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The ear is a very delicate and fragile organ. Therefore, if you want to become an ear picker, you need not only skilled skills, but also rich experience to avoid danger in the process.this time TWOSEVENTHS Recommend 10 ear-picking teaching stores in Kaohsiung for you, and let the professional ear-picking technicians guide you to understand the structure of the ear, practice ear-picking techniques, and follow-up training. Even a novice with zero experience can complete the ear-picking teacher training course.

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Ear fans Tammy's

Tammy's is located on Meimei Dongsi Road, Gushan District. It is a comfortable space with a considerable scale in a five-story building.Tammy's, an ear fan that started with ear-picking teaching, incorporates healing singing bowls into its services. The ear-picking teacher training course is divided into three stages, and the store manager will teach them hand in hand during the learning, practice and assessment.

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Jill's House is located in Sanmin District, Kaohsiung. It provides a variety of ear picking training courses, such as a four-day ear picking expert class where you can learn ear picking and superficial head and face massage techniques, and a two-day facial massage course. The Jin Da Ren Class and the four-day Meridian Master Class focus on different relaxation programs. For those who want to learn the most complete ear-picking teaching, the six-day Whole Body Healing and Relaxation Master Class is most recommended, including all the above courses. , is a very complete ear-picking teaching course.

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Intrude into the room

Ears into the Room is located on Qingnian XNUMXst Road, adjacent to the Xinjuejiang business district. The interesting store name and industrial-style layout, as well as the cute cats in the store, attract many young people to experience it.In addition to ear picking and ear candling, the main items also include eye therapy and tendon pulling services; the ear picking teaching took four days of intensive training, and successfully trained many students to complete the course.

Tao Er

Tao'er is located on Qixian XNUMXnd Road in Xinxing District. The store manager is from Hunan, China, and he has learned from the authentic heir of Sichuan School Cai'er.The store provides ear picking services such as ear picking, ear candles, and ear relaxation. There are also special ancient Zen head washes and eye washes.The ear-picking teaching course is not a crash course, it lasts for four days and focuses on practical operation.

Mr. Ears Sleeping Ears

Mr. Ear Sleeping Ear Ticking Center is located in the Qinghai business district of the Art Museum Special Zone. The store provides a variety of ear maintenance services, from ear cleaning to ear candle SPA. With many years of operating experience, it is a popular ear cleaning store in Gushan and Zuoying.The ear-picking teaching course adopts a dual-teacher system, two-to-one guided learning, and the class date can be customized.

XNUMX Ears Care Studio

XNUMX Ears Care Studio is located near Yingming XNUMXst Road, Qianzhen District, close to Jichang Light Rail Station.The ear pickers are male, and the atmosphere in the studio is calm and exudes a youthful atmosphere.The ear-picking teaching course fee includes a set of professional tools, and the training content covers everything from ear-picking basics to facial and lymphatic massage.

Mysterious Ear Picker

Mimi Caier staff is located in Dingzhong Road, Sanmin District, and the studio is located on the second floor of the building.The ear-picking teaching adopts one-to-one or one-to-two small class system, and provides self-made ear-picking course handouts.In addition to ear picker training, it also provides multiple entrepreneurial guidance such as eyes, ear candles, facial tendons, facial sculpture, and Aiwen.

summer sunday beauty

Summer Kaohsiung Professional Ear Picking is located on Minglun Road, Gushan District, adjacent to Ruifeng Night Market. It is a composite aesthetic studio.The formal training course for ear pickers lasts for 3 days and 21 hours in total, or you can only sign up for ear picking teaching or ear candling courses.In addition to teaching various ear-picking classes, marketing strategies for future openings are also included in the courses.

Ear Bar

Ear Bar is located in the alley of Jiangong Road, Sanmin District, adjacent to the Jiangong Engineering Campus of the University of Science and Technology of China.Unlike most ear picking shops in Kaohsiung, which provide multiple services, they focus on ear picking, ear candling, and teaching.Ear picker training courses are divided into quick-start classes and full-time classes, with a maximum of four people in a class. After completing the course, the studio and the ear picker association certificate will be given.

Yun Duo Conceptual Aesthetics

Yun Duo Conceptual Aesthetics is located on Xiaogang Road, Xiaogang District, adjacent to Xiaogang District Office.It adopts complex services and provides various beauty and body projects such as eyelash beauty, manicure, ear picking, hot wax hair removal, skin management, etc.The total hours of the ear-picking course is 16 hours. After completion, a certificate issued by a Chinese unit will be provided, and free return training will be available within half a year.

Ai Shijiner

Ai Shi Jin Er is an ear-picking teaching brand from Zhongli, Taoyuan. It does not have a physical store in Kaohsiung, but it will offer ear-picking courses all over Taiwan.The three-day ear picker training covers theory, practical operation, and frequently asked questions from customers. After class, they will assist in applying for certification certificates from associations in Taiwan, Korea, and China.

The above are the recommendations for this ear-picking teaching in Kaohsiung. TWOSEVENTHS has carefully selected 10 ears cleaning tutorial studios in Kaohsiung, with some even being personally certified by mystery shoppers. This compilation aims to assist those interested in learning ear cleaning, ear digging, ear candling, and other ear care techniques to conveniently compare multiple studios. After completing the ear cleaning technician training courses, most studios provide certificates of completion. However, it's important to remember that these certificates are not equivalent to association certifications. If you seek official recognition, be sure to ask the studio for assistance in the application process. For a deeper understanding of the ear cleaning technician profession, you can refer to this article.A Beginner's Guide to Starting a Business in Cai'er.

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