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[Recommendations for using Taipei Cultural Coins] It can be used for any hand-made escape room experience! Selected 10 Taipei Cultural Coin partner stores

Have you used cultural coins today? Utilize the concept of points to promote young people to experience cultural activities in cultural activities, so that young people can enjoy life and spend easily, but stores that can use Taipei Cultural Coins...
ART64 穿耳洞評價2
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[ART64 Ear Piercing Review] Just put the earrings on after you have your ears pierced! Professional and hygienic choice for ear piercing in Kaohsiung

Some people may think that for professional ear piercing, you need to go to a clinic doctor to get it done, but they forget that you need to bring your own silver jewelry when you go to the clinic. this time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterious guest brings you to ART64...
Everyday is a Gift 評價18
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[Everyday is a Gift Review] Xinyi Anhe is a must-visit store for dating, and work together to complete the couple’s wedding ring

The most romantic couple activity is nothing more than seeing your partner wearing handmade rings carved for each other by their own hands! TWOSEVENTHS This time, the mysterious guest was sent to team up with her boyfriend to visit the house in Xinyi District...
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