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terms of use

Terms of Service

Effective Date: September 2021, 9

These User Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as"Terms of Use") yes TWOSEVENTHS limited company (hereinafter referred to as the " TWOSEVENTHS ”) to operate on TWOSEVENTHS Basic terms and specifications for websites and community services TWOSEVENTHS relationship with users.

Register with you TWOSEVENTHS Before using the website service account, please read and confirm that you agree to the entire content of this agreement. If there is any disagreement, please do not use TWOSEVENTHS services; when you have completed becoming TWOSEVENTHS Member registration procedure, as TWOSEVENTHS When you become a user of the service, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to accept all the contents of these Terms of Service, and fully accept the existing and future service items and contents derived from this service. TWOSEVENTHS The right to modify or change the content of the terms of service at any time, the content of the revised terms of service will be published on the website, TWOSEVENTHS Members will not be notified individually and members are advised to pay attention to such modifications or changes at any time.When a member continues to use this service after any modification or change, the member is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to accept such modification or change.Members should immediately stop using the service if they do not agree to the above-mentioned revision or update of the terms of service, or do not accept any other agreement in the terms of service.

A. Registration and Account Use

on TWOSEVENTHS For the registration and use of the membership account, you represent and warrant the following:

  1. If you are a minor under the age of XNUMX or you can only exercise your rights or undertake obligations with the prior consent of a third party according to the laws of the Republic of China, you must obtain the consent of your parents, guardians or the third party before you can Register as a member and use TWOSEVENTHS Serve.When you complete the registration or start using the service, it is deemed that your parents, guardians or the third party have fully reviewed, understood and agreed to the terms of this agreement, and agree to your registration as a member and use of the service.
  2. You agree that all contents of using the service, including expression of intention, etc., shall be expressed in electronic documents, and TWOSEVENTHS All notices to you will be by email or other electronic means.
  3. Regarding the real name and other information required by the registration process, the information you provide is the latest and true information, and will be updated immediately if there is any change.
  4. You are not registering an account for someone else.
  5. You have not and will not register more than two personal accounts.
  6. If your account is suspended, you will not register for another account.
  7. You understand and agree that any TWOSEVENTHS Behaviors in the service are regarded as your own or authorized by you, and you may have to bear corresponding legal responsibilities, so you will not let others use your account through your account TWOSEVENTHS service, and will not disclose your account password to others.
  8. You understand and agree, TWOSEVENTHS It is an open community platform, except for specific pages that limit the age of browsing, general users can freely browse TWOSEVENTHS All public pages for , TWOSEVENTHS It is impossible to prevent third parties from associating user content with you, so when you publish articles, respond or chat with other users, you should pay attention to the information you disclose may allow strangers or your relatives and friends to be able to identify your real identity, which may have an impact on your real life.

B. ID setting and use

As for you TWOSEVENTHS You have fully understood the setting and use of ID, and represent and guarantee the following:

  1. You acknowledge that if you use the account number, name, and nickname you use on other websites and communication software to equal your TWOSEVENTHS ID will make it easy for your identity to be linked, searched and cross-checked at your own risk.
  2. Regardless of intentional or negligent, you will not use any name related to the registered trademark (Smart Bureau Trademark Search System) or the representation of other people's goods or services as your own ID. TWOSEVENTHS You have the right to decide to withdraw your ID at your own discretion and hand it over to the right holder for use, and you shall not have any objection.
  3. You will not use any insinuation, abuse, slander, fraudulent use of others, etc. that violate Internet etiquette, social order or illegal text as your ID. TWOSEVENTHS You have the right to decide to cancel the ID with the above nature at your own discretion, and you shall not have any objection.
  4. you will not suspect TWOSEVENTHS The official text is used as your ID. If the name contains special characters, blank characters or special symbols or similar TWOSEVENTHS person name, TWOSEVENTHS The right to directly force a name change.
  5. When the relevant regulations are violated, TWOSEVENTHS Right to judge, you also fully follow TWOSEVENTHS decision.

