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Penghu is an outlying island of Taiwan composed of more than 90 islands. Fireworks festivals, basalt rocks, seafood feasts, blue sky and sea should be the first impression of many people on Penghu. TWOSEVENTHS This time, I have sorted out the weather, traffic, must-see attractions and other information necessary for independent travel in Penghu. The most important thing is that there are recommendations for various interesting water activities in Penghu. Come and refer to this article for the most comprehensive travel guide in Penghu!

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As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Penghu is suitable for tourist season

Penghu is the peak tourist season from April to September every year.Fireworks FestivalThis is the beginning of Penghu's popular tourism. During this period, the temperature is above 30 degrees during the day and around 25 degrees at night, which is quite suitable for outdoor water activities. Although October to March is the off-season for tourism, the temperature during the day is comfortable, there are fewer crowds, and it is not easy to encounter rainy days. As long as you pay attention to the low temperature and strong wind at night, and be prepared to keep warm, you can still enjoy Penghu.

Traffic between Taiwan main island and Penghu

There are two main modes of transportation from the main island of Taiwan to Penghu, by air or by boat. The following two routes are introduced for you:

Flying machine

There are currently 5 airports in Taiwan that fly to Magong City, Penghu, including Taipei Songshan Airport, Taichung Ching Chuan Kang Airport, Chiayi Water Airport, Tainan Airport, and Kaohsiung Xiaogang Airport. The flight is fast and comfortable, and it takes less than 60 minutes to arrive. Avoid the possible dizziness of riding the wind and waves, and enjoy Taiwan's charming sea view from a high altitude. It is a good choice if the budget is relatively generous. For detailed flight information, please refer toPenghu Airport Official Website.


If the budget is tight, it is quite convenient to go there by boat.Taiwan Island currently has flights from Budai Port in Chiayi and Anping Port in Tainan to Magong, Penghu. The boat journey is about 75-90 minutes, and the disembarkation point in Penghu is near the urban area, so the traffic is more convenient. However, if you go in winter, some shipping companies It will be suspended due to the northeast monsoon, remember to board before departureBudai Port Passenger Service Center,Eastern Union ShippingOfficial website for the latest news.

Penghu Tourist Transportation

Generally, there are four ways for people to travel to Penghu: public transportation, renting a car, renting a locomotive, or chartering a car. The following is an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the four transportation methods in Penghu, and you can choose according to your needs:


Renting a car in Penghu is very suitable for traveling throughout the year. You can turn on the air conditioner or heater in a comfortable car, and it is very convenient whether you want to go to the North Ring Road or the South Ring Road.However, parking in Magong City is not easy, and illegal parking bills are strict. If you only play in the city, you can rent a motorcycle. However, if you want to try Penghu to drive around the island comfortably, renting a car in Penghu is still the most recommended way.

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Renting a locomotive in Penghu should be the first choice of many people. It is highly mobile and cheap. The price of renting a locomotive in Penghu is about $250-$700 a day (electric cars or gasoline cars are available), and parking in urban areas is much more convenient than cars.But of course, the big sun in summer and the strong wind in winter in Penghu will inevitably affect the comfort of riding a motorcycle.

chartered car

The local car charter method in Penghu is quite different from that in Taiwan. The main reason is that the car charter company will have a predetermined sightseeing tour route, and tourists can choose the route they are interested in instead of flexibly adjusting or customizing the route according to the needs of tourists. , so it is more inconvenient for passengers who want to travel freely.But if it is the first time to Penghu, and a group of people are supporting the old and the young, it is a convenient choice for someone to help plan the itinerary and drive.

mass transit

Because Penghu public transportation is mainly designed for local people, there are few shifts and routes, and it is not oriented to the needs of tourists. Even the location of the bus station is a long way from the scenic spot, so although it can save a lot of transportation costs, However, the commuting time will be very long, and it is the least recommended way to travel to Penghu.

Penghu Fireworks Festival

Penghu Travel Guide

The Penghu Fireworks Festival can be said to be one of the most popular tourist festivals in Taiwan. Even if you have never been to Penghu, you must have heard of the name of the Fireworks Festival. Since the Fireworks Festival was first held in 2003, it has become the most famous local feature in Penghu. Fireworks are usually set off at fixed times from the end of April to the end of June every year. It is also known as a must-see fireworks in Taiwan. Combined with the stunning scenery of Penghu Harbor, it will definitely be an unforgettable experience. In addition to the Guanyin Pavilion, the best place to watch fireworks is by SUP paddling, taking a cruise, etc. These are all unique ways to watch the fireworks up close. For more information about the Penghu Fireworks Festival, please refer toPenghu Fireworks Festival Guide.

