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Nail art trends are constantly being updated, but there is one style that remains timeless and has long been popular among female friends, and that is whitening manicure! Whitening manicure can not only enhance your temperament, but also make you look better. this time TWOSEVENTHS We have compiled 24 of the most popular whitening manicure recommended styles, and taught you how to choose the right color and how to match it with clothing, and provide exclusive suggestions based on different skin colors!

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How to achieve whitening manicure?

Whitening manicure usually achieves the whitening effect by manipulating the gel color and texture. The color part can be divided into dark and light colors, and the texture part can be divided into saturated texture or semi-transparent texture.

but AN Boss An from the art workshopI would also like to remind everyone that fluorescent colors, colors with high white content (such as macaron colors), yellow colors or some pink and purple colors are more attractive. It is recommended to use color cards to place on the skin for comparison and selection for more accurate selection. .

dark gel

Recommended whitening manicure_dark color gel 1

Dark manicure usually includes dark red, dark blue, dark green and other colors. These colors can make the hands look more delicate, and can also increase the three-dimensionality of the hands and make the fingers appear more slender.

light color gel

Recommended whitening manicure_light color gel 1

Light-colored manicures include off-white, light pink, light blue and other colors, which can make the hands look fresher and softer, and also make the skin color of the hands appear fairer.

saturated gel

Recommended Whitening Manicure_Saturated Gel 2

Saturated nail colors have rich, full colors and very good color payoff. White nail colors with this texture often make the hands look more vivid and prominent.

semi-permeable gel

Recommended whitening manicure_semi-permeable gel 1

Semi-transparent manicure colors are relatively soft and not too intense, making the hands look gentler and more natural.

What are the whitening manicure colors?

There are several common whitening manicure colors that are fixed, but which color system is suitable for each person is not necessarily certain.

以下 AN Boss An from the art workshop I would like to share some common whitening nail color choices so that you can choose according to your personal preferences and occasions, and you can also adjust them according to different seasons and matching needs.

Pink nude color

Recommended whitening manicure_pink nude color series 2

Pink and nude manicure colors are great for brightening skin tone, especially for pale or dull skin tones. Choose light pink, light peach or nude nail polish to create a natural and fresh feeling, making your hands look more delicate and soft.

bright pink

Recommended whitening manicure_bright pink 2

For fairer skin tones, opt for a manicure in bright pink tones. This color adds vibrancy and brightness to the complexion and makes the hands stand out more. You can try different shades of pink. Choose a pink nail polish that suits your skin tone and it will become your highlight.

elegant pearl white

Recommended whitening manicure_Elegant Pearl White 2

Pearl white manicure is a timeless classic, and it is also the best choice for whitening manicure. This color can not only create an elegant and noble atmosphere, but also make the hands appear more slender and slender. Whether applied alone or paired with other colors, pearl white can show its unique charm.

Dark nail polish

Recommended whitening manicure_dark nail polish 1

If you like dark manicure, you might as well choose deep red, purple or coffee tones. Although these colors do not directly brighten the skin tone like light colors, they can make the lines of the hands more obvious through contrast, and can also show a mature and stable temperament. In addition, short nails can also highlight the personality.

How to match skin tone and nail color to look whiter?

When choosing based on skin color and color, Asians mostly have three skin colors: bright and white skin, natural skin color and yellow and black skin. Generally speaking, choosing nude, cool or earth tones is a versatile choice. Among them, choosing nude When choosing a color, you can choose a color that is one level lighter than your own skin tone, which can brighten and soften the overall skin tone and show a gentle temperament.

But if you want more diversified color-changing nail art options, the following AN Boss An from the art workshopWe will recommend whitening nail art colors suitable for three skin tones:

bright white skin

Whitening Manicure Recommendation_Brightening White Skin 1

For people with fair skin, bright pink or light pink manicure colors are suitable, because the skin itself is already very white, which can make the skin look more delicate and gentle.

natural skin color

Recommended Whitening Manicure_Natural Skin Color 1

People with natural skin colors can choose pearly white or light peach colors, which can brighten the skin color without appearing too abrupt.

Yellow and black skin

Recommended whitening manicure_yellow and black skin 1

For people with darker skin tones, you can try dark-colored manicures, such as deep red, purple or coffee tones. These colors can contrast with the skin tone and make the hands more three-dimensional.

How to match your outfit and nail art color to look whiter?

Everyone has different dressing styles, and having beautiful nails can be the finishing touch. the following AN Boss An from the art workshopLet’s give you some tips on choosing whitening manicure based on three different styles of outfits!

simple style

Recommended whitening manicure_simple style 2

If you usually wear simple outfits, including tops, pants or skirts with simple patterns, it is recommended to choose manicures with more prominent bright colors or even fluorescent colors, which will make people's eyes brighter.

Colorful style

Recommended whitening manicure_Colorful style 1

If you like to challenge rich colors when dressing, you can choose clothes according to the color of your manicure, and the overall look will be more coordinated through the echo of colors. For example, pink manicure can be paired with gray, white or black clothing to create a sharp contrast; pearl white manicure can be paired with red to create an elegant and noble atmosphere.

plain tone

Recommended whitening manicure_plain color base 1

For dark-colored manicures, it is recommended to choose plain-colored clothing to avoid being too visually overwhelming. Black, gray or white clothing are good choices, which can make the overall look more stable and elegant.

What are the common whitening manicure styles?

