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The beauty of the Penghu Islands is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. However, the entire Penghu Islands are about 130 square kilometers. If you want to avoid the scorching sun in summer and the cold northeast monsoon in winter, it is more convenient and comfortable to drive in Penghu.However, for first-time self-driving tourists in Penghu, they may not be familiar with various road precautions.this time TWOSEVENTHS Lao Jianghu, who has been running a car rental company in Penghu for more than ten years, is invited to sort out 9 points for you to pay attention to when renting a car in Penghu, and attach practical information such as self-driving routes in Penghu and car rental prices in Penghu. Just follow this article, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Self-driving around Penghu.

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio

Brother Yuxuan

Penghu self-driving expert
Rent a car in PenghuBrother Yuxuan

Brother Yuxuan introduction

Currently operating car and motorcycle rental and PGO distribution in Penghu.

The home used to be a motorcycle repair shop. Due to the booming tourism industry in Penghu, the increase in the number of tourists, and the increase in traffic demand on the island, my parents opened Zhongxing Car Rental Shop, which also provides locomotive rental after maintenance. , Pay more attention to the daily maintenance and repair of the rental car, which greatly improves its safety.

After graduating from university and retiring from the army, he returned home to take over the family business. In response to the needs of passengers, he expanded the original locomotive leasing to auto and locomotive leasing, established Lexia Leasing Co., Ltd., and introduced a variety of auto and locomotives, regardless of high-end or general models, large cars Or small cars, providing customers with more choices.

Due to the obvious off-peak season in Penghu and the sluggish tourism market in winter, PGO ㄩ locomotive dealership is also obtained. So, come to me, you can repair locomotives, buy locomotives, and rent auto locomotives. If you have any needs, please contact me and let me serve you.

Know Yuxuan's car rental agency

Penghu Tourist Transportation

Generally, there are four ways for people to travel to Penghu: public transportation, renting a car, renting a locomotive, or chartering a car. The following is an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the four transportation methods in Penghu, and you can choose according to your needs:


Renting a car in Penghu is very suitable for traveling throughout the year. You can turn on the air conditioner or heater in a comfortable car, and it is very convenient whether you want to go to the North Ring Road or the South Ring Road.However, parking in Magong City is not easy, and illegal parking bills are strict. If you only play in the city, you can rent a motorcycle. However, if you want to try Penghu to drive around the island comfortably, renting a car in Penghu is still the most recommended way.


Renting a locomotive in Penghu should be the first choice of many people. It is highly mobile and cheap. The price of renting a locomotive in Penghu is about $250-$700 a day (electric cars or gasoline cars are available), and parking in urban areas is much more convenient than cars.But of course, the big sun in summer and the strong wind in winter in Penghu will inevitably affect the comfort of riding a motorcycle.

chartered car

The local car charter method in Penghu is quite different from that in Taiwan. The main reason is that the car charter company will have a predetermined sightseeing tour route, and tourists can choose the route they are interested in instead of flexibly adjusting or customizing the route according to the needs of tourists. , so it is more inconvenient for passengers who want to travel freely.However, if it is the first time to Penghu, and a group of people are helping the old and the young, it is a convenient choice for someone to help plan the itinerary and drive. The average price of a 9-seater chartered car in Penghu ranges from $4,500-$6,000.

mass transit

Because Penghu public transportation is mainly designed for local people, there are few shifts and routes, and it is not oriented to the needs of tourists. Even the location of the bus station is a long way from the scenic spot, so although it can save a lot of transportation costs, However, the commuting time will be very long, and it is the least recommended way to travel to Penghu.

How to rent a car by car in Penghu

There are four recommended ways to rent a car by self-driving in Penghu. Usually, it is to make an appointment directly with the Penghu car rental company, through a third-party platform, on-site car rental or homestay booking, etc. The following will share the advantages and disadvantages of the four methods and the most recommended car rental method. !

Car rental company

Book directly with the car rental company, whether it is through the official website of the car rental company, by calling or joining the official LINE to make an appointment, it is the most recommended way to rent a car in Penghu, because you can ask in detail about the types, prices, and other add-ons of all available cars. Discounts, etc., and because of the lack of third-party communication costs, you can usually get the most favorable prices and benefits.However, before confirming, remember to check whether the Penghu car rental company you want to book is a legal operation to ensure your own safety.