C. Personal Data and Privacy Protection

TWOSEVENTHS We will use commercially reasonable efforts to protect your personal data and privacy in accordance with the understand and confirm TWOSEVENTHS In accordance with Article 8, Item 1 of the Personal Data Protection Act, we have clearly notified the following matters related to the protection of personal data:

  1. Collection purpose:
    TWOSEVENTHS Collect your personal data to provide you with TWOSEVENTHS Services, specific purposes may include marketing (specific purpose item 040), internal administration of membership or other registers of members (specific purpose item 052), contract, quasi-contract or other legal relationship matters (specific purpose item 069), consumer, client management and services (specific purpose item 090), advertising or commercial conduct management (specific purpose item 152), film, television, music and media management (specific purpose item 153), surveys, statistics and research analysis (specific purpose item 157), and other related TWOSEVENTHS Service-related use, for example, in order to understand your usage, we may invite you individually TWOSEVENTHS Accept interviews, or with your other express consent, jointly conduct marketing activities with third-party manufacturers (see Article I for details).Collection, processing and utilization of personal data by non-government agencies according to law (specific purpose item 063)
  2. Collection category:
    due to your use TWOSEVENTHS The extent of the service varies, and we may proactively (please note that when you use TWOSEVENTHS service, even if you are not logged in, we may still identify you or your device) or passively (such as you disclose when you publish articles or replies), collect your registration information, use TWOSEVENTHS Service activity records, including but not limited to your location, article reading preferences, interactions with other users (including messages and site messages), Internet IP addresses, device information, usage time, browsing and click records and others TWOSEVENTHS All information obtained due to your use of the service, etc., the actual data depends on your usage situation, but may include the following types.

    1. Individual identification: such as the consumer's name, job title, address, work address, previous address, home phone number, mobile phone number, instant messaging account, account number applied for by an online platform, correspondence and household registration address, photo, email address, electronic Signatures, certificate card serial numbers, certificate serial numbers, records of providing online identity authentication or application inquiry services, and any other identifiable information. (Category code C001)
    2. Personal description: such as age, gender, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, etc. (Category code C011)
    3. Physical description: such as height, weight, blood type, etc. (Category code C012)
    4. Habits: such as smoking, drinking, etc. (Category code C013)
    5. Personality: comments such as personality. (Category code C014)
    6. Family status: such as marital status, whether there are children, etc. (Category code C021)
    7. Details of other family members: such as children, dependents, other family members or relatives, parents, cohabitants, and relatives living abroad and in mainland China, etc. (Category code C023)
    8. Home and facilities: such as the address of the home, the type and value of the house, and the name of the owner, etc. (Category code C031)
    9. Property: such as all or other rights to movable or immovable property, etc. (Category code C032)
    10. Travel and other migration details: such as past migration, travel details, foreign passports, residence certificates and work permits and work permits and other relevant details. (Category code C034)
    11. Leisure activities and interests: such as hobbies, sports and other interests. (Category code C035)
    12. Life style: such as the types of consumer goods used and details of services, personal or family consumption patterns, etc. (Category code C036)
    13. Occupation: Such as various occupations, etc. (Category code C038)
    14. License or other permission: such as driver's license, driving license, etc. (Category code C039)
    15. School records: such as universities, junior colleges or other schools, etc. (Category code C051)
    16. Qualifications or skills: such as academic qualifications, professional skills, special licenses, the learning process of government vocational training institutions, national examinations, test scores or other training records, etc. (Category code C052)
    17. Occupational expertise: such as experts, scholars, consultants, etc. (Category code C054)
    18. Works: such as books, articles, reports, audio-visual publications and other writings. (Category code C056).
  3. Period and area of ​​use:
    1. TWOSEVENTHS Your personal data will be kept continuously during operation, TWOSEVENTHS The personal information collected will be stored in the storage space we purchase or rent. The actual storage location may change due to different server locations (which may include Taiwan, Singapore and Japan). You agree that we do not need to change the server storage location simply for the purpose. And for your notice.
    2. TWOSEVENTHS of users may log in and use from anywhere in the world TWOSEVENTHS services, so you understand and agree that within this scope we may use your personal information in global regions to improve the provision of TWOSEVENTHS service.
  4. Objects and methods of use:
    TWOSEVENTHS And its affiliates and business partners will process and utilize or transfer your personal information internationally within the scope of the specific purpose of collection by electronic, written, telephone, telecommunications, Internet and other means.In special cases, your information may be processed based on your consent TWOSEVENTHS For the collection and utilization of other manufacturers, please refer to the agreement in Article I for details.also, TWOSEVENTHS In the following situations, your personal information may also be provided to a third party, or used beyond the scope necessary for the specific purpose of this policy:

    1. When requested by the judiciary, the police, or other competent authorities based on investigations.
    2. When safeguarding public welfare or protecting the rights and interests of this site or others.
    3. When the member's behavior violates the law or the contract (not limited to this agreement) between you and this site
    4. In an emergency to maintain the integrity and security of other members or third parties' personal information, transaction content, and personal information.
    5. Other legal circumstances (for example, in the event of a copyright dispute, we may, based on your explicit consent, provide the information of the party claiming the right to the party claimed to have infringed the right).
  5. Regarding your personal data, you have the following rights according to law. For supplement or correction of personal data, please contact us directly. TWOSEVENTHS For processing, we may need to ask you to provide relevant information to confirm the authenticity of your updated information; for other requests, please send an email to:[email protected], this website will contact you and process it after receiving it.You understand and agree that in order to protect your privacy, we may verify the identity of the requester by checking identity documents or other methods we deem appropriate when you exercise this right, and in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law, When you inquire or request to read your personal information or make a copy, we may charge you the necessary costs at our discretion:
    1. Inquire or request a view.
    2. A copy is made on request.
    3. Request additions or corrections.
    4. Request to stop collection, processing or use.
    5. Request removal.but TWOSEVENTHS It will still keep your mobile phone, Email, ID and other unique information in a way that cannot directly identify you, so as to ensure that the same information will not be registered for use again.
  6. If you refuse to provide some personal information, you may not be able to complete the registration process or use some of the TWOSEVENTHS service.

D. User Content Licensing

For your use TWOSEVENTHS Articles published by the service, the ID you use, and other expressions (hereinafter collectively referred to as "user content"), you may enjoy the relevant intellectual property rights according to law.However, with regard to the above user content and related intellectual property rights, you agree to the following:

  1. you give TWOSEVENTHS Perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, sublicensable, royalty-free authorization, the authorized area is the whole world, TWOSEVENTHS All or part of the User Content may be reproduced or otherwise exploited pursuant to the above authorization.You hereby represent and warrant that you have all necessary rights or authorizations to the User Content and its posting, sufficient to effectively grant TWOSEVENTHS The foregoing authorization.
    1. TWOSEVENTHS Reserve the right to refuse to accept, post, display or transmit user content, and have the right to delete the user content you post according to the deletion rules.
    2. You can voluntarily delete user content, except for the part of user content that has been quoted by other users.
    3. With respect to the above-mentioned deleted User Content, TWOSEVENTHS has the right to and may have retained backups, but TWOSEVENTHS There is no obligation to back up.You should take protective measures by yourself for all risks or losses arising from your non-stored or deleted user content. TWOSEVENTHS shall not be responsible for, and shall not be obliged to TWOSEVENTHS Internally retained backups or files (even if any) are provided to you.

E. User Content Restrictions

User Content must not contain information that:

  1. Content prohibited in the specification.
  2. Drawings, photographs, videos or other similar items of sexual intercourse or obscene acts by children or juveniles.
  3. Information sufficient to lure, intermediary, hint or otherwise promote artificial sex transactions.
  4. Information sufficient to lure, mediate, hint, or otherwise put children or adolescents at risk of being subjected to Article 2, Item 1, Subparagraphs 1 to 3 of the Act on the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents.
  5. The published content is related to criminal cases involving children or juveniles, and records the names of the relevant parties or other information sufficient to identify them.
  6. Content that infringes the intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, or other rights of others.
  7. Content that violates this agreement or encourages others to violate this agreement.
  8. Content that violates the mandatory or prohibited provisions of the law.
  9. Content that violates public order or social good customs.
  10. Others TWOSEVENTHS We think it should be deleted and you have been notified of the deleted content.