6 Recommended Penghu IG Spots

There are many ways to travel in Penghu. Humanities, history, and nature all have different aspects that can be explored. TWOSEVENTHS The 6 shared attractions are suitable for those who come to Penghu for the first time to check in:

Moses divides the sea

Moses divided the sea, a scene that appeared in the Bible, but I did not expect to witness it with my own eyes in the Kuibi Mountain Recreation Area in Penghu.Whenever the tide ebbs, the sandbar connected to the uninhabited island Chiyu will be exposed, and tourists can walk directly to the opposite bank.However, if you want to see this wonderful scene, you need to do a little homework. In addition to confirming the low tide time on the Internet in advance, there are only open safe passage periods from 3 hours after high tide to 2 hours after low tide. The time point changes slightly every day. Plan ahead to avoid blowouts.

Houliao Tiantang Road

Penghu Houliao Paradise Road is located in the depths of Houliao Beach in Baisha Township. The winding road leads to the other end of the sea. The photos are super dreamy.This location is the same as Moses' Sea, you need to watch the tide to meet the most beautiful moment. Usually, it is recommended that the most beautiful two hours before and after high tide is because the stones next to the dry tide will be exposed, and the water level is too high when the tide is high. Flooding on the trail will increase the danger, but it should be noted that the road here is very narrow and slippery, so be careful when bringing children.

Chixi Rock Waterfall

Chixiyan Waterfall is located in Xiyu, Penghu. It is named for its columnar basalts that look like waterfalls. In front of the rock waterfall is the abandoned Jiukong Farm. When the tide is low, you can go directly to the center to take pictures. It has caught all the farms and farms, and some people even call it "like walking into the ruins of the ancient civilization of Atlantis", and every shot is an IG blockbuster.

Erkan Settlement

Erkan Settlement is located in Xiyu, Penghu. It is a settlement with a history of 300 years. It still retains the Hokkien-style courtyard buildings from Kinmen in the past, and incorporates the Goku stone walls with local characteristics of Penghu. Walking inside is like walking Into the time tunnel.In addition to the rich cultural history here, there are also many delicacies hidden in it, such as bean curd, almond tea, cactus ice, etc. It is absolutely no problem to hang around for an afternoon.

Sea bridge

The Penghu Sea-Crossing Bridge should be a place where all tourists who go to Penghu will take pictures, as if they have never been to Penghu without taking a photo with the arch bridge.The Penghu Sea-Crossing Bridge connects the two islands of Baisha and Xiyu, with a total length of about 2.5 kilometers. It is the longest bridge in Taiwan. When the weather is fine, you can sit by the bridge and enjoy the magnificent sea view. It is very pleasant to enjoy the gentle sea breeze.

Wind Cabinet Tingtao

Fenggui is a fishing village to the south of Magong. The sea cave here resonates when the waves hit the rocks, so this recommended scenic spot in Penghu is called: Fenggui Tingtao.Just next to Fenggui Tingtao, there is a two-story white circular pavilion. Because of its special shape, it looks like an alien UFO, and it unexpectedly became a popular photo spot.In addition to listening to the sound of the sea when you come to Fenggui, don’t forget to go to the UFO Pavilion and take a photo of the alien landing!

6 Recommended Penghu Water Activities

Penghu Island is surrounded by the sea and has a variety of islands and sea ecology. Playing in the water here is a great enjoyment in summer. In addition to the common snorkeling, SUP canoes, etc., Penghu has also launched many special activities, such as Penghu seabed walk, wide-board water skiing, night fishing small tube, ocean ranch, etc., most activities are recommended to make an appointment in advance to avoid disappointment.

Diving (deep diving, freediving, snorkeling)

Recommended Water Activities in Penghu 2The underwater world in Penghu is quite fascinating, such as the magnificent underwater lavender forest on Wangyou Island, sending postcards to yourself in the submarine mailbox, or seeing the colorful coral reefs in Qimeiyue Liwan, etc., are unique to Penghu special itinerary.The price of snorkeling in Penghu varies greatly, because it is usually sold together with packages such as day trips, SUP, and other water activities. It is recommended that you shop around and choose the itinerary that best suits you according to your budget and interests.If you already have a scuba diving or freediving license, you can explore the underwater world more deeply. There are also many shops in Penghu that can assist you with the license test. It is also a pleasure to come here to take the license test while on vacation.

