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Recommended catalog of Taipei handmade wedding rings

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio

Taipei metalworking master

like handmade Wen

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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IDYllic Love Eddie

Store introduction

IDYllic Love is located on Dihua Street in Taipei, near Dadaocheng. The teachers are from Hong Kong and can teach in Chinese, English and Cantonese. Wedding ring DIY has a variety of styles to choose from, such as material thickness, black dyeing, pattern tapping, hand typing, and twisting. Everything can be customized.
This Taipei handmade wedding ring encourages...

Wedding Code

Store introduction

Wedding Code is located in Zhongshan District, close to Zhongshan MRT Station. It is very popular for its Disney series of rings.
There are a variety of styles to choose from in the wedding ring DIY section, such as double-ring rings, crescent rings, ribbon rings, etc. For the material part, you can also choose G300 champagne at an additional price...

Learn with awareness inzuition

Store introduction

Yijuexue is located in Zhongshan District. The store adopts American industrial style and the environment is spacious and comfortable.
This Taipei handmade wedding ring is very detailed, with a wide range of styles and materials to choose from. It can provide Pt950 platinum/18K gold/18K white gold/18K rose gold. If necessary, you can also purchase real diamond inlays...


Store introduction

VIC WANG is a metalworking classroom in Taipei located in Zhongshan District. The person in charge, VIC, majored in metal craftsmanship in college, and his professionalism is convincing.
This metalworking shop in Taipei offers a variety of ring DIY courses, and students can choose from plain, rippled, wood-grained, and twisted styles, as well as...

last of the last

The above are the recommendations for handmade wedding rings in Taipei this time. TWOSEVENTHS Selected 10 wedding ring DIY experiences in Taipei, including some Mystery Shop certified stores.

If you also like the fun of making things with your own hands and want to find more hand-made experiences, please refer to this articleTaipei Handmade Recommended Guide, you are welcome to invite your significant other to join the 30+ DIY courses. In the process of creating memories, there are also finished products that you can take home as a souvenir, which is a surprise!

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