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The most popular annual festival in Penghu is the Fireworks Festival. The dazzling fireworks blooming in the sky every year, the drones that change into various shapes, and the endless blue sea are fascinating. It can be said that it is a must-visit in a lifetime. festival! The 2024 Penghu Fireworks Festival has teamed up with the well-known anime "One Piece" to create the most exciting maritime feast. TWOSEVENTHS We have also compiled a complete guide to the 2024 Penghu Fireworks Festival, allowing you to take a fireworks trip with classic characters such as Luffy and Chopper!

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Penghu Fireworks Festival Background Introduction

Taking the "China Airlines Flight 611 crash" as an opportunity, the Penghu Fireworks Festival has been held for more than 20 years. It is a well-known domestic tourism event and a commemorative festival. Every year, viewing the beautiful bay at Guanyin Pavilion, with the fireworks set off by the Western Hong Bridge, and the gorgeous artistic performances are the biggest selling points of the Penghu Fireworks Festival. In particular, the fireworks launch point is only 300 meters away from the audience. When you watch it, it feels like fireworks blooming above your head. The dazzling fireworks are definitely an unforgettable experience.

Is the Penghu Fireworks Festival worth going?

The Penghu Fireworks Festival is famous for its spectacular fireworks, romantic atmosphere and diverse activities, attracting tourists from all over Taiwan. In this lively event, you can not only enjoy the colorful fireworks and immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere, but also participate in various wonderful music performances and food festivals. Penghu's unique geographical environment adds to the charm of travel. Here are 4 reasons why the Penghu Fireworks Festival is worth going to:

Spectacular fireworks display

The biggest highlight of the Penghu Fireworks Festival is its spectacular fireworks show, which attracts tourists from all over the world every year. From classic fancy fireworks to innovative designs, everything is dazzling and stunning. The best thing is that the collaborations and features are different every year, so you won’t get tired of them year after year!

Pleasant island weather

Because Penghu is affected by the northeast monsoon in winter, the cold weather and strong winds are not suitable for tourism? The day of the Fireworks Festival is the season when Penghu has the best weather and is most suitable for traveling. Penghu has breathtaking coastline and clear water. In addition to watching fireworks, you can also take this opportunity to enjoy Penghu's unique natural landscape.

Rich cultural experience

In addition to fireworks, the annual Fireworks Festival also features a variety of traditional or modern cultural activities, such as traditional dance performances, concerts, and food festivals. This year, there are also concerts, cinemas and other activities in collaboration with One Piece to make your day Your trip to Penghu is even more exciting!

limited time event

Although night fishing for small tubes and SUPs are common water activities in Penghu, during the Fireworks Festival, many operators will go out to sea in conjunction with the fireworks time. You can enjoy fishing at night while watching the fireworks, or rowing a SUP to watch the fireworks at close range at sea. It’s a limited time event and well worth a visit.

2024 Penghu Fireworks Festival Event Information

The 2024 Penghu Fireworks Festival specially invited an international pyrotechnics team to bring wonderful performances this year, and the fireworks festival has been extended from April to July. The location is located in the Guanyinting Park. There are two trial launches on 4/7 and 4/18. 4 /25 There will be fireworks shows every Monday and Thursday starting from July, and every Tuesday in July. The outlying island shows on 5/2 Qimei, 7/6 Wangan, 1/6 Jibei and other outlying island shows are also very exciting.

Fireworks Festival time

Event period: 2024.05.02-2024.07.30
Casting time: Every Monday and Thursday from May to June, every Tuesday at 5:6 in July
Trial release venue: 2024.04.18, 2024.04.25

Fireworks Festival Location

Guanyinting Waterfront Recreation Area
No. 7, Jieshou Road, Magong City, Penghu County

Fireworks Festival theme

The biggest feature of the 2024 Penghu Fireworks Festival is that it is led by One Piece. With the "One Piece Support Concert", "One Piece Starlight Cinema" and "One Piece Themed Drone + Fireworks Show" as the three major highlights, fans of the Penghu Fireworks Festival are invited to Share a feast at sea in midsummer and enjoy the splendid fireworks on the sea with pirate characters. Pirate fans must not miss it.

special event

Qimei Field: 2024.06.01 Saturday 20:00
Wanganchang: 2024.06.15 Saturday 20:00
Jibei Field: 2024.07.28 Sunday 20:00


In order to maintain high-quality performances and convenience for the public, the Penghu Fireworks Festival will have parking controls and open pedestrian areas from the intersection of Jieshou Road, Minsheng Road, Zhiping Road and Minzu Road. Traffic and vehicle lanes will be separated when the festival ends to help maintain order. .

