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[Recommended Rock Climbing Gyms in Taiwan] A complete guide so you don’t have to worry about running out of places to climb. We have selected 27 indoor bouldering gyms in the north, middle, south and east.

TWOSEVENTHS We have sorted out 27 recommended rock climbing venues across Taiwan, with addresses, transportation, and ticket prices all sorted out! Whether in Taipei, Kaohsiung, Hsinchu, Taoyuan, Yilan, Tainan, New...
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[Banqiao Fitness Coach Recommendation] Professional one-on-one coaching classes, selected 10 Banqiao male and female personal trainers

Fitness is good for the body, but if you have poor posture or don't know how to arrange the training menu, the effect may be ineffective or even cause physical injury, which is not worth the gain; therefore, for beginners, find a professional...
飛輪優點 飛輪減肥
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[Flywheel benefits recommendation] If you want to rely on flywheel to lose weight, read this article first! 10 Finishing Benefits of Riding a Flywheel

With the gradual rise of the fitness trend, aerobic exercises such as flywheel courses are loved by more and more people.In addition to riding a flywheel to lose weight can consume a lot of calories, the process is often accompanied by dynamic music, riding...
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