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Since the beginning of civilization, humankind's pursuit of youthful appearance and skin care has never stopped. As time has evolved to this day, there are a variety of facial care methods.But which store is right for you?Is facial hair useful?What do facial care courses usually include? TWOSEVENTHS We have collected 10 questions from novice facialists, hoping to help you who want to deeply care for your skin but have no experience, to find the most suitable facial care course for you!

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What is face-making?

There are many facial surgery shops in the market, but what exactly is facial surgery?In fact, facial surgery refers to the process of improving the condition of facial skin through the professional maintenance techniques of beauticians.The basic facial care process usually includes three steps: cleansing the skin, conditioning acne, and calming after surgery. The purpose is to enhance skin moisture, repair skin barrier, improve dullness, regulate acne, refine skin, and delay skin aging. Treats acne, reduces wrinkles, prevents skin blemishes, and maintains skin health.

clean skin

Since dirt, oil, cosmetic residues and pollutants in the air accumulate on the skin, cleansing the skin is a key step in the facial procedure. It can reduce dirt and oil from clogging pores, and can also help with better follow-up facial care. absorption effect.

Acne conditioning

Acne is caused by the blockage of oil and keratinocytes in the pores. The main purpose of facial acne conditioning is to improve the blackheads and whiteheads on the skin.By treating acne, your skin may become smoother and smoother, and its appearance may improve.

postoperative sedation

The purpose of post-facial calming is to help the skin recover and soothe to reduce the discomfort and inflammation that may occur when clearing pimples.Calming products rich in moisturizing ingredients are often used to help restore the skin's moisture balance and reduce dryness and flaking.

What is the difference between facial surgery and medical aesthetics?

Although medical aesthetics is now popular and has a powerful effect on facial skin improvement, facial surgery and medical aesthetics have different purposes of intruding the skin and improving it.Facial care mainly focuses on daily skin care and enhanced maintenance, using non-invasive methods and skin care products to clean, moisturize, massage, acne conditioning, etc. Long-term conditioning is required to stabilize the skin, and this kind of facial care method It can keep the skin in its best condition at the moment.Medical aesthetics, on the other hand, focuses on more in-depth treatments and surgeries. It is a medical practice and has the characteristics of traumatic, invasive or non-invasive. It uses medical techniques such as cosmetic injections, laser treatments, micro-plastic surgery, etc. It must be a qualified physician. to operate.

Features of face making

  • Focus on daily skin care
  • Use non-invasive methods
  • Requires long-term conditioning

Medical beauty features

  • Belongs to medical behavior
  • Traumatic, invasive or non-invasive properties
  • It must be operated by a qualified physician.

Does everyone need a facelift?

Facial makeup is actually very necessary for today's society that pays attention to external appearance. As long as the face is clean and looks comfortable, it will add a lot of points to the image, and it can make the overall temperament more youthful and energetic, so no matter For both boys and girls, regular facial care is necessary.

At what age should you start facial care?

The earlier you take care of your face, the better. When you are young, you can start with simple daily maintenance, such as cleansing and moisturizing. Over-maintenance or incorrect facial maintenance methods will put the cart before the horse.When you get older and your finances permit, you can regularly seek the services of a professional beautician for better results.

How often is the best time to have a facial?

How often you need a facial is mainly determined by your personal skin condition, budget and time.It is generally recommended to go to the store for facial maintenance 1-2 times a month; if the skin has a lot of acne or acne, or the skin is in a relatively unstable state, it is recommended to perform maintenance once every two weeks. When the skin condition is stable, it can be done once a month. In-depth maintenance is enough; even if the budget and time allow, it is not recommended to do facials too frequently, as it may make the skin too sensitive.For the specific frequency, you can consult a trusted beautician based on the following common judgment points.

skin type

Different skin types, such as oily, dry, combination, and sensitive, require different skin care methods and products.

skin problems

Depending on individual skin problems, such as acne, pimples, wrinkles, spots, etc., specific treatments are required.


As we age, our skin's needs and concerns change.Skin care routines may differ between younger and older people.

Lifestyle habit

Lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, sleep and stress can all affect skin health.

What items are usually included in the facial surgery process?

The general facial procedure usually includes cleansing, acne conditioning, exfoliation, massage, facial mask, etc. However, each store’s process is different and the results they pursue are also different. For this part, you can first go to the store’s social media to learn more. .For example, there are many ways to remove acne, such as: using instruments to remove surface acne, painless acne removal, manual acne conditioning, and traditional beauty treatments. In principle, using the pick + squeeze method will definitely be cleaner, but it is more likely to cause acne. Side effects include pain or redness and swelling, which requires the skill of the beautician.Therefore, it is recommended that you try 1-3 facial surgery shops first, so that you can understand more objectively which technique is suitable for you!

What are the common facial care courses?

