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Parent-child funHsinchuHsinchu Family FunActivitiesExperience Inspiration

[Hsinchu Strawberry Picking Recommendations] The sweet and rosy strawberry season has begun, a review of 4 Hsinchu strawberry farms

In addition to experiencing the fun of farming, picking strawberries by yourself can also provide you with a deeper understanding of the growth process, planting techniques, variety differences, etc. of strawberries. Especially for families with children, it is a...
Wenqing HandmadeHsinchuHsinchu Wenqing HandmadeActivitiesExperience Inspiration

[Hsinchu Flower Arrangement Recommendation] Fresh flowers and dried flowers are all available! Comparison of 5 Hsinchu floral DIY classroom courses

Flower art uses different techniques and techniques to arrange and combine different flower materials to make flowers more pleasing to the eye. From the initial imitation production to the subsequent packaging practice, color matching, making bouquet flowers...
Indoor ActivitiesHsinchuHsinchu Indoor SportsActivitiesExperience Inspiration

[Recommended Yoga in Hsinchu] Selfless sharing of course features, evaluation of 6 yoga classrooms in Hsinchu

Yoga originated in ancient India and has a history of thousands of years. It is an exercise that integrates body, mind, intelligence, and spirit through body posture, breathing, and meditation. It is a fitness exercise that strengthens the body and mind.Seven points this time...
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