F. User Behavior Restrictions

You agree not to do the following:

  1. Collect through automated login and operation methods TWOSEVENTHS User Content of Other Users.
  2. Number TWOSEVENTHS Services, collection, processing and use in violation of the Personal Data Protection Act TWOSEVENTHS Personal Data of Other Users.
  3. without TWOSEVENTHS Prior written consent to use TWOSEVENTHS The service is engaged in commercial activities or used for commercial purposes.
  4. Disseminate computer viruses or malicious programs, crippling network traffic or transmission volume TWOSEVENTHS The website or services may cause an excessive load on the system, or in any manner that may or is sufficient to interfere, interrupt or affect TWOSEVENTHS The normal provision of services.
  5. collection TWOSEVENTHS Another user's account number, password or other account information, or use another user's account to log in.
  6. non-classical TWOSEVENTHS Unauthorized use or reproduction without prior written consent TWOSEVENTHS trademarks or other intellectual property rights, or to remove, obscure or alter TWOSEVENTHS Indications of trademarks or intellectual property rights or statements thereof.
  7. Register your service account, TWOSEVENTHS Sell, lend, donate, transfer or provide any part of the service or its right to use it for others to use or share with others.
  8. crack or in any way bypass any TWOSEVENTHS measures designed to prevent or restrict use of the Services in whole or in part, or to attempt to obtain, by decoding, deciphering, decompiling, reverse engineering or otherwise, any TWOSEVENTHS The source code or code of the service, its website or related programs.
  9. Post User Content that violates E above.
  10. Anything that involves harassment, obscenity, threats, fraud, bullying, infringement of the rights of others, or abuse TWOSEVENTHS act of service.
  11. Any violation of laws, this Agreement, public order or good morals, or other TWOSEVENTHS Notice to you to stop.
  12. If you are under 18, you may not view TWOSEVENTHS Adult or restricted content on the Service.

G. Whistleblowers and Complaints

you agree TWOSEVENTHS The user's violation of this agreement can be dealt with according to the following mechanism:

  1. If anyone submits to the whistleblower mechanism TWOSEVENTHS Report your User Content for violating this Agreement, TWOSEVENTHS Published specifications and other regulations, TWOSEVENTHS After receiving the above-mentioned report, it shall be based on TWOSEVENTHS Review at the discretion of the user, and after determining violations, directly delete your user content in accordance with the relevant rules, or temporarily suspend or permanently suspend your rights according to the circumstances.
  2. If any person lodges a complaint under the grievance mechanism TWOSEVENTHS complain that your User Content infringes their personal rights, TWOSEVENTHS Without your consent, your user content will be removed first, and the dispute between you and the right holder will be resolved. TWOSEVENTHS to be able to reply to your User Content.
  3. If you have copyright-related issues, it is recommended that you contact us through the following email address:[email protected].

H. Mobile devices

  1. TWOSEVENTHS Provided through platforms such as web pages and mobile device applications TWOSEVENTHS Services, this agreement applies to users on all platforms.
  2. You agree to your User Content, TWOSEVENTHS account information and all your use of TWOSEVENTHS Information created, entered, presented, submitted or otherwise made available during the service is synchronized across all platforms used by all users; TWOSEVENTHS For the aforementioned platform synchronization, access, reproduction (in part or in whole), public transmission, public broadcast, public dictation, public display, modification, dissemination, processing and/or other use of the aforementioned content, data and information.