Human skin is divided into oily skin, dry skin, and mixed skin. The skin condition may change depending on age. In addition to whitening and moisturizing, you may have heard of fruit acid conditioning and lifting in common facial care courses. There are different courses such as skin tightening and algae peeling. Here are two common facial course plans in beauty shops:

Fruit acid conditioning

Fruit acid peels use the principle that acid can corrode and exfoliate dead skin to accelerate the metabolism of epidermal cells. Therefore, it has the effect of exfoliating old cutin, unclogging pores, reducing sebaceous gland secretion, thereby removing pigment, improving fine lines and dry lines, and can also Improves acne marks and scars at the same time.

The main difference between the several percent fruit acids that everyone often hears comes from the different concentrations, and the effects produced are also different.Low-concentration fruit acids (less than 10%) can dissolve acne, brighten skin tone, and improve skin texture; medium-concentration fruit acids (10-30%) can reach the dermis and treat acne, lighten dark spots, and smooth wrinkles. , can be improved; high-concentration fruit acids (30-70%) can rejuvenate and remove pigments, improve fine lines and dry lines, and can also improve acne marks and scars at the same time.

Algae needle peel

Algae needle is a beauty method that uses specific freshwater sponge extract, which contains silicon bone, scleroprotein, calcium carbonate, diatoms and other ingredients. Although it looks like a powdery substance, it actually contains many microscopic substances. The needle-like objects, and through the stimulation of fine needle-like molding, will promote the skin's self-repair, promote collagen, improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles, fade scars, and improve the skin's stratum corneum and elasticity.

However, the most worrying thing about algae needles is the painful process. It is recommended to consult with a beautician before deciding whether to use it. If you are particularly afraid of pain, it is also recommended not to try it.

How to choose a recommended store for facial surgery?

When choosing a facial shop, you should consider many factors, including hygienic equipment, service techniques, service attitude, environmental atmosphere, professional technology and a shop with a good reputation.Usually, the most basic method is to use search forums or Google Map reviews. However, because stores are now accustomed to using some small discounts to guide customers to Google Map reviews, the reference degree of Google Map reviews is limited.In addition, there are a few tips to share with newbie friends:

Store establishment time

It is usually recommended to look for a facial care store that has been in business for at least 3 years to be more secure. Although there are also newly established stores that are very powerful, so this is only a reference. It is recommended that if you like the store, you can actually experience it.

number of comments

If your personal studio has been established for less than a year, but the number of reviews is too high or too good, you should be careful because it is easy to wash the reviews.

Is the information transparent?

Including price, face making process, environment photos, and whether there are social media for reference.

Are there any negative reviews?

It is usually impossible to like everyone, so negative reviews are a reference point for whether the reviews of a store are true. People have shortcomings and will be misunderstood, and the same is true for stores, so it can be judged based on whether the negative reviews are objective.

How is the price of facial surgery usually calculated?

Generally speaking, the price of facial surgery will be determined based on the services provided, products used, technology, decoration, service attitude, etc.Basic care ranges from $500 to comprehensive care of over $2,500. However, the price of facial care should not be the only criterion for choosing a store. Other factors should be taken into consideration. After all, even if it is a cheap facial, if it is ineffective or the technique is poor, it will cause facial discoloration. If there is any damage to the body, a higher amount of money will be spent to make up for it later.The following is a list of popular facial surgery shops in Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung and other cities to provide you with reference for course techniques and charging methods.

How to take care of your face at home after facial surgery?

Don’t think that after having a professional beautician help with facial care, you can relax when you go home. Daily care after facial care is very important.Because most facial care courses include acne removal, there may be minor wounds or redness. It is recommended to avoid using irritating products, such as acid, A acid, exfoliation and other products within three days to one week after the facial treatment. , the choice of skin care products should also be moisturizing with products that are mild, non-irritating and suitable for your skin type. In addition, don’t forget that sun protection is also very important, so as not to let the effect of facial treatment fail.

Are there any sequelae or side effects of facial surgery?

Basically, with the correct facial procedures and a professional beautician, the risk of sequelae and side effects can be minimized.However, everyone's skin condition is different, and they may have different reactions to the facial procedure or the products used, such as redness, swelling, inflammation, etc. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone communicate with the beautician about their skin condition before facial surgery. , if there are contraindications to the use of skin care products or ingredients, they must be informed in advance to avoid side effects.

The above is this introductory guide to facial surgery. TWOSEVENTHS We specially invite the store manager of a facial surgery specialty store to answer common questions about facial surgery. I believe that through the above 10 points, everyone should be able to understand the necessity of facial surgery.In fact, there is no best facial care course or store, only the one that suits you best. As long as you are patient and do facials regularly, I believe you can effectively improve the condition of your skin, maintain the health and beauty of your skin, and prevent the time from leaving obvious marks on your face. traces!However, it should be noted that although facial surgery can improve skin quality, daily maintenance is also very important. Drinking more water, eating less fried food, not staying up late and other adjustments to your daily routine are also crucial to improving your skin!

In addition to facial surgery, those who love beauty must also be interested in other beauty industries!It is recommended that you refer to what Mysterious Guest has compiled for you.Body SPA,Nail art,Beautiful eyelashes,Scalp Care,Teeth whiteningWait for a series of articles to make yourself more and more beautiful.

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