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Parent-child funActivitiesExperience InspirationKaohsiungFamily Fun in Kaohsiung

[Kaohsiung Family Farm Recommendation] Farmstay and animal interaction, 5 Kaohsiung leisure farms evaluated

Parent-child farms have always been the first choice for parents to take their children for fun outings, and they can also bring their children close to animals for education and fun. Also, because Kaohsiung leisure farms are located in different areas, including deep mountains and coastal farms...
Parent-child funActivitiesExperience InspirationKaohsiungFamily Fun in Kaohsiung

[Recommended Strawberry Picking in Kaohsiung] Strawberry season is also here in warm Kaohsiung, a comparison of 4 Kaohsiung strawberry gardens

When it comes to picking strawberries, the general impression is that you have to go to Miaoli Lake, but in fact, Kaohsiung, which is like summer all year round, also has a strawberry season. It is usually about one to two months later than the strawberry season in the north. In the south...
DiscoveryActivitiesSeries CompilationExperience InspirationKaohsiung

[Recommended use of Kaohsiung cultural coins] It can be used to make rings or carpets! Selected 10 Kaohsiung Cultural Coin cooperative stores

Don’t know where to spend the cultural coins yet? In fact, in addition to buying books, there are many stores where cultural coins can be used. From making handmade rings, bracelets, necklaces, leather bags, carpets, flower arrangements, and even...
ART64 穿耳洞評價2
Wenqing HandmadeActivitiesExperience InspirationKaohsiungKaohsiung Wenqing Handmade

[ART64 Ear Piercing Review] Just put the earrings on after you have your ears pierced! Professional and hygienic choice for ear piercing in Kaohsiung

Some people may think that for professional ear piercing, you need to go to a clinic doctor to get it done, but they forget that you need to bring your own silver jewelry when you go to the clinic. this time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterious guest brings you to ART64...
Stress Relief BeautyExperience InspirationKaohsiungKaohsiung Stress Relief Beauty

[Kaohsiung Botulinum Toxin Recommendation] Specially treats forehead wrinkles on masticatory muscles! Rating of 3 Kaohsiung Botox Clinics

Botulinum toxin can be said to be the most entry-level treatment in medical aesthetics. The price is not high and the brands are diverse. Depending on the application site, it can have the effects of Botox on the face, wrinkle removal, etc. It is applied quickly and can be seen within a few days. ...
Stress Relief BeautyServeExperience InspirationKaohsiungKaohsiung Stress Relief Beauty

[Kaohsiung Vietnamese Hair Shampoo Recommendation] Lazy people must try the full meal! Review of 5 Vietnamese hair shampoo shops in Kaohsiung

Vietnamese-style hair washing is good news for lazy people. With one-stop service, you can enjoy massage, hair washing, facial and ear cleaning and other items at the same time. this time TWOSEVENTHS From the environment, service, and exquisiteness of techniques...
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