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[Taichung Pelvic Surgery Recommendation] Postpartum correction and conditioning for women, 10 selected Taichung Qiao Pelvic Surgery Clinics

Women's pelvis will become wider during pregnancy. After giving birth, the pelvis is more likely to be tilted forward, tilted or misaligned, which can cause back pain or difficulty walking, causing many inconveniences in life. This time seven...
KWASH 韓風科技潔膚評價
Stress Relief BeautyTaichungTaichung Relief BeautyServeExperience Inspiration

[KWASH Korean technology skin cleansing review] Taichung’s facial cleansing technology introduced, the back is cleansed and the skin is translucent and super smooth

Every time you want to have your face cleared of acne, but you’re worried about the price and don’t want to damage your skin, it’s important to choose a professional skin care center! this time TWOSEVENTHS Actually taking everyone to KWASH Korea...
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[Taichung Tear Trough Filling Recommendation] Eye bags can be eliminated without surgery. Review of 1 Taichung Tear Trough Medical Aesthetics Clinic

Bags under the eyes are a common problem, but why should they hesitate to undergo surgery? However, now medical aesthetic technology can solve the problem of eye bags without surgery. this time TWOSEVENTHS From environment and attitude...
許惠翔美學診所評價 19
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[Evaluation of Xu Huixiang Aesthetics Clinic] Nantun Medical Aesthetics Expert in eliminating eye bags! The never-failed Ji Liansi fills the tear trough

In this era of numerous medical aesthetic clinics, people generally don’t like the idea of ​​using surgery to change your face. Instead, they advocate micro-plastic surgery so that no one can see any changes in you. this time TWOSEVENTHS want...
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