pregnancy! Zuoying Maternity SPA Massage Expert 3

EDEN SPA is located near the MRT Aozidi Station. It can be reached within about ten minutes on foot. It is close to Longhua Middle School and Xinshang Elementary School. The appearance of the store in Tuotiancuo is slightly low-key, so you have to look carefully for the alley. You can’t miss the small white round sign in the alley.

EDEN SPA was established by three senior aromatherapists. It is a small Kaohsiung aromatherapy studio. It mainly provides customized SPA massage and exclusive one-on-one services such as prenatal care for pregnant women and postpartum care, so that pregnant mothers can have a complete Relax your tired body and regain the feeling of being held in the palm of your hand and being cared for.

You can completely relax without selling

[Eden Aromatherapy Aesthetic Review] A savior for edema in breasts and legs during pregnancy! Zuoying Maternity SPA Massage Expert 5

Different from the SPA shops that we are familiar with in the past, Eden Aromatherapy Aesthetics gives Sunsha the feeling of being more like a personal secret base for stress relief. If you look closely at the space in the store, every place is carefully displayed, such as the logs placed at the reception desk. The antiques and antiques displayed on the tables and corners, as well as the light natural aroma that comes from time to time, make the whole space full of healing and relaxing atmosphere.

Among the display shelves, there are various essential oil products and pregnancy-related physical and mental books, but there are no course promotions or sales products, which makes Sunsha, who doesn't like being promoted, feel reassured and relaxed.

Each has its own exclusive massage plan before and after delivery.

[Eden Aromatherapy Aesthetic Review] A savior for edema in breasts and legs during pregnancy! Zuoying Maternity SPA Massage Expert 7

EDEN SPA has exclusive prenatal massage for pregnant women and postpartum lactation massage. Before the SPA, the aromatherapist carefully inquires about the physical condition during pregnancy, such as shoulder and neck pain during pregnancy, poor sleep, skin deterioration and acne during pregnancy, etc. Of course, Sunsha with her big belly is included in all of them.

The most heartwarming thing is that the aromatherapist is more concerned about the emotions during pregnancy. After Sunsha, who is pregnant with her first child, released her uneasiness, confusion and nervousness, she became a little less restrained, although the consultation process only lasted about 10 minutes. , but it was as relaxed and comfortable as chatting with friends who have known each other for many years, without feeling any pressure.

[Eden Aromatherapy Aesthetic Review] A savior for edema in breasts and legs during pregnancy! Zuoying Maternity SPA Massage Expert 9

Eden Aromatherapy Aesthetics has three independent massage rooms, including a rock bath bed, each located on the second and third floors.

This time Sunsha used the SPA massage room located on the second floor. Such a spacious massage space isKaohsiung pregnant women massage shopIt is rare in China, and after changing clothes, wearing a soft and comfortable bathrobe, you can enjoy the exclusive space luxuriously.There is no need to worry about being uncomfortable during a nude massage or being disturbed by the voices of other guests. At the same time, the exhausted body and mind during pregnancy will also have a little respite, which makes Sunsha feel very relieved.

Draw cards to relax your mind

[Eden Aromatherapy Aesthetic Review] A savior for edema in breasts and legs during pregnancy! Zuoying Maternity SPA Massage Expert 11

After changing clothes and bathing, the aromatherapists at EDEN SPA have already prepared a full box of essential oils and essential oil cards, ready for an essential oil massage.

Through the gentle voice and guidance of the aromatherapist, Sunsha closed her eyes and pulled out the essential oils and essential oil cards. The aromatherapist explained that the selected essential oils would convey different meanings through the energy of the plants made, and the cards also represented what they meant. Listening to the aromatherapist's careful explanation of her current physical and mental state, Sunsha couldn't help but admire the power of these herbs, which are as magical as tarot cards and can provide insight into the current mood and inner stress.

Customized massage allocation ratio according to needs

[Eden Aromatherapy Aesthetic Review] A savior for edema in breasts and legs during pregnancy! Zuoying Maternity SPA Massage Expert 13

Based on the pregnancy conditions learned during the consultation, the aromatherapist combines the newly extracted essential oils and cards, uses vegetable oils to prepare Sunsha's own personal massage oil suitable for pregnant women, and explains that it will strengthen those body parts for massage, such as pregnant shoulders and neck. Aching, as well as the lower back and waist that are prone to tightening, it was then that Sunsha realized that the types of massage oils that can be used during pregnancy are actually quite diverse, not just the well-known essential oils such as lavender, sweet orange, and grapefruit.

