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There are many gym chains in Taichung, such as World Gym, Fitness Factory, and Action Fitness. Although these gyms have locations in various cities in Taiwan, the equipment and classes offered may not be suitable for everyone.If you want to develop good exercise habits, in addition to heavy training and aerobic courses, there are actually more options!this time TWOSEVENTHS Recommend 10 fitness and sports stores in Taichung, offering diverse courses such as Korean flywheel, rock climbing, equestrian, dance and yoga, etc., you can choose!Some of these non-chain sports classrooms in Taichung even provide special courses for children and adults, allowing parents and children to experience the fun of sports together.

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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JACKIE Club is located near the Wuri High-speed Railway Station. It is a Wuri sports classroom that integrates dance into the flywheel course. It will update 6 new songs and choreographies every month, so that students can learn the most popular Korean pop songs at the same time. Especially suitable for fitness friends who usually like to listen to Korean group songs.In addition, the classroom provides 8 flywheel courses. In addition to different levels according to the strength of the flywheel, there are also stretching and relaxation courses to help students learn to stretch their bodies after training their muscle endurance.What's even better is that on average, one flywheel class can consume up to 500 calories, which is very suitable for friends who want to lose weight and maintain their figure!

Dilapidated Second Factory

The dilapidated No. 5 field near Wu Rilin New Hospital is an indoor rock climbing field in Taichung. There are rock walls on both sides of the room, including a novice warm-up wall, a climbing wall that needs to be secured by ropes, and different angles from 20 degrees inward to XNUMX degrees outward degree bouldering wall.There is a washing place indoors, and there is also a public parking lot nearby.Overall, this Taichung Wuri sports classroom is well-equipped and the price is reasonable. For the first time experience, it is recommended to sign up for a one-hour rock climbing experience course. The fee includes rental shoes and coaching.

Blue Sky Equestrian Club

The Blue Sky Equestrian Club is located under the Guosan Wuri Interchange. The horse riding experience course is about 50 minutes. The elementary courses are all one-on-one teaching, and usually need to be reserved in advance; but if the site is not full, the store will still arrange for the instructor to teach the class immediately. High sex!During the course, the coach is very careful to explain the horse riding movements and teach the basic skills, and is also willing to explain other knowledge about equestrianism, which is suitable for beginners to experience the fun of horse riding.

Kenle fitness studio

Kenle Fitness Studio has two bases in Taichung, and Wuri Fitness Sports Classroom is located on Xingde Street.The store mainly provides one-on-one fitness and sports rehabilitation services, including muscle fascia, body adjustment and local relaxation.The coach will design courses and follow-up courses according to each person's physical condition. In addition to manual therapy and massage, he will also teach students how to stretch by themselves after returning home, helping students to improve their posture fundamentally in life and regain their original healthy physical state .

Souls Fitness

Souls Fitness soul.Awakening focuses on using 4 weeks to "awaken" the body of the students - to make some changes.The space in the museum is wide and the equipment is abundant. There is almost no need to worry about waiting in line for equipment due to too many people.Different from other gyms, this Taichung Wuri Gym does not require membership to enjoy one-on-one personal trainer classes, and the trainers are very kind and patient.

Takasaki Badminton Hall

Takasaki Badminton Hall is located on Wuguang Road, Wuri District, Taichung City. It has a spacious indoor court and offers a variety of options such as court rent, free play and teams.The best part is that this Taichung Wuri Stadium has 4 hours of regular time on weekdays, and it only costs $100 per person. The price is very affordable and suitable for golfers who live nearby.In addition, Takasaki Badminton Hall also launched a membership plan, and holders of a membership card can enjoy a 9% discount for unlimited time.

Ai Niu Dance Classroom

Ai Niu Dance is a special training classroom for performance competitions, focusing on various children's dances, including KPOP MV, NEW JAZZ, HIPHOP, LOCKING and ballet.In addition to children's dance courses, this Taichung Wuri Sports Classroom also provides a variety of rich courses for teenagers and adults, such as aerial yoga, suspension yoga and KPOP and other adult-only classes, allowing adults and children to experience the fun of dancing together!

KH sports space

The KH sports space in Wuri District has a variety of courses such as Zen Rou, Pilates, Kongyu, Ballet, Zumba, Intermittent Fat Burning and Children's Rhythm.In addition to one-on-one mat and equipment classes, Zen Soft Exercise also provides group classes and personal trainer classes!Overall, this Wuri sports classroom is very suitable for Taichung fitness friends who want to get in touch with Zen soft sports.

Xinzi Dance Classroom

Xinzi Dance Studio is only 2 minutes' walk from Wuri Railway Station, and the location is convenient.The classroom environment is comfortable, equipped with air purifiers, and attaches great importance to air quality.It mainly provides rich courses such as children's dance, adult hip-hop and aerobics, including Kongyu, ballet, Pilates, hip-hop, KPOP, etc. It is suitable for parents and children to exercise together.


YES2me YOGA has a base in Wuri District and Xitun District respectively, and the Wuri classroom is only 5 minutes away from Wuri Railway Station by car.Different from other Taichung Wuri sports classrooms, in addition to the general hatha, alignment yoga and stretching courses, it also provides home teaching services; the most special thing is that there is no limit to the number of people in the home teaching, and the fee is calculated on a family basis , especially suitable for pregnant mothers who want to develop exercise habits but can't go out or healthy friends who are usually busy working at home.

The above is the recommendation of Taichung Wuri Gym this time. TWOSEVENTHS Selected 10 Taichung Wuri sports stores, among which there are stores personally certified by Mystery Customer, suitable for you who want to cultivate good exercise habits, but also want to experience heavy training and sports other than aerobic exercise.Different from general chain gyms, many niche Taichung Wuri sports classrooms provide small class size, customized and diversified course arrangements, so that you can have more new experiences while exercising.

If you usually like aerobic classes and enjoy the atmosphere of taking classes with a group of people, you may wish to refer to thisTaichung Gym Group Class, to find out which aerobic group class is best for you.Or if you want to start learning from one-on-one coaching courses to enhance exercise efficiency, you can refer toRecommended by fitness trainers in Taichung, easily choose a personal trainer course that suits you.Let's find out the most suitable exercise mode for us, develop good exercise habits, and live a healthy and happy life!

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