I. Advertisements and other marketing content

  1. You understand that in order to continue to operate, TWOSEVENTHS By accepting advertising business, you agree to use TWOSEVENTHS Accept advertisements and other marketing content while serving.We may collect information about your access to included web beacons, development tools, cookies and other technical data.These data collection technologies help us understand your activities, improve our products and services, and provide you with advertising information that interests you.This information includes the types of content or advertisements provided, viewed, or clicked on; the frequency and duration of your activity; whether you interact with specific content or advertisements; and whether you subsequently visit the advertiser's website, download the advertiser's applications, purchase products or services advertised, or take other actions.
  2. In order to provide advertising and other marketing content that is valuable to you, you agree TWOSEVENTHS It can analyze your personal information, user content and account information, classify them, and provide advertisers with information or ethnic groups that cannot directly identify you personally, so that advertisers can choose the ethnic groups to advertise.
  3. TWOSEVENTHS Engaging in the above advertising business will receive advertising income, but you do not need to pay you anything.
  4. TWOSEVENTHS Marketing activities may be conducted jointly with third-party vendors and you may be invited to participate.When you participate in such marketing activities, you may have to agree to the activity method of the activity, and you may have to provide your personal information to the partner of the activity, that is, you may have to contact the third-party manufacturer for participating in the activity. There is an independent contractual relationship between them, you should read the terms of participation carefully before participating, and understand how third-party vendors may use your personal information.You understand and agree, TWOSEVENTHS Cannot intervene in the legal relationship between you and third-party manufacturers.

J. Revision

  1. TWOSEVENTHS reserves the right to amend this Agreement and related TWOSEVENTHS rights under the Rules without further notice to you. TWOSEVENTHS The aforementioned amendments can be made public, announced or notified to members by webpage bulletin, email or other electronic means.
  2. You are obliged to review this Agreement and related TWOSEVENTHS Amendments (additions) to the rules, if you continue to use the TWOSEVENTHS service, it is deemed that you accept the above (increased) amendments.

K. Disclaimer and Disclaimer and Indemnification

  1. If any third party is responsible for your use of TWOSEVENTHS The behavior of the service may result from the user content you post. TWOSEVENTHS or its related companies (including their current or former employees, managers, directors, etc.), you must be responsible for compensation and protection TWOSEVENTHS and its related companies (including its current or former employees, managers, directors, etc.) from all related damages, losses and expenses (including legal service fees and other costs).
  2. TWOSEVENTHS It is an online platform, although TWOSEVENTHS We will use commercially reasonable efforts to comply with the User Agreement, Deletion Rules and other TWOSEVENTHS Rules govern user conduct and User Content, but you understand TWOSEVENTHS You cannot be completely exempted from the TWOSEVENTHS If you encounter other users or any third party infringing your rights on the Internet, or come into contact with offensive or inappropriate content posted by other users or third parties, you acknowledge and agree that under any circumstances, TWOSEVENTHS Neither is responsible for any user content, messages or any actions that are publicly or privately released, transmitted, sent or performed by any user, nor does it guarantee the correctness, completeness or content quality of the aforementioned user content or messages.All damages arising from the aforementioned user content or actions, including but not limited to any transmission errors or omissions, and any losses derived from the aforementioned content, shall be borne by you, and TWOSEVENTHS (including its current or former employees, managers, directors, etc.) shall not be responsible for the above circumstances.
  3. TWOSEVENTHS The Services are provided on an "as is" and "as currently available" basis.Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, TWOSEVENTHS NEITHER MAKES ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES FOR THE SERVICES OR THE SECURITY OF THE SERVICES, THE AVAILABILITY OF THE SERVICES ANYWHERE, ANYWHERE, OR THAT ANY DEFECTS OR ERRORS IN THE SERVICES WILL BE CORRECTED OR YOUR USE OF THE SERVICES The result of will meet your needs.All benefits or losses arising from your use of the service shall be borne by understand TWOSEVENTHS The service may be delayed or interrupted due to system failure, or may cause inconvenience to your use or data loss, error, tampering or other losses, etc. TWOSEVENTHS Will use commercially reasonable efforts to repair the system, but you should take your own protective measures when using it, TWOSEVENTHS Due to the use or inability to use TWOSEVENTHS We are not responsible for any damages arising from the service, and you agree not to be held liable for the above-mentioned events. TWOSEVENTHS for any request.
  4. you through TWOSEVENTHS All advertisements and marketing content browsed by the service are designed and proposed by the advertisers, suppliers of products and services, TWOSEVENTHS Only accept the entrustment of the aforementioned manufacturers to publish, and do not assume any guarantee responsibility for the aforementioned advertising and marketing content.when you click TWOSEVENTHS When advertising pages in the service or website, you will be linked to a third-party website, and the third-party website may collect your information, IP address or collect your information with technologies such as cookies, TWOSEVENTHS It is not responsible for protecting your privacy on third-party websites or using their services.All your actions on third-party websites or with related manufacturers are also related to TWOSEVENTHS No involvement, and any damages suffered as a result thereof shall not be TWOSEVENTHS seek compensation.
  5. You are solely responsible for safekeeping and maintaining TWOSEVENTHS Keep your service account and password confidential, and be responsible for all activities and user content posted under your service account.You agree to notify us immediately if your password or account is used fraudulently, stolen or otherwise without authorization, or if there is any security breach. TWOSEVENTHS .If you fail to provide correct information, fail to keep the confidentiality of the aforementioned account and password or fail to notify TWOSEVENTHS , and you shall be solely responsible for any damages you suffer, TWOSEVENTHS Not responsible.

