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Many people know that practicing yoga is good for physical and mental health. In addition to helping to shape the body, it can also relax, relieve stress and function.However, the benefits of yoga are far more than these, and it can even help you improve your concentration! TWOSEVENTHS Sort out 10 positive effects of practicing yoga on the body and mind, from the perspective of scientific data, and take you to understand yoga in depth.Whether you are already practicing yoga or are considering signing up for yoga classes, I hope you can learn more about the benefits of yoga.

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Improves flexibility, strength and balance

Yoga is a form of hands-on training that uses your own body weight to help strengthen your core, arms, legs, and back.Compared with weight-bearing muscle training with barbells or dumbbells in the gym, it focuses more on the coordination of multiple muscles rather than the contraction of a single muscle.

In addition, yoga focuses on exhaling and slow movements to increase fluid flow and warm up the muscles, and each time the body advects in the "balance" process of a certain posture, it can increase muscle endurance.Therefore, yoga can exercise the body's muscle strength and muscle endurance at the same time, help us increase the body's elasticity, strength and balance, and make the body more coordinated and sensitive to the activities of daily life. This is also everyone's first thought about the benefits of yoga.

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Tainan - jn studio yoga

The jn studio yoga classroom is exquisite and bright, and the teacher is very kind. He will explain and demonstrate movements in an easy-to-understand way. During the course, the students' postures will be confirmed and adjusted at any time, and the class content will be adjusted according to the status of each class.Moreover, the teacher memorizes everyone's name by heart, and the interaction is like a friend. The students will also chat with each other before and after class, and the class atmosphere is very warm.

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improve concentration

In yoga practice, in addition to the most common "asana", there are also different levels of practice methods such as "breathing" and "meditation".Among them, the breathing method is a kind of exercise that controls energy by regulating breathing. By focusing on the current breathing and movements, regular and gentle breathing is performed; the benefits of such yoga exercises to the body are to affect our nervous system , helps regulate concentration and memory.

In this era of information explosion, the concentration of modern people is getting worse and worse. Many people still feel brain fatigue even after a long sleep; it is the waste of attention resources and time.If you often feel that you can't concentrate and your memory is getting worse, you might as well try the "breathing method" of yoga, especially in the morning, let the breathing method help you boost your spirit and regain your original concentration!

reduce stress and find peace

Yoga focuses on breathing control and deep relaxation, which can effectively reduce stress and anxiety.According to research, practicing yoga can reduce the secretion of cortisol, and cortisol is commonly known as the "stress hormone", which means that practicing yoga can help reduce stress.In addition, "mindfulness", one of the meditations, can also effectively relieve stress. By focusing on the present moment, consciously and without judgment, and maintaining a mindful awareness of the present moment, it can help us reduce anxiety and maintain inner peace.

To put it simply, meditation is a simple and quick way to reduce stress. If you often feel anxious, stressed, and easily nervous and worried, you might as well try to practice meditation before going to bed through yoga, so that you can quickly restore your inner peace .

improve mood

Balance of mind, body and mind is also a common yoga benefit.Yoga, a breathing exercise, has been found to release chemicals called "endorphins," also known as "happiness chemicals"; they stimulate our brains, helping to elevate mood, confidence, and self-esteem, Let the mind, body and spirit achieve relaxation.That's why whenever we finish exercising, no matter what kind of exercise it is, we always feel happy and the stress melts away.According to research from Princeton University and the University of Montreal, endorphins are released during the mediation process, creating a sense of well-being that can not only help boost emotional positivity, ease blues, but also reduce the incidence of depression.

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Kaohsiung- Yoga Exercise

In addition to providing a variety of yoga courses, Just Yoga also focuses on "full class schedules". There are at least 50 classes per week on average, and you can also book directly through the online APP.In addition, the charging method of this Kaohsiung yoga classroom is also very flexible. You can purchase points according to the number of classes you want to attend each session, especially for friends who don't know what kind of yoga they like!

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improve sleep quality

When practicing yoga, the practice of focusing on posture, breathing and attention can slowly calm our brain and body, achieve a calming effect on the excited parasympathetic nervous system, promote the rapid relaxation of the body and brain, and enter a calm state.Plus, yoga has been shown to increase melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate sleep and wakefulness.

Many people are used to swiping their mobile phones before going to bed, but they don’t know that the blue light from the mobile phone will pass through the eyes from the human body and stimulate the nerves, reducing drowsiness and affecting sleep quality.In yoga, there are asanas that specifically release muscle tension. Interspersed in yoga practice, it helps to input more blood to the brain, helps improve blood circulation, reduces insomnia and improves sleep quality.In addition, cancer survivors reported that patients who practiced yoga twice a week experienced significant improvements in sleep quality and decreased use of sleep medication.

increase body awareness

In addition to being a sport, yoga is also a practice to establish one's awareness of body movements and inner thoughts, which is also the benefit and essence of yoga.And "body awareness" refers to our ability to perceive and feel the body, such as whether we can feel the stiffness or softness of a certain part of our body.Through the practice of yoga, we focus on the quiet breathing of one inhalation and one exhalation, carefully study our own feelings during the transformation of asanas, slowly cultivate our awareness of the body, and learn to better listen to and respect our body need.

