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Table of contents for evaluation articles of the Ear Picker and Warm Tank Courses

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio

Kaohsiung Twelve People

focus on quality of life Wen

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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【耳迷采耳師及溫罐課程評價】高雄采耳創業不用愁,掏耳溫罐都能學 2

Tammy's is a well-known restaurant in Kaohsiung. It is located on Meishu East 10th Road, Gushan District, Kaohsiung. It is about a XNUMX-minute walk from Neiwei Station. The five-story high-ceiling space, wooden and earth-tone decorations, and friendly greetings make you feel comfortable. As soon as a person enters the door, he or she automatically leaves behind his or her nervousness.

Environment introduction

【耳迷采耳師及溫罐課程評價】高雄采耳創業不用愁,掏耳溫罐都能學 4

The first floor is the customer reception area and is also the subject space for ear picking courses; the second and third floors are the ear picking, ear candling, beauty and body care service areas, and the ear picking education academic operation area. The spacious environment is filled with a touch of essential oils. The fragrance is indeed the number one in the healing world, and the light style design makes people relax.


【耳迷采耳師及溫罐課程評價】高雄采耳創業不用愁,掏耳溫罐都能學 6

Ear fan Tammy's provides ear picking services to general consumers, as well as various relaxation and healing courses such as ear candling, facial tendon manipulation, breast beauty, back beauty, facial care, etc. The diverse projects have one thing in common - — Allowing guests to enjoy the most healing and relaxing time and forget all the stress in their busy lives.

Teaching features

【耳迷采耳師及溫罐課程評價】高雄采耳創業不用愁,掏耳溫罐都能學 8

In addition to Teacher Tammy, all other ear pickers have also been trained by Teacher Tammy through her hands-on ear picker training courses, so there is no need to worry about the technical gap between different ear pickers.The experienced teacher Tammy hopes to promote the healing industry and let everyone relax physically and mentally. More ear pickers can help more people, so the Kaohsiung ear picker training course was opened.

【耳迷采耳師及溫罐課程評價】高雄采耳創業不用愁,掏耳溫罐都能學 10

In addition to ear-picking specialized courses or meridian release courses suitable for advanced practitioners, there are also "whole-body and soul-healing teacher training classes" for those who are serious about starting a business in the future.In addition to the ear-picking teaching, ear fans also offer the rare Kaohsiung mugwort warm jar teaching. It is hoped that on the basis of ear picking, students can combine the dehumidification and cold-repelling properties of mugwort warm jar to give customers a more comprehensive experience. Relaxing service.

【耳迷采耳師及溫罐課程評價】高雄采耳創業不用愁,掏耳溫罐都能學 12

There are a dazzling array of courses for ear pickers. Teacher Tammy has sorted out the characteristics of each class for you.For example, if you are already a practitioner in the beauty industry, such as an eyelash artist, a scalp SPA shop, or even an ear picker yourself, and want to improve yourself or add ear pickers to your current services, then specialized classes are more suitable. Such as "Ear Picking Specialty Course".

For those who are not interested in ear picking or are massage practitioners themselves, the "Classic Head Therapy Professional Class" or the "Meridian Release Professional Class" are more suitable. They can help the original customers relax more parts and open up more possibilities. sex.

Introduction to the whole body spiritual healer training class

【耳迷采耳師及溫罐課程評價】高雄采耳創業不用愁,掏耳溫罐都能學 14

If you are a novice like Wen, Teacher Tammy without any hesitation recommends the "Full Body Healer Training Class" as the best choice.

The whole body and soul healing teacher training class starts from scratch with ear picking subject and technical guidance, and ends with a series of complete accompaniment such as store location finding, community management, and customer introduction.

【耳迷采耳師及溫罐課程評價】高雄采耳創業不用愁,掏耳溫罐都能學 16

Even if you don’t have any entrepreneurial background in the past, don’t worry. Teacher Tammy confidently said that as long as you are determined and work hard enough, they will always accompany you to work hard. There is absolutely no situation of giving up after the class. In the past, more than 300 students Student cases are the best example.

Experience from the ear-picking training class

【耳迷采耳師及溫罐課程評價】高雄采耳創業不用愁,掏耳溫罐都能學 18

This time Wen attended the "Full Body Healer Training Course". The five-day ear-picking training course was very solid.The subject will be taught from the basic structure of the ear to detailed explanations of various conditions or lesions that may occur in the ear. Teacher Tammy will repeatedly emphasize that the focus of ear picking is healing and relaxation, rather than simply picking out the ears or solving ear problems. .

【耳迷采耳師及溫罐課程評價】高雄采耳創業不用愁,掏耳溫罐都能學 20

Occasionally, there are some ear conditions that require medical resources to intervene, but Teacher Tammy also reminds you not to take care of it rashly just to make money.Teacher Tammy, who has been practicing for many years, has many case studies. Whether it is photos or responses, Teacher Tammy shares it with everyone without any privacy.

【耳迷采耳師及溫罐課程評價】高雄采耳創業不用愁,掏耳溫罐都能學 22

In addition, as long as you participate in this Kaohsiung ear picking course, you will get a complete set of ear picking tools. In addition to introducing the use of each tool one by one, it will also be simple and practical for each student on the spot, so that everyone can be more concrete. Feel the effect of each tool.

【耳迷采耳師及溫罐課程評價】高雄采耳創業不用愁,掏耳溫罐都能學 24

Teachers of the ear-picking course can record their demonstrations during class, so that they won’t forget it when they go home. They may even bring the model to operate it themselves next time in class, so that they won’t go home after learning all the techniques without daring to start. If they really If you can't find the Model, ear fans can help you find it.