Third-party platform

At present, there are many third-party platforms on the Internet that provide car rental solutions in Penghu. At first glance, the price may be better than the official website, but in fact, the benefits provided by the car dealership will be relatively small. After all, they will be charged by the platform and some services may be rejected. Deletions, such as no free child seats, no shuttle service, etc., and the car dealers provide fewer car choices for the platform.But on the other hand, using a credible third-party platform can ensure the legitimacy of the car rental company, and the website experience is usually good, and the car booking process is smooth, so it is also a good choice.

B&B Reservation

At present, many homestays have preferential plans for self-driving car rental in Penghu. However, because the information is not transparent, the car is usually delivered directly by the homestay. Consumers do not know the legality of the rental company. Some homestays even provide private cars. If there is a driving dispute It will be more troublesome.Therefore, it is recommended that if you want to rent a car through a homestay, you need to know in advance the car dealers you cooperate with, whether the car provided is a legal rental car, etc., and don’t take it lightly just because the car rental price is cheaper!

Car rental on site

Renting a car on site is the least recommended option for self-driving in Penghu. Generally, the price will be more expensive than the official website, and there are fewer choices.However, if you only need to rent a few hours temporarily, because most car dealers do not provide advance reservation service for half a day, you can only rent a car on site, but it is recommended to call and inquire before going.

9 Points to Note When Renting a Car in Penghu

When you come to Penghu to rent a car by yourself, in addition to bringing your driver's license, signing a contract, and inspecting the car, the car rental company also provides various additional services, such as whether it is possible to rent a car and return it, whether to provide a driving recorder, whether to provide airport or wharf pick-up Shuttle service, etc., understand your own needs and store benefits, in order to ensure smooth travel!Here are a few tips for renting a car by car in Penghu:

car rental insurance

Generally, the insurance provided by Penghu car rental companies is compulsory. Because there are not enough rental vehicles, they do not provide Type A or Type B insurance.But if you are worried, most Penghu car rental companies have cooperated with Mingtai products, and you can add insurance online in advance by yourself.

Body condition

Since the peak tourist season in Penghu is usually only in and around summer, taxis are only used for half a year on average, so the average period of elimination of the car is 6 years; and if it is a legal rental car, it will be inspected every year to ensure that it is safe. .However, if you are very concerned about the age of the car, you can ask how old the car you want to rent is when booking a car.

Shuttle service

Basically, as long as you rent for more than one day, all Penghu car rental companies provide round-trip shuttle service from the airport, dock or urban area to the car rental agency, but usually you need to make an appointment in advance so that the store can arrange it.

Come on

Generally, when renting a car in Penghu, the car is full of fuel when it is delivered, and it needs to be full of fuel when returning the car, but you should pay attention to the business hours of the Penghu gas station.Because there is no 24-hour gas station in Penghu, the gas station in Magong City is open until 11:XNUMX pm at the latest, and there is only one in Xiyu on the North Ring Road. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the oil condition, so as not to run out of gas and find a gas station Dilemma.

legal rental car

If you book a rental car through a homestay, it is easy to encounter the problem that the car you are given is actually a white-brand car, because it is not a legal rental car. If you encounter driving disputes, you will encounter many risks, such as claims being overpriced, contract invalidation, etc. etc. Therefore, when renting a car in Penghu, you must identify that the license plate starts with R, which is a legal rental car.In addition to legal channels for legal rental cars in case of contract disputes, the government requires rental cars to be inspected every year, including safety inspections such as tire pressure, tread brakes, etc., which is more secure for drivers.