And when we have established awareness of the body, we can also extend the practice of yoga to our daily life, helping us to improve our awareness of the external environment and making our life more focused and peaceful.In addition, in fact, yoga can be practiced throughout pregnancy, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, which is the most uncomfortable stage for mommy. You can relieve nausea and vomiting symptoms by practicing simple yoga movements.

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Kaohsiung- Eden SPA

Eden SPA mainly provides customized SPA massages such as prenatal care for pregnant women and postpartum care.The aromatherapist will prepare suitable essential oils according to the pregnant mother's condition during pregnancy, and carefully massage from the feet that are often edema to the face that is prone to acne.In addition to providing an independent massage space and specially prepared essential oils, the aromatherapist's massage techniques also integrate ancient meridians, fascia massage and aromatherapy.It is recommended that pregnant mothers can occasionally come to reward themselves!

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improve breathing

Most people usually use only 10-15% of their lung capacity to breathe, but yoga breathing can help us inhale air more completely and thoroughly through many techniques, especially the three-stage breathing method.The most common of these is the "abdominal breathing method", which is also commonly known as "deep breathing". Compared with ordinary deep breathing, there are more diaphragm movements, which allow us to increase the inhaled air more effectively, help restore the function of the diaphragm and improve Breathability, enhance lung function.

Although our breathing pattern cannot fully use abdominal breathing, through continuous breathing practice, the movement of the diaphragm becomes a habit, increasing the depth of breathing time and time again, and slowly increasing lung capacity, which is the benefit that yoga can bring to us. It can also make our lungs healthier.

Cardiovascular health

According to a Japanese study, it was found that the softness of the body is actually related to the hardness of blood vessels!Poor flexibility also makes blood vessels stiffer, increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.Through yoga asanas, stretching and elongating the body can help blood vessels dilate and strengthen the elasticity of blood vessel walls. Therefore, we can use this yoga benefit to improve cardiovascular health.In addition, focusing on the present and conscious breathing can activate the parasympathetic nerves, relax the body and mind, and improve blood pressure.Some studies have pointed out that practicing yoga with conscious breathing 3 times a week for 10 minutes each time can reduce both diastolic and systolic blood pressure by 5mmHg!

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SHERO focuses on nude seamless yoga pants, which are light and soft to wear, and can be moved easily, and they will not show through when wearing dark underwear.The most important thing is that there is a T-shaped peach hip line design on the buttocks, which highlights the buttocks and makes the butt look more rounded!In addition, SHERO also has a variety of styles to choose from, such as high-waist pocket yoga pants, back waist pocket yoga pants, five-point yoga pants, and sports bell-bottom pants regardless of size.

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Improve pain management skills

There are many benefits of practicing yoga, one of which is the relief of chronic pain, which is also a common problem for many middle-aged people.According to Taiwan data, one out of every three people under the age of 40 suffers from chronic diseases.By practicing yoga, we can improve body awareness, enhance muscle strength and muscle endurance; among them, yoga stretching asanas can stimulate sensory receptors on joints, help muscles relax, and gradually reduce pain.Medicine has proven that yoga practice can help relieve chronic pain, such as chronic low back pain, back pain, arthritis, and headaches. Even the American College of Physicians recommends yoga as the first-line treatment for chronic low back pain.

Improve immune system function

If you do yoga regularly, you can speed up the body's blood circulation, improve your metabolism, and improve your immunity. The reason behind it is that doing yoga can "stimulate the secretion of the thymus gland."The thymus is the center of cellular immunity in the body. Its main function is to regulate the proportion of T lymphocytes and secrete thymus hormones, so that the body maintains cellular immune function and kills foreign bacteria.Yoga's "asana" and "breathing" both have the function of stimulating the thymus, thereby improving the body's immunity.

In addition, exercise itself can increase immune cells. After exercise, during the period when the number of white blood cells increases, it is beneficial for the body to eliminate invading pathogenic microorganisms.Through long-term and regular exercise or yoga practice, we can find that the body's immune function is enhanced, and finally gradually improve the function of the immune system.

The above is the sharing of the benefits of yoga this time. TWOSEVENTHS Here are 10 positive effects of yoga on body, mind and soul.The benefits of practicing yoga are definitely not limited to weight loss, muscle gain and fat loss, but also countless benefits for our body, mind and soul.Through yoga asanas, breathing methods and meditation, it can help us improve our focus, reduce stress, improve mood, improve sleep quality and improve immunity. It is suitable for modern people with busy and stressful lives.If you also want to relax your body and mind while maintaining your figure, you might as well start practicing yoga now!

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