【耳迷采耳師及溫罐課程評價】高雄采耳創業不用愁,掏耳溫罐都能學 26

Because the ear picking training courses of Ermi are all small class teaching, with no more than 4 people in a class, and there is also a teaching assistant, so it will not be too crowded when watching the teacher's demonstration, and the teacher can better take care of the needs of each student, Tammy The teacher proudly said that after taking her ear picker course, she would be ready for business immediately. As long as she keeps practicing, she would be able to officially start her business soon!

【耳迷采耳師及溫罐課程評價】高雄采耳創業不用愁,掏耳溫罐都能學 28

The "Full Body and Soul Healing Teacher Training Class" is a five-day course. For Wen, who is still an office worker, he is a little hesitant to take time off to attend classes. Unexpectedly, Ear Fan thoughtfully spreads the same course to start during the week or weekends. Students can Choose a class time based on your own schedule.

【耳迷采耳師及溫罐課程評價】高雄采耳創業不用愁,掏耳溫罐都能學 30

What also impressed Wen was that Earmi has repeatedly emphasized the concept of bringing traffic to students. As long as they are graduates of the Earmi ear picker course, in addition to having an exclusive promotion area on the Earmi official website after the future opening, Teacher Tammy will even Going to your store to interact with you in person, and posting or forwarding it on the social media, so that fans who are originally obsessed with it can also get to know the new store together. It is really heartwarming!

【耳迷采耳師及溫罐課程評價】高雄采耳創業不用愁,掏耳溫罐都能學 32

After ear picking, Teacher Tammy believes that mugwort warm jars are a new blue ocean in the future. For stores that already offer healing and relaxation services, such as ear picking, massage, scalp SPA, etc., adding this service will not only attract more customers We can also contribute to the health of our guests.

Introduction to mugwort warming pot class

【耳迷采耳師及溫罐課程評價】高雄采耳創業不用愁,掏耳溫罐都能學 34

Ermi’s warm cup teaching is recommended not only to those who want to start a business, but also to everyone who is conscious about their own or their family’s health. Through the properties of mugwort warm cup, it can dehumidify and expel cold, making everyone around you healthier!Although there are other hot pot teaching courses on the market, the level of professionalism of Ermi's teaching, the ability to videotape technical classes, and the ultra-low teacher-student ratio of one teacher and one assistant with up to four students, makes it stand out compared to other stores in terms of professionalism. High or low!

【耳迷采耳師及溫罐課程評價】高雄采耳創業不用愁,掏耳溫罐都能學 36

In addition, Ermi is also one of the few stores that, in addition to professional teaching on mugwort warming pots, does not even hide the details of starting a business. With the low-cost characteristics of mugwort mugwort warming pots, this Kaohsiung mugwort warming pot teaching store is suitable for everyone who wants to start a business but For those who have no idea, this may be the beginning of an opportunity.

Experience from mugwort warm pot class

【耳迷采耳師及溫罐課程評價】高雄采耳創業不用愁,掏耳溫罐都能學 38

Ermi's Mugwort Warming Jar teaching lasts for two full days, from 10:00 to 17:00 in the morning. It is divided into academic and technical courses, covering everything from knowledge principles to operational steps. It can be said that you will be employed immediately after graduation.Unlike other Kaohsiung warming canning teaching courses that only teach the canning technique, Ermi emphasizes that you need to understand the direction and details of the human body's meridians before you can truly prescribe the right medicine and provide assistance to customers' discomfort points. Therefore, the subject courses are very solid.

【耳迷采耳師及溫罐課程評價】高雄采耳創業不用愁,掏耳溫罐都能學 40

The 12 meridians of the human body, the important acupuncture points on each meridian and the corresponding organs and diseases will be explained one by one. However, the course that Wen originally thought was boring, under the interactive teaching designed by teacher Tammy, not only will he not feel sleepy, but he will also be able to understand it. Understanding the location of each acupuncture point and how it feels when pressed is impressive!

【耳迷采耳師及溫罐課程評價】高雄采耳創業不用愁,掏耳溫罐都能學 42

Having just listened to the directions and effects of each meridian in the morning, Wen was very excited to be able to practice it immediately in the afternoon surgical class.In addition to each step and detail, Teacher Tammy will explain in detail, and will also let students practice it in pairs, with the teacher and teaching assistants guiding them. They will see the effects they just understood in the morning textbook actually come true on the human body. In addition to the sense of accomplishment, what is more important is the confidence in starting a business in the future or helping family members deal with problems.

Mystery guest evaluation

For the past few days, I have been taking classes with my ear-loving teacher Tammy. The classes that I thought would be a bit boring have become lively because of the teacher's enthusiastic, lively and humorous teaching style. I absorbed a lot of knowledge while talking and laughing.

It is rare among Kaohsiung ear picker courses that subject courses can be videotaped. You can watch the video and practice step by step with the teacher when you go home. For the parts that you are not sure about, you can even make a video and ask the teacher to comment. It is really very considerate. If you pass the five class assessments, you will be promoted to the rank of ear picker!

In addition, what Wen likes very much is the flexible class time. If you have a full-time job on weekdays, it will not be disturbed. The teacher also encourages you to start with a part-time job. Through the improvement of marketing and ear-picking skills, you can gradually move towards a full-time job! Therefore, whether you want to learn ear-picking skills to enhance your current services, or you are a novice entrepreneur who wants to start from scratch, this Kaohsiung ear-picking teaching center is highly recommended!

Of course, it is also important whether the teacher's style is compatible with you and whether you like the service method. Therefore, it is recommended that you come and experience it before officially signing up to make sure that you like the environment, course style, and teacher charm, so that you will not waste money!


focus on quality of life Wen

Environment: ★★★★★
Technique: ★★★★★
Attitude: ★★★★★
Reservation: ★★★★★
Easy Parking: ★★★★★

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