A lease and B return

Most Penghu car rental companies only have one branch in Penghu, so they do not provide the service of renting a car and returning it.But likeLexia Car RentalThere are two branches in Penghu, one is near the pier and the other is near the airport, which is very convenient for passengers who use different forms of transportation.

overtime fee

According to the regulations stipulated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Executive Yuan, the overtime fee for car rental is usually 1/10 of the daily rent of the car. However, some stores will calculate it by the hour or in other ways. ask clearly.

road condition

Although the traffic rules in Penghu are similar to those on the main island of Taiwan, there are many one-way streets in the urban area and intersections for science and technology enforcement, or some of the alleys in Penghu are narrow, making it difficult to commute by car and easily disturbing local residents.Professional Penghu car rental companies will remind customers when delivering the car to ensure that everyone's happy self-driving trip will not be affected by the ticket.

other additional services

Most car rentals in Penghu will provide mobile phone holders and car chargers, but they may not take the initiative to attach them. If necessary, please ask in advance.Car navigation, driving recorders, etc. are standard equipment in some car dealers, and some need to be rented for money. It is recommended that everyone rent a driving recorder, so that there is evidence to protect the driver's rights in the event of an accident.For other items such as baby seats, children's booster pads, etc., because the quantity is limited, it is recommended to make an appointment with the store when booking if necessary.

Penghu car rental prices

Generally, if you drive by yourself in Penghu, the car rental price is calculated based on the number of days and the model. The price of an ordinary five-seater Toyota is $1,500-$1,800/day, and the price for a nine-seater starts at $2,800. For a larger five-seater SUV, the average price is It is $2,300-$2,800/day.If you want a newer and higher-end car model, such as Lexus, it will start at $4,000/day.The prices of various car rental stores in Penghu are not very different. You can mainly choose other additional services, new or old cars, and your favorite car model.The following article sorts out several good car rental companies in Penghu, you can refer to them yourself.

Recommended self-driving routes in Penghu

Although winter is the off-season for tourism in Penghu, many people are afraid of the cold northeast monsoon, and they cannot fully enjoy the beauty of the sea when they come to Penghu.But in fact, in addition to the natural beauty, Penghu also has rich cultural landscapes or delicacies. For example, in autumn and winter, Penghu is rich in seafood. You can eat all kinds of oysters, prawns, etc., or the fishing village culture is also worth visiting. The best What’s more, there are great discounts for car rental in Penghu in the off-season, and there are few people, so there is another kind of beauty!Here are two recommended three-day, two-night Penghu self-driving routes suitable for tourists in summer and winter.

Recommended route for self-driving in Penghu in summer

Day One
Fengguidong – Dili Beach – 30 Heights – Moses Fenhai (depending on the tide) – Fruity Ash Kiln – Aimen Beach

The next day
Paradise Road – Tongliang Ancient Banyan Tree – Sea-Crossing Bridge – Xiyu Coastal Highway (via Hengjiao-Zhuwan-Erkan-Daguoye-Chima-Neiyan)-Xiyu Lighthouse – Chixiyan Waterfall – Xiaomen Whale Cave

Day Three
Port No. 3 (please pay attention to the pre-order time before purchasing) – city tour (Shuncheng Gate – Duxing Ten Villages – Tianhou Temple – Central Old Street)

Recommended route for self-driving in Penghu in winter

Day One
Penghu Living Museum - Fengguidong - Aquatic Seedling Breeding Farm - Nanliao Ancient House - Lintou Park and Linchun Cafe

The next day
Aquarium – City Tour (Shuncheng Gate – Duxing Ten Villages – Tianhou Temple – Central Old Street – Guanyin Pavilion) – Port No. 3 (Please pay attention to the pre-order time before purchasing)

Day Three
Tongliang Ancient Banyan Tree – Sea-Crossing Bridge – Xiaomen Whale Cave – Erkan Ancient House – Daguoye Basalt – Xitai Ancient Castle – Xiyu Lighthouse – Sanxian Pagoda – Double Curved Bridge

The above is the guide for self-driving in Penghu this time. TWOSEVENTHS We invite the owner of a car rental shop that has been operating in Penghu for more than ten years to sort out the things you should pay attention to when renting a car by car in Penghu, including car rental methods, car rental precautions, and self-driving routes in Penghu.With the experience of the old rivers and lakes, everyone can find a car rental company that suits them and have a comfortable self-driving travel experience in Penghu.

If you are interested in Penghu tourism, don't miss this articlePenghu Travel Guide, let you get started with transportation and attractions at once.In addition, if you have a diving license, it is highly recommended to find a high-qualityPenghu dive shop, Let the coach lead you to visit the underwater lavender forest and other special Penghu diving spots.

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