The best viewing spots for fireworks at the 2024 Penghu Fireworks Festival

If you want to enjoy the Penghu Fireworks Festival fireworks, you must choose the best location. TWOSEVENTHS Here we also select 5 best viewing spots so that you can have an unobstructed view of the beautiful fireworks.

Guanyin Pavilion seawall

Located at the Guanyin Pavilion Seawall at the main venue, as long as you go early to grab the first row, you will definitely experience the immersive and shocking feeling of fireworks blooming overhead.

Guanyinting Basketball Court

The Guanyin Pavilion basketball court is located to the right of the Guanyin Pavilion arch. Sitting on the steps of the auditorium, you don’t have to worry about being blocked by people in front of you, and you have a good view.

Seawall on the north side of Guanyin Pavilion

This is an excellent location to enjoy the fireworks of the Flower and Fire Festival, and it is also a private spot recommended by Penghu locals. You can take pictures of the complete gorgeous fireworks from an angle parallel to Xiying Hongqiao.

Guanyinting Bicycle Trail

Bike lanes are also places with fewer crowds, which can avoid traffic jams and congestion and provide a wide view.

Golden turtle head fort

The "Golden Turtle Head Fort" across the sea from Xiying Hongqiao, you can see the colorful fireworks reflected on the sea, and you can even take pictures of the fishing boats on the sea. It is the best place to take photos of the Penghu Fireworks Festival.

2024 Penghu Fireworks Festival Activities Recommendations

It’s a rare trip to Penghu. In addition to watching the beautiful Penghu Fireworks Festival fireworks, you should also take advantage of the Fireworks Festival time to enjoy various activities! As an island, Penghu is surrounded by the sea. The most attractive thing for people is various water sports. Therefore TWOSEVENTHS We have selected 4 recommended activities, so take advantage of the free time during the Penghu Fireworks Festival to have a lot of fun!


Diving can be enjoyed during the day. Even novices with no experience can experience diving, take beautiful photos of life underwater, and explore the underwater world of Penghu with their own eyes.Penghu scuba diving shop reviewsYou can find a diving shop that suits you and enjoy the colorful corals and magnificent lavender forests under the sea.

Stand up paddle SUP

If you are afraid of underwater sports, SUP is also a good choice to get close to the sea. During the day, you can choose a transparent canoe to enjoy the land scenery from the sea and watch the fish swimming underwater. At night, you can go to the middle of the sea to watch the Penghu Fireworks up close. Festival fireworks, throughPenghu SUP experience reviewYou can easily find your favorite SUP store and experience a pleasant water life.

night fishing tube

Since the fireworks of the Penghu Fireworks Festival are at night, it is also suitable to go "night fishing for small tubes". The whole process takes about 2.5 hours. The instructor will teach you the night fishing techniques step by step, and you can taste fresh and unique small tube dishes, while fishing at night Watching fireworks is definitely the most unforgettable experience.

Night Exploration of Dragon Palace

You can also go to "Night Exploring the Dragon Palace" at night. Detailed ecological explanations can help you learn about Penghu's ecology and the secrets of the intertidal zone. It is both educational and fun, making Penghu's nature the best life instructor.

How to get to Penghu Fireworks Festival?

The annual Fireworks Festival, if you want to take this opportunity to visit Penghu Fireworks Festival on your own, you can choose to fly or take a boat from the main island to Penghu.

Flying machine

If you take a flight, there are currently five airports including Taipei Songshan Airport, Taichung Qingquanggang Airport, Chiayi Water Airport, Tainan Airport and Kaohsiung Xiaogang Airport, which can directly connect to Penghu Magong Airport. It takes 30-40 minutes to reach Penghu, which is the most time-saving. Convenient transportation methods, you can refer toPenghu Airport Official WebsiteCheck flight information.


If you want to take a boat, you must depart from Butai Port in Chiayi and Anping Port in Tainan. It will take about 75-90 minutes to reach Penghu city. It is recommended to arrive at Penghu before departure.Budai Port Passenger Service Center,Eastern United Shipping official websiteConfirm boat schedule information.

How to choose a car rental for the Fireworks Festival?

