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Ear picking is an emerging and popular industry in recent years. The barriers to entry and the cost of starting a business are not high, but the return on investment of good management cannot be underestimated. Therefore, ear picking has attracted many people who are facing career burnout or want to start their own business. People are listed as the first choice for entrepreneurship.If you want to be a professional ear picker, it is necessary to take a professional ear picker course and obtain relevant ear picker certificates. However, there are hundreds of ear picker courses available. How to find the ear picker teaching that suits you? What about recommendations?What challenges will you face after completing your studies?Look TWOSEVENTHS The detailed introduction will give you a more complete understanding of ear picker entrepreneurship!

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Teacher Tammy

Many years of experience in the ear picking industry Teacher Tammy

Meet Teacher Tammy

Teacher Tammy is about to enter her eighth year of involvement in the health aesthetics industry. All along, we have taught more than XNUMX people practical experience and irreplaceable market experience. We pass on correct concepts and techniques through education, so that students not only learn , but also "use it".

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What is ear picking?

The history of ear picking can be traced back to ancient China. Many people misunderstand that ear picking only cleans the ears, but in fact, professional ear cleaning can be performed by an otolaryngologist.The biggest difference between ear picking and ear extraction is that in addition to basic ear canal cleaning, ear picking professionals will use different tools, such as peacock feathers, ear spoons, tuning forks, etc. to stimulate the ears, or combine them with different relaxation services, such as ear candling. , facial tendon manipulation, mugwort warming cup, etc., allowing guests to achieve stress relief and full-body healing.

What are the common services provided by ear pickers?

The services provided by each ear picking shop are different, but they can be roughly summarized into six services including ear picking, ear candling, head relaxation, silver bead eyewash, facial tendon tightening, shoulder, neck and back lymphatic massage, and singing bowl sound therapy. .Although these services target different parts and use a variety of props to assist, the ultimate goal is to relieve tension, relax the body and mind, and achieve the purpose of healing the whole body and mind.


Understand the condition of the client's ears through an otoscope and perform basic ear canal cleaning.A professional ear picker needs to be able to determine whether the client's ear condition is suitable for ear picking. For example, if there is a damaged eardrum, fungal infection, etc., ear picking cannot be performed and the client needs to be advised to seek medical assistance.

ear candling

Ear candling uses a hollow tube made of beeswax or other natural materials. One end is placed at the entrance of the person's ear canal and the other end is lit.Through the "chimney effect" principle, warm air and gentle vibrations are generated when burning, creating a slight massage feeling, which helps relax and promote blood circulation in the ears.

Silver beads eye wash

Silver bead eyewash is a traditional eye care method originating from ancient China.It mainly uses special small silver beads (or silver balls) to massage the eyes to help relax eye muscles, promote eye blood circulation, and help relieve eye fatigue. It is very suitable for modern people's civilization diseases caused by 3C products not leaving the body.

Relax your head

The head is a part of the human body where acupuncture points are concentrated. Head massage targeting the meridian acupoints can increase blood circulation, relax and relieve stress, and even relieve headaches caused by poor sleep.

Facial tendon pulling

The meridian and tendon relaxing hand technique can target the superficial fascia, deep fascia and many important points to clear the knots that hinder the circulation of blood and gas, so that the muscles can quickly restore softness and elasticity, the blood and gas in the meridians can run smoothly, the muscle function is normal, and the muscles and bones can be maintained normally. Development, naturally achieves the maintenance requirements of soft muscles and healthy bones.

Shoulder, neck and back lymphatic massage

Modern people sit for long periods of time and have poor posture for a long time, which makes them prone to stiff shoulders and necks. Massage can relieve muscles and relax the body and mind.

Singing bowl sound therapy

The vibrations and sounds produced by percussion bowls can relieve stress and anxiety, help people calm down, and even enter a deeper state of meditation, which has a great effect on physical and mental relaxation.

Do I need an ear picker license if I want to be an ear picker?

Although there is no legal provision from the government that clearly stipulates that an ear picker license is required to practice as an ear picker, but having an ear picker license is a kind of protection for yourself and your customers, especially for novice ear pickers who do not have customer examples to support them. A guarantee of strength.