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Sea Kayak/SUP Stand Up Paddle

Recommended Water Activities in Penghu 3Although SUP and canoeing are sea activities that can be enjoyed as long as you go to a city near the sea, the most different part of Penghu is that there is a firework festival in Penghu. At night, paddle a canoe or SUP, go to the center of the sea to watch the fireworks at close range, and Is there anything more romantic than this?If you want to paddle during the day, it is recommended to rent a fully transparent canoe. In addition to taking beautiful pictures, you can also watch the fish swimming under the bottom of the boat while paddling, which is quite pleasant.

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Night Exploration of Dragon Palace

Recommended Water Activities in Penghu 1If you want to understand the ecology of Penghu, the secrets of the intertidal zone, etc., I highly recommend the night tour of the Dragon Palace. In addition to the detailed ecological explanations, you can also touch various creatures with your own hands.Because the intertidal zone is slippery at night, it is not recommended to bring mobile phones. The store will be very kind to help everyone take pictures with various creatures, and even clean up the beach while cleaning up the garbage. It is both educational and fun. It is suitable for parents and children, couples or a group of friends. .

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Wakeboarding in Penghu, also known as "style water skiing" or "water skiing", is now one of the official events of the Olympic Games. The tension of the rope allows you to glide on the water leisurely, enjoying the thrill of sliding quickly on the water, and even people who can't swim can get started.There are many water skiing shops in Penghu, each of which has different differences depending on the price, whether it includes insurance, photography, etc., but usually there are professional coaches who teach in advance and accompany them throughout the activity, so there is no need to worry about safety.

Sea walk

Penghu underwater walk is a very interesting activity. The only underwater walk in Taiwan is in Penghu. Usually, the store uses tourists to snorkel by themselves or a large SUP to take tourists to the big boat in the sea. After wearing the helmet on the boat, go into the sea and enjoy the seabed The thrill of walking.You will be accompanied by a coach throughout the whole process. You can feed fish, watch coral reefs, visit underwater mailboxes, etc. Some stores also provide services for taking beautiful photos. Even if you don’t know how to swim, you can get a glimpse of the underwater world under the guidance of a coach. , the best thing is that it will not wet your makeup and hair, and girls who love beauty don't have to worry about it.The price of the Penghu Undersea Walk is usually between $1,000-$1,500. Each store will launch a different package itinerary, such as combining different activities such as snorkeling, SUP paddling, diving, etc. You can choose according to your interests and budget.

night fishing tube

There are many recommended stores for night fishing small tubes in Penghu, and the price is around $400. The main differences lie in the place where the boat is taken, the location of night fishing, whether there are small tube sashimi, small tube noodles, etc. The whole process takes about 2.5 hours.Don’t worry if you don’t have any fishing experience. Special fishing rods and baits will be prepared on board. Experienced instructors will teach you how to catch small pipes at night.However, it should be noted that the season when the small pipes are abundant is around May-September every year. It is recommended to come to Penghu at this time to fish for small pipes at night to have a better chance of returning with a rewarding experience!

sea ​​ranch

Penghu Ocean Ranch is a new form of tourism in Penghu, emphasizing the use of the sea as a field and fish as pasture. Tourists can experience the fun of fishing in cage farms.The difference between different stores in Penghu Ocean Ranch is mainly the boarding location and flight time, but experiences such as oysters, seafood porridge, sea BBQ, singing karaoke, squid fishing & sea carp experience are available in almost every itinerary.Some stores offer package itineraries that will go out to sea at sunset, or match the fireworks time during the Fireworks Festival. It is very romantic to be able to watch the sunset and fireworks while eating seafood. Penghu Ocean Ranch is recommended for those who want to find new ways to play in Penghu!

