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Rock climbing, which has risen in recent years, is a display of the combination of physical strength and intelligence and beauty.this time TWOSEVENTHS Specially sent mysterious visitors who have traveled to rock climbing fields all over the world to visit CORNER Bouldering Gym, which has two branches in Huashan and Zhongshan, and experience the fun of rock climbing in the best part of Taipei City.Want to know how the Angle Climbing Gym is rated?Hurry up and learn more about it with Mystery Guest!

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Experience Store: Jiao Climbing Gym
Experience program: 50-minute bouldering experience
Experience date: 2023.07.02

Introduction to Angle Climbing

Corner Climbing Gym Review 1

CORNER Bouldering Gym currently has two branches, Huashan and Zhongshan, both of which are located in the best areas of Taipei City.The two corner climbing gyms are within a 3-10-minute walk from the MRT station, and there are parking spaces for vehicles nearby, which is very convenient for various transportation methodsTaipei indoor rock climbing field.

Taipei Rock Climbing Recommended CORNER Bouldering Gym Corner Rock Climbing Hall 2

The rock wall design adopts the cutting and collage of wooden floors, and uses the same new rock wall design method without main screw holes as in the Tokyo Olympic bouldering competition.Not only the thickness of the rock wall is reduced, rock points not restricted by the main screw hole, there are more options for position and angle when setting the line, and the climbing area is expanded; and in order to increase the stability of the rock block, the Angle Rock Climbing Hall is more An auxiliary screw is added to the rock point, so that the rock point without the main screw will not have safety concerns such as turning points.

Corner Climbing Gym Review 3

And when most beginners bouldering, they often have the dilemma of advancing or retreating.The Angle Climbing Gym also has a special and exclusive climbing point, with a design sense of downward guiding golden arrow and a rock wall with a wooden floor, so that climbers can find the climbing point more quickly after climbing; and the design of the bouldering mat embedded in the ground , reducing the height difference from the floor, not only makes it easier to enter and exit the bouldering area, but also avoids slipping and stepping on the ground when bouldering lands. It can be said to be a very friendly climbing site for novices.

Corner Climbing Gym Review 7

As for the surrounding facilities, Yuna was also impressed.For example, the use of an electronic membership system without invoices for admission, combined with LINE's paperless system, makes the re-entry process easier and faster; free use of password lock lockers is provided, so that climbers can stay in the museum with more peace of mind and no burden activities; or an independent footbath for more privacy when washing feet.With various designs and optimizations, you can feel the dedication of the Jiao Climbing Gym to the entire rock climbing experience, and every link has unexpected thoughtfulness.

Horn Climbing Gym Evaluation Huashan Branch 3

After chatting with the coach, Yuna learned that the Angle Climbing Gym hopes to learn from Japan's vigorous climbing ecology: the dense number of climbing gyms in the city center makes the climbing gym as easy to reach as the gym.Therefore, the Jiao Rock Climbing Gym is the only one in the industry to create an exquisite rock climbing gym in the center of Taipei, so that rock climbing is no longer a sport that requires hard work in the suburbs. After get off work, you can also take a good breath in such a high-quality corner in the city.The coach also mentioned that the members and tickets of the two stores of the Jiao Climbing Gym are common across stores. Yuna recommends that the branch system can be made good use of, and the general membership can be used for cross-store interactive climbing!

Experience experience of Angle Rock Climbing Zhongshan Store

Taipei Rock Climbing Field recommends CORNER Bouldering Gym Corner Rock Climbing Hall Zhongshan

There are a total of 60 routes in three areas of Jiao Climbing Gym Zhongshan Branch. The complete slab balance wall, 8-meter-wide 30-degree and 15-degree vertical walls, and 60-degree Overhang hanging rock terrain are not available in Huashan Branch. Rock wall topography and angles.

Angle Rock Climbing Evaluation Zhongshan Store 1

There are more than 20 routes in the two stores of the Jiao Climbing Gym, which can be said to completely cover various terrains and route types.The best thing is that the Huashan and Zhongshan stores each have a staggered regular line change frequency of once every two weeks. Since the walking distance between the two stores is only XNUMX minutes, the Jiao Rock Climbing Gym recommends using the two stores as a system to interact, so that there are weekly New routes to climb!

Angle Rock Climbing Evaluation Zhongshan Store 3

Yuna uses a single entry to climb at the Zhongshan Branch of the Jiao Climbing Gym. As soon as you enter the Zhongshan Branch, you will see a large balance wall, which is different from other Taipei rock climbing venues. The balance wall is very high. Yuna feels that the height of the Zhongshan Branch is very It is suitable for people who want to climb the balance wall but are afraid of heights, so that they don't have to worry about falling from too high a place when they make a shot.