TWOSEVENTHS This visit is located near Taipei Zhongshan Station. The store has more than 1,500 nail colors to choose from. AN salon Zhongshan 8 Aesthetics, what are the most popular whitening manicures?

The experienced manicure teachers in the store have summarized the following 5 white colors that are most recommended. Dark or light colors can provide different visual impressions. Girls can also choose colors according to their own dressing habits and match them with different colors. The design allows for different changes and surprises every month.

Mature and cute red color

Recommended whitening manicure_mature and cute red color 2

This color is suitable for those who want to show mature charm without losing a cute atmosphere. It is usually suitable for you who like the color red and can perfectly combine your mature temperament with girlishness.

Long-lasting Maillard colors

Recommended whitening manicure_Keep-looking Maillard color series 1

Nail art styles in eye-catching Maillard colors are suitable for those who are looking for a classic, elegant style. For those who don’t like to be too flashy or conspicuous, but want to show a stable and restrained atmosphere, the attractive Maillard color series is recommended to you.

Remove yellow and purify skin blue color

Recommended whitening manicure_blue color for removing yellowing and purifying skin 1

This style is suitable for those who want to make the skin color of their hands look brighter and healthier. Especially if the skin color of the hands is dull or yellowish, light blue manicure can effectively improve the skin color and show a fresh and purifying effect.

Low-key soft nude color system

Recommended whitening manicure_low-key and soft nude color 2

This style is suitable for those who like low-key elegance and do not like too strong colors. Nude manicure can create a natural and soft atmosphere, suitable for various occasions and daily wear.

texture-perceptual gray

Recommended whitening manicure_Texture-sensitive gray color 2

The texture-sensitive gray manicure style is suitable for those who like to pursue taste and fashion. It is usually suitable for those who do not like traditional colors and want to show their unique personality and taste.

Is there any difference between whitening nails for feet and hands?

There are differences in color selection between whitening manicure for feet and whitening manicure for hands, because the hands want the fingers to look visually long and slender, while the toes want to look short and cute.

Therefore, when choosing whitening manicure for feet,AN Boss An from the art workshopIt is recommended to choose dark colors with high saturation, such as dark blue, burgundy and white. In addition to having a shorter visual effect, it is also less dirty. For finger whitening manicure, it is recommended to choose nude or skin-colored colors. The crystal-clear feeling will make people visually elongated and slender.

Whitening manicure for feet

Whitening Manicure Recommendation_Whitening Manicure for Feet 2

When choosing whitening manicure for your feet, it is recommended to choose dark, highly saturated colors, such as dark blue, burgundy and white. In addition to having a shorter visual effect, they are also less likely to cause stains.

Whitening manicure for hands

Whitening Manicure Recommendation_Hand Whitening Manicure 1

For finger whitening manicure, it is recommended to choose nude or skin-colored colors. The crystal-clear feeling will make people visually elongated and slender.

Frequently asked questions about whitening manicure?

After reading the above analysis of whitening nail art styles, have you already wondered how to make your skin fairer through nails?

If that’s not enough, here are a few more AN Boss An from the art workshopIn actual practice, customers solve common problems with whitening manicure and teach you how to use different styles to create more versatile manicure styles.

What can you do if you want a simple and whitening manicure?

Whitening Manicure Recommendation_What to do if you want a simple and whitening manicure 1

If you want to be a classy heroine in a Korean drama, how do you choose a fairy-like whitening manicure color?

It is recommended to choose a nude color or a single color series, add a little gold edge to the edge of the nail, and sprinkle a little gold foil on top. It can be said to be elegant but cute, and the temperament is simple. Or the ever-lasting French style series is also very suitable. Whether it is for work, friends gathering, lover's date, it is versatile for various occasions.

What can I do if I want dark and white manicure?

Recommended whitening manicure_What to do if you want dark and white manicure 2

People who like dark and white manicures can choose colors with high saturation, such as sapphire blue, true white, true red, etc. However, these colors are more suitable for people with fair skin and can stand out against the backdrop of high chroma. white.

What can I do if I want to get whiter manicure in summer?

Recommended whitening manicure_What to do if you want whitening manicure in summer 2

Every time you go out to play in the summer, get a beautiful whitening manicure and pair it with a cute dress. It will look super eye-catching when taking photos. So how to choose whitening manicure in summer?

If you like something a little more elegant, go for a nude color with a touch of gold and small shell pieces on top to create a simple yet summery atmosphere. If you like a more saturated look, I recommend the blue series, which looks great paired with the blue sky, white clouds or the beach.

Another thing that is very popular this year is blush manicure or love cat eye. The fresh and refined feeling is suitable for you who want to be a gentle little sister. The clean color has a little blush, which is as comfortable as the summer breeze.

The above is this introductory guide to whitening manicure. TWOSEVENTHS special request AN Boss An from the art workshopBased on the color, skin color, outfit, etc., 24 recommended styles of whitening manicure are sorted out.

Although there is no certain definition of beauty, and whitening does not necessarily mean the best look, if you happen to want to pursue whitening manicure suggestions that can brighten your skin tone and create versatile looks, I hope this article will be helpful to you!

As for where to get whitening manicure? Recommendations can be referred toTaipei,Hsinchu,Taichung,Changhua,Tainan,Kaohsiung Nail ArtWait for the article to find the nail salon that suits you. If you are also a girl who loves beauty, in addition to manicure, you may also want to tryMedical beauty,face careWait for other beauty services to give yourself a new look and show more confidence!

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