4 Kinds of Penghu Island Hopping One-day Tour Recommended

If you are a tourist who has come to Penghu more than once, you should try the advanced island hopping one-day tour in Penghu. There are many islands in Penghu with their own characteristics, such as the classic Qimei Wang'an Island, like a "Taiwanese version of Maldi" Jibe Island, known as the Husband, and the four southern islands where you can see underwater lavender each have their own unique beauty and play methods. The following will share four kinds of island-hopping one-day tour itineraries for your reference.

seven beauties

The island hopping one-day tour of the two islands of Qimei Wangan is the most classic itinerary. You can choose to buy tickets and take a boat to go there. Locomotive rental, etc., if it is convenient, it is quite recommended.Qimei Island is located at the southernmost tip of the Penghu Islands. The classic scenic spots are Double Heart Stone Lake, Little Taiwan, Wangfu Stone, Qimei Ren Tomb, etc. It takes about an hour to complete a circle around the island without stopping; while Wang'an Island is green The Loggerhead Turtle Conservation Center is famous, and there are other scenic spots such as Yuanyang Cave, Tiantai Mountain, and Huazhai Settlement. These two islands are less about water sports, and more about learning about the culture and ecology of Penghu.

Southern Four Islands

The four southern islands of Penghu are composed of four major islands with large areas: Dongjiyu, Xijiyu, Dongyupingyu, Xiyupingyu, and surrounding small islands. In 2014, it became the ninth national park in Taiwan. The Southern Four Islands National Park is famous for its rich and precious marine ecology, and the beautiful underwater coral reefs are a world-class diving paradise.Because of the inconvenient transportation on these islands, it is recommended to buy a package itinerary. In addition to solving the traffic problem, under the guidance and guidance of professionals, you can learn more knowledge and protect your own safety.Among them, there are two must-see itineraries among the four southern islands. One is the blue hole that can be seen in Xiji Island without going to Italy, and you can feel the blue mystery that appears when the sun refracts the water; the other is to go to Wangyou Island. Snorkeling and visiting the underwater lavender garden, usually the two itineraries will be combined, go to Wangyou Island during the day, and go to the secret place to see the purple staghorn coral reef in the afternoon. It really looks like a beautiful and dreamy lavender garden underwater.


The classic itinerary of Penghu’s East China Sea one-day tour includes Lobster Island, Peng Peng Beach and Bird Island, and some will join Yuanbei Island. Although there are boats to and from these places, there are not many flights and it is inconvenient to book tickets by yourself. It is recommended to go with a group.The one-day tour of the East China Sea will start from Qitou Wharf. The subsequent itinerary combination depends on the purchase itinerary. You can choose according to your budget and time.The Lobster Island will only appear when the tide is low. You can quarry oysters on this uninhabited island and eat them freshly, guide you to catch lobsters in the water, and enjoy the beautiful coral scenery without diving.Peng Peng Beach is known as the most beautiful beach in Penghu. The beauty of the blue sea and blue sky is super dreamy. You can play water sports there, such as transparent canoes, SUP, etc., and have a bowl of lobster instant noodles. How pleasant it is.Bird Island is the hometown of clove fish. You can buy some dried clove fish here as souvenirs and eat fishing village dishes.On the other hand, Yuanbei Island is known as a small Dutch village. The windmills, red roofs and the view of nearby islands from the commanding heights are relaxing.

North Sea Gibe

Jibei Island is the largest island in the North Sea of ​​Penghu. It is most famous for its two-kilometer-long white shell beach, which also makes the water sports here very popular, such as banana boats, jet skis, parasailing and so on.From Penghu Main Island to Jibei Island, you can buy your own boat ticket and rent a locomotive on the island, or buy a package itinerary, and the store can help you arrange transportation and water activities.In addition to water activities, Jibei Island also has some cultural and natural landscapes to visit. If you want to feel the leisurely life of the outlying islands, it is recommended to consider staying in a B&B here for one night, watching the sunset on Xikan Mountain in the evening, and going to Jibei during the day Playing in the water at the end of the sand, relaxing and comfortable.

The above is TWOSEVENTHS The organized Penghu free travel guide covers all aspects of Penghu transportation, suitable travel opportunities, fireworks festivals, must-see attractions for tourists, recommended water activities in Penghu and advanced Penghu island hopping games.The beauty of Penghu is ever-changing, and every time you come, you can find new ways to play and visit new secret places.The natural natural landscape and rich underwater ecology need to be protected by everyone. Remember not to wear sunscreen before entering the water, but to use physical sunscreen to keep this lovely island full of vitality. Penghu is full of beautiful scenery that is not inferior to foreign countries. I hope everyone Everyone has a chance to visit.

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