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A full-time traveler currently living in the Bay Area, the joy of life lies in discovering all kinds of new and interesting local foods and attractions every day... I have an incurable enthusiasm for travel, and I want to infect this enthusiasm in everyone's seemingly daily life Now, follow me to discover more hidden attractions!

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[Kaohsiung Vietnamese Hair Shampoo Recommendation] Lazy people must try the full meal! Review of 5 Vietnamese hair shampoo shops in Kaohsiung

Vietnamese-style hair washing is good news for lazy people. With one-stop service, you can enjoy massage, hair washing, facial and ear cleaning and other items at the same time. this time TWOSEVENTHS From the environment, service, and exquisiteness of techniques...
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[Recommended medical and aesthetic medicine for fat reduction in Taipei] Regain abdominal muscle sculpting and posture, review of 2 fat-reducing and aesthetic medicine clinics in Taipei

In the past, if you wanted to lose weight, you could only rely on invasive surgeries such as liposuction, which carried high risks. However, there are more and more non-invasive medical and aesthetic fat reduction courses on the market. As long as you persist, you can even achieve partial slimming...
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[Recommended rock baths for couples in Taipei] Both your body and your emotions will heat up. Here are 8 rock baths for couples in Taipei.

Want to go out for a date in the cold weather but have no ideas?Then try the rock bath from Japan!Although most rock baths separate men and women, there are also stores that provide couples room services. This time, seven...
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