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This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio

Xinzhuang Massage Master

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Bigfoot General Foot Massage Club

Store introduction

#上西庄的 Foot massage parlor open until three o'clock in the middle of the night

Big Foot General Foot Massage Club is a very famous recommended massage shop in Shangxinzhuang area, and is known as the largest massage shop in Xinzhuang. The store adopts a traditional Japanese style and has very long business hours. It can serve customers from 9 am to 3 midnight.
Services include: foot massage, full body acupressure...

Master Cat-Holistic Hospital

Store introduction

#Newly opened massage parlor with cute shop cats

Master Cat has many branches in the New Taipei area. The Xinzhuang store will open in 2023, just near the Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium.
It mainly provides full body meridian conditioning, full body essential oil massage, shoulder and neck massage to relieve stress, ear candling, sports massage, head massage, and flower essence massage. There are actually cats in the store, and the store cat Hanji is really super cute! ...

Chengdian Health Club

Store introduction

#Massage beauty meets Xinzhuang Meridian Massage Shop once

Chengdian Health Club is located near the Fuxingdu Center MRT Station. It is also a famous massage shop in Shangxinzhuang. The business is very good. It mainly provides foot massage, body meridian massage, essential oil massage, scraping, cupping, and also provides body beauty courses.
The massage prices at this Xinzhuang place are very affordable. A 60-minute foot massage is only $8...

Excellent and slow decompression center

Store introduction

#Simple and cute sports massage shop

Youman Stress Relief is a simple and cute Shangxinzhuang massage parlor, located near Exit 1 of Xingfu MRT Station. It is a recommended Xinzhuang massage newly opened in 2024.
The main services include: acupressure massage, essential oil massage, half-body massage, foot massage, sports massage. There are also massage discount packages. The in-store therapists...

Chiang Mai Male and Female Massage Relief Club

Store introduction

#Xinzhuang Thai Massage Parlor with Authentic Skills

Chiang Mai Men's and Women's Massage Relief Club is a Thai massage club in the Shangxinzhuang area. It is located near the Fuxingcheng MRT Station. It provides authentic Thai massage. The price plan is simple and clear. It is only divided into weekdays and holidays. A 100-minute Thai massage is $1,200. about.
Currently during the opening promotion period, on weekdays...

Master Aji’s personal meridian massage

Store introduction

#Personal massage studio where cats can also help with massage

Master Aji's personal meridian massage studio has a super high rating of 5 stars on Google reviews. Many people think it is because of Maomao's blessing, but in fact Master Aji is very capable and can really hit the key points and solve everyone's waist problems. The problem of soreness and back pain, and the chef will explain posture carefully to the guests...

Return to the original headquarters

Store introduction

#Super-skilled Qiao’s meridian massage is very satisfying in just one session

Huanyuan Headquarters is located near the MRT Danfeng Station. It is one of the recommended massage shops in Xiaxinzhuang. It is a Japanese-style professional acupressure. The master's skills are first-rate and his attitude is friendly. Customers who have come here have praised it highly.
This Xinzhuang acupressure massage center provides full-body meridian regulation, pregnant women's massage, full-body muscle massage, bone structure adjustment and other services...

Jingjing SPA

Store introduction

#新庄High-standard lady SPA massage parlor

Jingjing SPA is located in the Xiaxinzhuang area. It mainly provides beauty SPA, which is a service that combines facial care and body massage. In the process, advanced care products are used, including makeup removal, cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing, and massage. It is gentle but attentive. For your skin, skin care products are also sold on site.

Ke Yue Meridian Health Care

Store introduction

#Super technical meridian massage studio

Keyue Meridian Health Care is a massage shop run by a few women among the massage shops recommended in Xiazhuang. Its main services include: full body massage, foot massage, essential oil massage, scraping, cupping, hot stone massage, and exfoliation. The shop is not large but the services are diverse. The environment is simple and clean.
The boss's massage skills are professional and his hands...

Wan'an Visually Impaired Massage

Store introduction

#Massage parlor with time flexibility technology in place

Wan'an Visually Impaired Massage is located near Fuying Elementary School. It mainly provides shoulder and neck massage, half-body massage, and full-body massage. Pricing is based on 15 minutes. The venue is clean and sanitary, and the service staff is friendly and will ask customers where they are first. The side needs to be strengthened. It is a recommended massage store in Xiaxinzhuang. It has a very good reputation...

Laike light luxury health aesthetics

Store introduction

#A massage salon with affordable prices and good techniques

Laike Light Luxury Health Aesthetics is located near the Siwei Market. It is a massage parlor that has been operating in Xixinzhuang District for many years. It has many regular customers and offers a variety of services, ranging from body massage, foot massage, body sculpting, exfoliation, exfoliation, hand and foot care, facial care, For eyelash extensions, of course there are also package deals.
The masseur is friendly and hands-on...

Rui Weihe Dream Forest

Store introduction

#Experience the super discounted Xinzhuang SPA massage parlor for the first time

Ruiweihe Dream Forest is a chain of body and beauty parlors. In recent years, it has set up shop in Xia Xinzhuang, providing leg massage, body massage, pregnant woman massage, essential oil massage, private parts care, skin repair and maintenance, etc. Most of the courses are available. Experience price.
This Xinzhuang SPA massage parlor uses various technological instruments to assist...

last of the last

The above are the recommendations for this Xinzhuang massage. TWOSEVENTHS 12 massage parlors in Xinzhuang were selected, 6 of which belong to the upper Xinzhuang massage parlor and 6 belong to the lower Xinzhuang area.

Most of the stores have many massage parlors with good skills. Some also provide scraping and cupping services. If you are tired, have tight muscles and want to relax, choose a suitable Xinzhuang massage parlor and let yourself have a good rest!

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