So what are the licenses for ear pickers?Currently, there are two mainstream ear-picking certificates in Taiwan. One is the senior ear-picking certificate issued by the Taiwan Ear-picking Association (TECA). This certificate can be successfully completed as long as one has taken an ear-picking course from a store that cooperates with the association. After class, it will be awarded after passing the assessment by the instructor.The other certificate is a second-level ear picker certificate issued by the National Federation of Nail Painting and Eyelash Industry Unions (TNL) of the Republic of China. It can only be issued after passing a collective examination.

Senior ear picker certificate

  • Awarded by Taiwan Ear Picking Association (TECA)
  • Must participate in the association's ear picker course in cooperation with the store
  • It will be awarded to teachers who pass the assessment.

Second level ear picker certificate

  • Awarded by the National Federation of Nail Painting and Eyelash Industry Trade Unions (TNL) of the Republic of China
  • You need to take a group exam and pass it before it can be awarded

What items do ear picker training courses generally include?

Many ear-picking shops offer ear-picking teaching courses. Generally, the classes are divided into two types. The first is the "ear-picking specialist class", which mainly teaches ear-picking techniques. If you want to learn ear candling, silver bead eyewash and other other Projects usually require individual training or additional purchases.Since some ear-picking teachers only teach you the technique of "picking out ears" rather than "picking ears", if you want to master ear-picking, you need to pay attention to whether the ear-picking specialist teaching courses include how to massage the ear canal and how to use different tools. Stimulates the ear canal and other aspects.

The second type of course is the "Ear-picking Entrepreneurship Class" or also known as the "Comprehensive Ear-picking Class". In addition to covering various common skills of ear-picking masters, such as ear-picking, ear candling, facial tendon pulling and other items mentioned above, It will also include hardware and software assistance for opening a business, such as store location selection, digital marketing, customer response and other non-professional skills.

Ear picking specialist class

  • Mainly specializes in teaching ear picking technology
  • Other items usually require individual training or additional purchases

Tsai'er Entrepreneurship Class

  • Ear picking, ear candling, facial tendon pulling and other project courses are all included
  • We will also provide guidance on store location selection, digital marketing and other projects

What are the general prices for ear picker training courses?

As mentioned before, ear picking teacher teaching courses are generally divided into "ear picking specialist classes" and "ear picking entrepreneurship classes".Prices for specialized courses range from $10,000 to $40,000. The main differences include whether an ear-picking tool set is included and whether an ear-picking association certificate needs to be purchased additionally.The price difference for entrepreneurship classes ranges from $50,000 to $100,000. In addition to the price difference caused by the richness of the content, whether the teacher has practical experience and past cases also has a great impact.

How to choose an ear picker course?

There are so many ear picker courses available, how do you choose the ear picker teaching recommendation that suits you?You can evaluate from the following 12 points to see if it matches your needs, budget and preferences!

Early notes

It is recommended that you go to the store and experience it from the perspective of a customer before making a choice to see if the teacher is compatible with you, whether you like the way of operation, etc. After all, no matter how professional the teacher is, if the operation method or chat mode happens to be different from yours, it is better to learn. Can't immerse myself in it either.In addition, some stores will hold briefing sessions before the official start of classes. It is recommended that you attend and learn about past student cases. If you have any questions, you can also ask them at this time.

Course content

Find out what related ear picker courses are offered, the prices included in each course, the ratio of classes to subjects, whether classes can be recorded, etc.

Lecturer experience

It is also important whether the lecturer has experience. If the lecturer has been teaching or practicing for many years, it will be more helpful to future students to start a business, regardless of experience or resources.The proportion of students who have successfully started a business in the past can also be seen to a certain extent by the teacher's teaching strength and whether the after-class assistance is active, etc.

feedback training mechanism

Since not everyone will start a business immediately after completing their studies, it is recommended that you inquire before signing up if you want to go back and review whether there are discounts on tuition fees, whether there is a free mechanism for returning to training within a few months, etc.

Online tutoring

Going home after class and practicing diligently is the key to becoming a professional ear picker. If you encounter any problems during practice, it is very important whether the teacher provides online tutoring, so as not to be released for help after class. No way.Some enthusiastic ear picker courses also provide video guidance. After students go home, they can send the video of the operation process to the teacher, and the teacher will comment and reply.