L. to terminate

  1. TWOSEVENTHS for any reason (such as your breach of this Agreement, your inability to pay in a timely manner if fees are charged in the future, or there has been no activity on your account for a period of time, etc.), TWOSEVENTHS has the right to terminate this Agreement at any time and stop providing you with all or part of TWOSEVENTHS service or terminate your account.Upon termination, your account will be closed and you will no longer be able to access, use or retrieve TWOSEVENTHS Services or any files or content in the account.
  2. You can always send TWOSEVENTHS Request to delete your TWOSEVENTHS account; when you request to delete your TWOSEVENTHS account, you are deemed to have sent TWOSEVENTHS Notice of termination of this Agreement.
    1. You understand and agree that the deletion of the account and the termination of this agreement will take effect seven days after you submit your application. There will be seven days as a buffer before the effective date. If you want to cancel the deletion of the account, please cancel it through this form within seven days. delete.
    2. After deleting account data, your account will not be able to log in TWOSEVENTHS .The application for deleting the account does not include removing the articles, messages, etc. published by the user. If you need to delete the above content, please delete it within seven days after submitting the application for deleting the account.After seven days, the account will be deleted directly, and the articles, comments and other content you still have will be kept on the website in the name of the posting, so as not to damage the fluency of the overall content.
    3. After the seven-day buffer period expires, TWOSEVENTHS Your friends and chat history will be deleted.In response to the need for public authorities to access account criminal records, your basic personal information such as your name and birthday will be retained for 30 days and then deleted.After 30 days, TWOSEVENTHS It will still keep your personal mobile phone, Email, ID and other unique information in a way that cannot directly identify you, so as to ensure that you will not register for use again.
  3. Regardless of the reason for the termination of this Agreement, the following provisions of this Agreement will still be effective after termination: Articles C, D and Articles K~M.

M. Applicable Law and Competent Court

  1. The governing law of this Agreement is the laws of the Republic of China.
  2. The disputes or differences between the two parties regarding this agreement shall be resolved through sincere negotiation first. If an agreement cannot be reached within a reasonable period of time, both parties agree that the Taiwan Taipei District Court shall be the court of first instance jurisdiction.

N. Other

  1. The titles of the articles of this agreement are used for the convenience of reading only, and do not affect the content and interpretation of this agreement.
  2. This agreement is TWOSEVENTHS between you and TWOSEVENTHS The entire agreement on matters related to the service and supersedes all previous written or oral agreements.
  3. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, only that part shall be invalid, illegal or unenforceable and shall not affect the validity, legality or enforceability of other provisions; and The invalidity, illegality or unenforceability of a provision in any jurisdiction shall not affect or render invalid its validity, legality or enforceability in other jurisdictions.
  4. non-classical TWOSEVENTHS With prior written consent, you may not transfer the rights and obligations under this Agreement to any third party.
  5. This agreement is not a third party benefit contract, and does not confer any third party rights or interests.
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