Then, the aromatherapist asked Sunsha to lie down relaxedly on the massage table, and started massaging her feet, which are most prone to edema during pregnancy, so that the leg muscles can be decompressed and released, making them lighter.

Massage techniques combine the strengths of each family

[Eden Aromatherapy Aesthetic Review] A savior for edema in breasts and legs during pregnancy! Zuoying Maternity SPA Massage Expert 15

During the SPA massage process, the aromatherapist would take the trouble to remind Sunsha when performing and changing parts. For example, because she was pregnant and could not lie down for massage, the aromatherapist asked Sunsha to lie on her side and fold a towel between her arms and thighs. Adjust your body to the most comfortable position.

Throughout pregnancy, it is easy for the body to feel tight and congested, especially soreness in the shoulders and neck during pregnancy. Sunsha discovered that EDEN SPA, a pregnant women’s massage center in Zuoying, uses massage techniques that combine ancient meridians, fascial massage and The SPA technique of aromatherapy can perfectly solve the tiredness of every sore part from the arms to the entire back.

Pregnant belly and breast massage are also indispensable.

[Eden Aromatherapy Aesthetic Review] A savior for edema in breasts and legs during pregnancy! Zuoying Maternity SPA Massage Expert 17

The most worrying thing about pregnant women's massage is the changes in the breasts and the growing belly during pregnancy. EDEN SPA's care on the pregnant belly is very gentle. First, it uses massage oil mixed to a safe proportion to moisturize the entire pregnant belly. Then slowly and gently push it across the pregnant belly, and you will not feel any discomfort at all.

For the swollen breasts, skilled and gentle techniques were used to slightly clear the blocked breast glands due to hormonal changes. At the same time, she did not forget to remind her body that she would react in every next step, especially Sunsha, who was pregnant for the first time. The first breast massage was performed, and these attentive touches made Sunsha feel that she was being cared for in every possible way.

Finish with a head massage

[Eden Aromatherapy Aesthetic Review] A savior for edema in breasts and legs during pregnancy! Zuoying Maternity SPA Massage Expert 19

At the end of the SPA massage, the aromatherapist also explained that in addition to the changes in various parts of the body during pregnancy, there will also be problems such as skin deterioration, itchiness, acne, spots, etc. on the face. These can actually be maintained with aromatherapy and Relief by massage.

The aromatherapist gently pressed the acupuncture points near the eyes, and then used gentle hand techniques to slowly press the scalp. During these 90 minutes, for the first time in XNUMX minutes, Sunsha felt that she was deeply enjoying every minute of the SPA.

Perhaps it is because before the SPA, through the guidance of the aromatherapist, you can calm down and talk to your body. After your tense and tired body is relaxed, you can also gain stability on the spiritual level.

Mystery guest evaluation

Sunsha likes the attentive attitude of the aromatherapists at EDEN SPA very much. She can feel the warmth and calming power of the aromatherapists just during the consultation sessions, and she can feel the attentiveness of the aromatherapists in every aspect.

During pregnancy SPA massage, you can better understand your body during pregnancy, and the problem of poor sleep quality during pregnancy is also greatly improved, especially the pregnancy shoulder and neck massage, which eliminates long-term tension and fatigue.

Eden Aromatherapy Aesthetics' SPA massage courses for pregnant women are charged for a single consumption, and the price is quite affordable. Sunsha gave Eden Aromatherapy Aesthetics a high evaluation, which will definitely make you want to return many times. Every SPA course is based on The current physical and mental state is adjusted and customized. It is a gentle SPA specially tailored for pregnant women. Prenatal and postnatal mothers come to this Zuoying pregnant woman massage to definitely soothe the tired body and mind during pregnancy.

Sun Sha

like SPA Sun Sha

Environment: ★★★★★
Attitude: ★★★★★
Cleanliness: ★★★★★
Service method: ★★★★★

store offers

Exclusive offer

Pamper pregnant mommy aromatherapy treatment as long as $1,199

Relieve the back pain of pregnant mothers, the aromatherapy technique is super sensational, the experience price is $1,199.

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