Class time

Because most of the students who take the ear picker course still have full-time jobs, it is also important to have flexible schedules. Before signing up, you need to know whether the course starts on weekdays, holidays, or if there is a flexible choice that can be customized, so that you will not sign up. Unable to attend class afterwards.

Number of people attending class

Since ear-picking teaching requires careful observation of the teacher's operating techniques, in addition to not being able to clearly see the teacher's skills in a class with many people, the teacher cannot carefully guide each student. Therefore, it is recommended to find a small class teaching, usually one teacher with 1-4 students. The most common configuration.

Charging method

Ear picker teaching courses usually start at XNUMX yuan. If you have difficulties in financial allocation, you can also pay attention to whether the store provides installment payment and other services.

Training certificate

After completing the ear picker course, the store will usually issue a training certificate. However, if you want to obtain the ear picker certificate from the Taiwan Ear Picker Association, some stores will require additional purchases, so those who are interested can first ask if the registration price is Ear picker license included.

Bonus tools

Does the ear picking course come with complete ear picking tools, or does it need to be purchased separately?

Entrepreneurship assistance

After learning ear picking skills, it is useless if there is no space or marketing methods. Therefore, for those who want to start a business after graduation, you can find out whether the store provides entrepreneurial assistance after graduation, such as help with site selection, resource sharing introduction, and social media support. Business sharing and so on.

business skills

After opening, personal image management and customer communication skills are the key to having a stable customer base in the future. Therefore, before signing up, you can also use your own experience or the store community to find out whether the instructor has experience in business skills.

Are there any recommended ear picker training courses?

Although it is difficult to choose the best course for ear pickers. After all, everyone has different preferences for teaching methods, teaching content, budget considerations, etc. However, if it is difficult to choose at the beginning, it is recommended that you consult us.Tammy's Ear Picker Training Course for Kaohsiung Ear Fans, the 12 points mentioned above have complete plans, and the teacher Tammy has more than five years of rich teaching experience, and is very knowledgeable about the difficulties or doubts that novices will encounter!If you want to compare from multiple sources, you can also refer to the stores listed below in the recommended ear picking courses in Taiwan.

What is the approximate salary of an ear picker?

Everyone should be curious about whether it is easy to make money as an ear picker?After spending tens of thousands of yuan on an ear picker course, what is the average salary of an ear picker after graduation and formal practice?

For example, the average charge for a single ear-picking project is $1,000 per hour. The average monthly income of an ear-picker with a stable customer base is about $50,000. However, if you are experienced, you can set up your own ear-picker teaching courses, or go to relevant institutions to serve as lecturers. The average income can reach around $200,000.Therefore, I would suggest that if you are interested in joining this industry, don’t just learn the ear-picking project. If there are other relaxing items such as ear candling and massage for customers to purchase, you can easily increase the unit price per customer, and you will have more abundant teaching options in the future. experience sharing.

Can an ear picker work as a side job?

If you have not made up your mind to leave your current job, ear picking is very suitable as a side job. You can even start practicing as long as there is a small space for customers to lie down at the beginning.If you are a 10,000-to-20,000 office worker, you can start by picking up customers on weeknights and weekends, and you can earn an extra $XNUMX-$XNUMX a month. You can wait until the customer base stabilizes before resigning and starting a business.

How long does it take on average to start a business?

Generally, after completing the ear picker course, if you are determined to start a formal business, it will take about 2-3 months of preparation, including practicing skills, store location selection, social marketing operations, etc. As long as you are determined, you can start a business right after graduation. Dream!

The above is this introductory guide for ear pickers to start a business. TWOSEVENTHS inviteKaohsiung ear picking teachingFamous stores:Ear fans Tammy's Let’s give a complete introduction to the ear picking teacher teaching course for those who want to start an ear picking business.It is not difficult to get the ear picker license. As long as you find the right ear picker teaching store, you can easily get the ear picker license.I hope that the above detailed introduction will give you who want to become an ear picker a clearer direction for this career and what you need to prepare for.If you want to further find an ear picking course that suits you, please refer to this articleRecommended ear picking courses in Taiwan, find your favorite teaching store!

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