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rock climbing in taipei

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[Recommended Rock Climbing Gyms in Taiwan] A complete guide so you don’t have to worry about running out of places to climb. We have selected 27 indoor bouldering gyms in the north, middle, south and east.

TWOSEVENTHS We have sorted out 27 recommended rock climbing venues across Taiwan, with addresses, transportation, and ticket prices all sorted out! Whether in Taipei, Kaohsiung, Hsinchu, Taoyuan, Yilan, Tainan, New...
台北攀岩推薦 台北攀岩場
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【Taipei Rock Climbing Site Recommendation】Novices can also enjoy rock climbing experience, 9 indoor bouldering gyms in Taipei are evaluated

Rock climbing is becoming more and more popular in Taipei. Indoor rock climbing is not affected by the weather, and it is more interesting than fitness.So how should you choose a rock climbing venue in Taipei for the first time? TWOSEVENTHS The explorer...
double8 岩究所評價 2022 14
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【Evaluation by double8 Rock Research Institute】Learning rock climbing can still find a good marriage?Dadaocheng Rock Climbing Site for Beginners

In Dadaocheng, not only can you seek marriage in the Chenghuang Temple, but there is also a marriage line in the rock climbing gym. Just climb up and you can get the blessing of the moon.this time TWOSEVENTHS In addition to bringing you to know dou...
台北攀岩推薦 CORNER Bouldering Gym 角攀岩館3
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[Evaluation of Jiao Climbing Gym] Experience the Olympic-level rock wall, and the double stores in the urban area have new challenges every week

Rock climbing, which has risen in recent years, is a display of the combination of physical strength, intelligence, and beauty. This time TWOSEVENTHS Specially sent mysterious visitors who have traveled to rock climbing fields all over the world to visit Huashan and Zhong...
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