As for transportation on Penghu Island, you can choose from four modes: public transportation, renting a motorcycle, renting a car or chartering a car. If you only travel in the city, renting a motorcycle is a good choice with high mobility and high cost performance. However, Penghu is very sunny in summer and windy in winter. If you want to travel comfortably, renting a car and driving yourself is the best option. However, there are many car rental stores in Penghu. If you want to choose a suitable store, please refer toPenghu car rental companies review, if you are traveling with family and friends, you can also choose from 10 XNUMX-seater car rentals in PenghuChoose a suitable nine-seater car model and get everyone covered at once.

In addition, chartered cars usually have existing sightseeing routes stipulated by the chartered car company and are left to tourists to choose. Although they are less friendly to independent travelers, they are the simplest and most convenient choice when traveling with the elderly and young children. Finally, public transportation is mostly used by Penghu residents. Bus stations are far apart and there are few routes. It may take too much commuting time. People who want to experience the slower life in Penghu should try it.

How to choose accommodation for the Penghu Fireworks Festival?

Penghu is full of B&Bs and hotels. Where should you choose among the hundreds of places to stay for the Penghu Fireworks Festival? The areas with the highest concentration of B&B hotels in Penghu are located in Huxi, Shanshui Beach, Magong City, Xiwei, Port No. 3, Baisha, and Xiyu. Each of the six locations has its own advantages and disadvantages. Huxi is located in the center of Penghu Island and has convenient transportation; Shanshui Beach There are many beautiful B&Bs on the Internet where you can enjoy beautiful sea views; Baisha and Xiyu are where you can spend undisturbed vacation time.

Which places to stay in Penghu are suitable for watching the Fireworks Festival?

However, among the accommodation options for the Penghu Fireworks Festival, the ones closest to the viewing spots are Magong City and Xiwei. Most of the accommodations here are small and beautiful, but have good living functions. There are also many delicious snacks nearby, which is very suitable for enjoying the scenery after enjoying the fireworks. After the fireworks, go for a meal and have an excellent visual and taste feast. Among the various styles of Penghu Fireworks Festival accommodation, if you want to choose the perfect accommodation in your mind, you can refer toPenghu Magong Accommodation Review, fully charged for your daily journey.

2024 Penghu Fireworks Festival Free Travel Recommendations

Taking advantage of the Fireworks Festival time, how to plan a free trip to Penghu Fireworks Festival? TWOSEVENTHS Just plan a three-day and two-night itinerary. Not only can you enjoy the nautical fireworks show with Luffy and Chopper, but you can also experience diving, taste small tubes, cactus ice cream and other delicacies. Refer to this rich Penghu Fireworks Festival itinerary to thoroughly enjoy it. Let’s go all over Penghu!

This is a three-day and two-night Penghu Fireworks Festival itinerary. On the first day, you can experience the traditional scenery of Penghu at Central Old Street and Duxingshi Village. In the evening, you can go to Guanyin Pavilion to enjoy the gorgeous fireworks of the Penghu Fireworks Festival; on the second day, you can go to the farther back Take beautiful photos of life on Liao Tiantang Road, experience traditional culture and the wonders of nature at Erkan Village and Chidong Big Fruit Leaf Basalt, and enjoy the sunset at Dream Beach before returning to Magong to fish small pipes at night; the last day is all about water and water. Next activity, get close to the sea at Penghu’s unique beach, and end your free trip to Penghu Fireworks Festival with a full load!

Penghu Fireworks Festival Itinerary DAY1

Arrive in Penghu, rent a car or motorcycle → Central Old Street, Duxing Shi Village → Go to Guanyin Pavilion to enjoy the Penghu Fireworks Festival fireworks

Penghu Fireworks Festival Itinerary DAY2

Houliao Tiantang Road, Cross-sea Bridge → Erkan Settlement → Big Fruit Leaf Basalt in the East of Chidong → Enjoy the Sunset at Dreamy Beach → Night Fishing with Small Tubes

Penghu Fireworks Festival Itinerary DAY3

Send postcards to underwater mailboxes and experience diving→Experience water sports at Aimen Beach→Buy souvenirs and go home

through the above TWOSEVENTHS With the comprehensive summary of the 2024 Penghu Fireworks Festival, are you impatient to start your trip to the Penghu Fireworks Festival?

During the Penghu Fireworks Festival from April to July, fully experience the beauty of Penghu and join One Piece in the most dazzling maritime feast of this summer. When the fireworks bloom brilliantly in front of your eyes, you will definitely leave shocking and unforgettable memories! If you want to know more about Penghu travel guide, you can refer toPenghu free travel package for lazy people, also remember to pay attention at all timesPenghu Fireworks Festival official websiteAndFacebook page, get the latest news about the 2024 Penghu Fireworks Festival!

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