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[Recommended dive sites in Kenting] A complete guide to scuba self-diving and snorkeling sites! 11 must-go diving spots in Kenting

Kenting’s diving waters stretch from Back Bay in the north to Jialeshui in the south. The dozens of kilometers of coastline are home to rich coral groups and tropical creatures. this time TWOSEVENTHS , a special invitation to teach the octopus who loves diving in the sea...
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【Kenting water sports recommendation】Why go to Kenting without playing in the water! 10 kinds of Kenting water play itinerary for you to choose

When it comes to Taiwan's main island for water sports, Kenting's water sports are definitely on the list.In addition to the classic scuba, free diving, surfing, SUP and other water activities, Wangmei's favorite mermaid class...
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