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Parent-child fun

Parent-child funActivitiesExperience InspirationKaohsiungFamily Fun in Kaohsiung

[Kaohsiung Family Farm Recommendation] Farmstay and animal interaction, 5 Kaohsiung leisure farms evaluated

Parent-child farms have always been the first choice for parents to take their children for fun outings, and they can also bring their children close to animals for education and fun. Also, because Kaohsiung leisure farms are located in different areas, including deep mountains and coastal farms...
Parent-child funYilanDiscoveryActivitiesSeries CompilationExperience Inspiration

[Recommended free parent-child attractions in Yilan] Admission for children is free! Selected 12 free family attractions in Yilan

Weekends, national holidays or winter and summer vacations are definitely the best time to take your little ones out to play, but when faced with energetic children who are in the growing stage, how can you take them away to discharge their energy...
Parent-child funTaichungFamily fun in TaichungActivitiesExperience Inspiration

[Taichung Parent-Child Farm Recommendation] It’s fun to interact with animals, a comparison of 5 parent-child farms in central China

It is often difficult for urban children to get close contact with animals, and the parent-child farm is a very good experience, stimulating children's enthusiasm and motivation to actively explore the natural ecology. this time TWOSEVENTHS ...
Parent-child funActivitiesExperience InspirationKaohsiungFamily Fun in Kaohsiung

[Recommended Strawberry Picking in Kaohsiung] Strawberry season is also here in warm Kaohsiung, a comparison of 4 Kaohsiung strawberry gardens

When it comes to picking strawberries, the general impression is that you have to go to Miaoli Lake, but in fact, Kaohsiung, which is like summer all year round, also has a strawberry season. It is usually about one to two months later than the strawberry season in the north. In the south...
Parent-child funYilanDiscoveryActivitiesSeries CompilationExperience Inspiration

[Recommended Rainy Attractions in Yilan] Don’t be afraid of getting wet during indoor itineraries! Selected 10 great places to visit in Yilan Yubei

Tick ​​tock, where should we go in rainy Yilan? If it rains during your hard-to-plan trip to Yilan, the most important thing you need is to activate the Yilan rain preparation plan, which will not disappoint you even if you are indoors. therefore...
Parent-child funActivitiesMiaoliExperience Inspiration

[Recommendation for picking oranges in Miaoli] Fun and photo-worthy orchards, a comparison of 4 Miaoli orange orchards

In recent years, orange picking in Miaoli has been widely praised. Taking photos in the orange orchards is very beautiful. Many parks will also provide you with props so that you can take endless photos online. However, there are so many orange orchards in Miaoli, so you have to choose...
Parent-child funTaoyuanActivitiesExperience Inspiration

[Recommended Strawberry Picking in Taoyuan] A good place for the whole family to pick strawberries on weekends, a comparison of 3 Taoyuan strawberry farms

The strawberry season is from December to April every year. It is suitable for the whole family to pick strawberries together and spend a wonderful time in the countryside. this time TWOSEVENTHS Comprehensive evaluation from the aspects of environment, species, transportation, etc...
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