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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Xiong Cai'er

Store introduction

#Not only cleans the ears but also massages and relaxes the head, shoulders and neck

Xiong Cai Er is about a 10-minute walk from Taipei Bridge MRT Station and adjacent to Sanhe Night Market. It is a studio that provides ear picking and massage services. It emphasizes the inheritance of authentic Sichuan-style ear picking techniques and provides a variety of beauty and body care services.
If you experience ear picking, in addition to effectively cleaning earwax and soothing the acupuncture points around the ears,...

Hot and healthy steaming curtain

Store introduction

#Affordable triple sauna curtain that can easily break a sweat

Xire Health Jjimjilbang has two branches, located in Luzhou and Sanchong. The Sanchong store is located near Xiansigong Station. Although the space is small and the decoration is simple, the service is considerate and the charges are affordable. The floor of the steam room is made of slate, which has good thermal conductivity and high temperature, which can promote perspiration and detoxification.
The staff will remind guests to make up...

Yuxiantang Sanchong Guild Hall

Store introduction

#Massage parlor with affordable packages and many masters

Yuxiantang Sanchong Massage Parlor is located near Sanchong Elementary School Station. It has 24 branches in Taiwan. The overall style is Chinese Zen style. Its services include Chinese foot massage, foot meridian package, acupressure meridian massage, and oil massage. After each course of muscle-relaxing massage, a health-preserving refreshment will be given.
according to...

Mupin foot health center

Store introduction

#Afraid of not being able to make an appointment at a massage parlor that everyone doesn’t want to recommend

Mupin Health Center is located on the first floor of the Renyi Street building. The style is Korean simple and feels like a high-end spa. It provides foot massage, acupressure, oil pressure, scraping, ear candling and other services.
The masseurs at this Triple Massage are highly skilled and are experts in tendon manipulation. They can accurately help customers press acupuncture points, and the price is affordable...

Hotsister Body Beauty Fashion Health Club

Store introduction

# Massage parlor with good technology, good atmosphere and good reviews

Hotsister Body Beauty and Fashion Health Club is located near Sanchong Elementary School MRT Station. It is famous for its friendly service and the service staff are super friendly. As for the massage price, if you join the membership, you will get more discounts.
This triple massage is recommended. Each master's skills are quite good, and they can even massage the back...

Jabeli rock bath

Store introduction

#三重区luxury SPA massage index

Jabeli Rock Bath SPA is the benchmark for luxury spas in Sanchong District. The flagship store is located near Sanchong Elementary School Station and has four floors. The decoration is white and refreshing, giving people a sense of technology like being in space.
Services include: facial beauty treatments, relaxing SPA massage, perfect curve S...

Sang Time Acupressure Specialty

Store introduction

#Newly opened affordable triple tendon massage

Sang Time Acupressure Specialty is located near Taipei Qiao MRT Station, Section 2023, Chongzhong Road. It is a triple massage parlor opening in XNUMX. The environment is modern and clean. The chefs in the store have different techniques, but their skills are all very powerful. Come give it a try It can eliminate muscle soreness and muscle tension.
And the full one-hour...


Store introduction

#Never promote triple SPA massage parlor

You SPA is a passionate triple spa massage parlor. The environment is clean and tidy. The beauticians are experienced and passionate about the beauty industry. We hope that customers who come after the massage can walk out relaxed, happy and radiant!
The main services provided include acne cleaning, massage for pregnant women, slimming sculpture,...

Pattaya Thai Health Club

Store introduction

#三重 Thai massage parlor that only accepts female customers or couples

Pattaya Thai Health Club is located near the Sanchong Elementary School MRT Station. The decoration is very Thai-style. Massages are all performed in private rooms with high privacy. You can also invite your best friends to come to the double private room and chat while having a massage.
The Thai massage service is very attentive, from the reception at the door, the space where you can rinse before the massage, the massage bed...

Hongrentang foot health regimen

Store introduction

#Traditional massage parlor that can handle all kinds of difficult and complicated diseases

Hongrentang Foot Health is located at the junction of Longmen Road and Huanhe North Road. It is a time-honored triple foot massage shop that has been operating for 15 years. It has a clean and tidy environment and specializes in foot massage, meridian massage, scraping, and cupping. It sells set packages and multiple sets. Tickets are very affordable.
2600+ then Go...

Ashigaruttei Stress Relief Center

Store introduction

#Super affordable foot massage opposite Sanhe Night Market

Ashigaruttei Stress Relief and Health Center is opposite Sanhe Night Market. The store is clean and the service is friendly. The massage techniques of the masters are quite refined and the strength is well controlled. The customer's skin will not be bruised after the massage. They are gentle but can do the job. When pressed to the point, it makes people feel comfortable enough to fall asleep. The overall price is economical and affordable, which is very suitable for petty bourgeoisie...

Longmen Vietnamese style hair shampoo

Store introduction

#Vietnam-style hair washing program includes multiple body massages

Longmen Vietnamese Hair Shampoo is located near the Sanchong Elementary School MRT Station. In addition to basic Vietnamese hair washing, it also provides other beauty services, such as facial massage, shoulder and neck relief, etc., allowing customers to satisfy a variety of needs at one time. need.
The Vietnamese style hair washing massage technique is very professional, the strength will be gradual, and it can effectively soothe...

last of the last

The above are the recommendations for this triple massage. TWOSEVENTHS 12 triple massage parlors have been selected, including some that are Mystery Visitor certified.

The triple massage options are diverse. You can choose from different massage forms such as SPA, Thai massage, rock bath, steam room, foot massage, etc., and even folk therapies such as scraping and cupping. Most massage parlors are open until 11 o'clock or 12 o'clock, which is very suitable for relaxing after get off work. Be kind to yourself today, choose a massage parlor for a massage, and give your tight muscles a good rest!

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