Angle Rock Climbing Evaluation Zhongshan Store 5

For the first time, no matter whether you have rock climbing experience or not, you will be taught or assessed the concept of safe landing to ensure that every climber can be safer when climbing and landing.In addition, the Angle Rock Climbing Gym also places seating areas along the periphery of the rock wall, so that those who have not yet climbed on the wall can observe the route in the seating area, and the clear bouldering mat can make it safer for climbers to land on the ground.

Angle Rock Climbing Evaluation Zhongshan Store 2

In the Zhongshan store, there are routes from VB to V30+ whether it is the balance wall, the 60-degree leaning wall, or the innermost 8-degree hanging rock terrain, so no matter the novice or the veteran, you can feel the routes of different rock walls. Yuna feels that the rock climbing routes at the Jiao Climbing Gym are more coherent and delicate than those at other bouldering gyms in Taipei.

Experience experience of Jiaoyan Rock Climbing Huashan Store

Horn Climbing Gym Evaluation Huashan Branch 1

There are 48 routes in total in the rock wall of the Huashan branch of the Jiao Climbing Gym. The composite rock wall in the two areas includes the Slab balance that is usually found in Taipei rock climbing venues, as well as the Overhang hanging rock and the 20-degree Vertical slightly cambered wall.

Taipei Rock Climbing Recommended CORNER Bouldering Gym Corner Rock Climbing Hall 4

The routes of both stores cover the simplest VB to V8+. Since Yuna first went to the Huashan store to take the Taipei bouldering experience class, and then went to the Zhongshan store to enter the climbing, so it is obvious that the two branches complement each other on the rock wall.

Horn Climbing Gym Evaluation Huashan Branch 2

Yuna participated in a 50-minute bouldering experience course this time. From the most basic bouldering concept and safe landing posture, to judging routes, using strength and using footwork skills, the coach will teach step by step carefully.

Taipei Rock Climbing Recommended CORNER Bouldering Gym Corner Rock Climbing Hall 3

The coaches at the Jiao Rock Climbing Gym are very experienced, and all of them are seniors in Taiwan's rock climbing industry. Yuna feels that compared to bouldering with friends, under the guidance of a coach that day, the coach can see at a glance the weakness of her climbing, and can always point out the blind spots in Yuna's movements in a timely manner, reducing redundant movements on the wall The physical strength consumed, and taught Yuna to judge the route and grab points more efficiently, and accurately grasp and perform the actions designed by the line setter.

Corner Climbing Gym Review 5

The bouldering experience fee includes rock shoes and an exclusively designed chalk bag, so you can take the opportunity to use a handsome chalk bag during the experience course.In addition, the coach will always do bouldering safety movements at the rear, so that Yuna can try more bravely during the safe and secure climbing process.After the experience course, if you have any doubts about climbing or the route, you can directly ask the counter coach.

Mystery guest evaluation

From the moment she steps into CORNER Bouldering Gym to the moment she leaves, Yuna loves the atmosphere at CORNER Bouldering Gym.Yuna, who has traveled to rock climbing venues all over the world, believes that: Jiao Rock Climbing Gym is one of the best indoor rock climbing gyms in Taipei that fully considers the design of service experience. Both hardware and software are carefully considered and designed, making people feel that rock climbing is like entering a relaxing coffee shop or restaurant. .

Both Jiao Climbing Hall stores have rock climbing routes designed for novices and veterans. If it is your first time trying and you are afraid of falling from heights, we recommend you to go to the Zhongshan store to experience the large balancing wall at an affordable height! In order to help novices continue climbing after experiencing it, both stores have a "single free admission after experience" activity, which coincides with the frequency of line changes once every two weeks. If you return within 14 days, you can challenge different routes. When you purchase a corner climbing gym package, you can not only share it with friends, but also use it across stores. It is interactive and there are new routes to climb every week, which is really great!

Environment: ★★★★★
Challenging: ★★★★☆
Particularity: ★★★★☆
Accessibility: ★★★★★
Number of routes: ★★★★★

Corner Climbing Gym store details

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Corner Climbing Gym Deals

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Discounted rates for groups!Three people traveling together for free

It only costs $1,800 (original price: $2,700) for three people. It is carefully designed for beginners. Professional coaches will lead the climb all the way, and teach you everything from self-protection to climbing skills, so that you can enjoy the fun of rock climbing safely.

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