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Whenever we talk about water sports resorts in Taiwan, water sports in Kenting are definitely on the list.In addition to classic water sports such as scuba, free diving, surfing, and SUP, the most popular mermaid courses among netizens, the little-known secret water play in Kenting, etc., playing in the water in Kenting all year round is an annual activity for many people. Scheduled itinerary.this time TWOSEVENTHS We have compiled 10 water activities in Kenting. Follow our steps to explore the charming Kenting!

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio


Kenting water sports expert
Those who love to go to Kenting to play in the water Wen

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Free diving

Kenting water activities recommended free diving

The warm weather in southern China makes freediving activities very popular in Kenting, and many people also come here in winter to test for Kenting freediving licenses.Generally, free diving certificates include SSI, AIDA and PADI, and some stores will provide additional Molchanovs (Matcha) systems.Although free diving does not require a license, diving is an activity that pays great attention to the buddy system. In addition to being led by professional instructors, you can also meet more like-minded friends and explore the beautiful underwater world of Kenting together. .If you already have a license, most stores also provide Fun Dive services. If you are interested, you can refer to this articleKenting self-diving recommendation.

scuba diving

Kenting water activities recommended scuba diving

Scuba diving can be carried into the water with a compressed air supply bottle on your back. Compared with self-diving, you need to rely on one breath. Even if you don’t have a license, many water sports stores in Kenting also offer one-time experience diving, so that everyone can try the water. The magic of lung diving, if you like it, then consider getting a scuba diving license later.Those who are interested in the certificate course can refer to thisKenting diving recommendation, if you have a license, you can also participate in the guided diving service launched by the store.Houbi Lake, Nanwan, and Wanlitong near Kenting are all good places for diving, where you can get a glimpse of lovely marine life and coral reefs!

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Heart Ocean Dive Center

The Xinhai Diving Center will open in 2021 and is located near Houbi Lake. All applicants for the PADI OW certification course will be accompanied by an accommodation room that can accommodate four people.The teacher-student ratio is 1:2, and the class system is small. One person can start the class, and the class time can be adjusted according to the progress of the students.

View the full introduction of Xinhai Diving Center

Mermaid Course

Kenting Water Sports Recommended Mermaid Course

The mermaid course sounds romantic and beautiful, but it is not as simple as putting on a dreamy mermaid outfit and posing for a few photos on the shore.A real mermaid needs to obtain a certificate and train himself to overcome various disadvantages such as poor vision and nasal irrigation when his feet are bound in the sea.In addition, in order to achieve the elegance of a mermaid, it is even more important to be able to control the body not to float up or sink, and to float steadily in it, which is quite a skill-testing Kenting water HengchunBeyond The Surface Diving. There is a 16-hour mermaid diving license course, and those who have no diving foundation can also start practicing as a mermaid in the swimming pool. Professional coaches and superb photography skills will help you realize your fairy tale mermaid dream.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Beyond The Surface Diving

Beyond The Surface Diving is a popular diving shop in Kenting. In addition to teaching free diving and scuba diving, it also offers many advanced courses, giving people who love the sea and diving a richer choice.And now the SSI system's mermaid diving certificate course has been launched. In addition to the knowledge and skills that should be learned in the course itself, it also combines the expertise of Beyond The Surface Diving's instructors - photography and modeling, so that the mermaids who come here can not only be safe but also learn, you can also leave a beautiful figure through the lens.

View the full introduction of Beyond The Surface Diving


Kenting water activities recommended snorkeling

The thought of diving into the bottomless sea is very scary, dare not take the diving certificate?Don't worry!The weather in Hengchun Peninsula is warm, the sea quality is clear, and we are committed to coral reef ecological conservation. Snorkeling only needs to look down from the water surface to see beautiful coral reefs and fish swimming leisurely, as well as have the opportunity to see colorful tropical fish. It can be said that it is very beginner-friendly Kenting water sports.There are many snorkeling shops in Houbihu Wanlitong and other places. In addition to renting equipment such as frog mirrors and snorkels, there will also be simple teaching. Even children can easily snorkel after wearing life jackets.


Kenting water activities recommended surfing

Kenting Jiale Water is a famous surfing mecca in Taiwan. Its unique geographical environment and stable climate make the waves here all year round very good, and the waves range from beginners to advanced players. Manzhou is the best in October every year. The Leshui International Surf Festival has gathered many surfing enthusiasts here.Therefore, if you also want to learn to surf in Kenting, there are a lot of surfing teaching shops in Jialeshui area to choose from, usually including surfing teaching and equipment rental, and the stable wave conditions are very suitable for beginners.

SUP stand up paddle

Kenting Water Sports Recommended SUP Stand Up Paddle

Places with beautiful oceans usually have SUP itineraries, and Kenting is no exception. In addition to the most popular sunrise and sunset groups, some Kenting SUP stores will launch transparent SUP or canoes, allowing you to paddle and watch the fish underneath , or add snorkeling, diving and other activities.If you like to take pictures, the general store basically provides a mobile phone to help you take pictures. You can also pay attention to whether the store provides additional value-added services such as professional monocular, GoPro rental, or aerial camera follow-up.Usually, the places suitable for SUP in Kenting or Hengchun include the "Secret Land of Zhongzhou" between Houbihu and Maobitou.

[SUP Stand Up Paddle Basics Guide] A sport you can enjoy even if you can't swim!Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions for SUP Newbies Answered


Kenting water sports recommended submarine

For people with small children or people who dare not touch the water at all, isn’t there a suitable Kenting water play itinerary?In fact, semi-submarines like glass boats or entertainment yachts are good choices.The semi-submarine will sail on the sea. Visitors can enjoy the rich coral reefs and underwater ecology under the sea through the glass cabin in the basement. The process is usually accompanied by a commentator. It is very suitable for watching the sea leisurely or taking children to learn about marine education. people.And if you are a group of friends, I highly recommend you to try entertainment yachts. There are many stores in Kenting that rent yachts. Several people can charter a yacht to sail on the sea. The boat is equipped with karaoke or drinks. You will definitely enjoy the blue sky of southern Taiwan. A good way to see the blue sea.

drag umbrella

Kenting water sports recommended parasailing

Parasailing is a very popular item in water sports in Kenting. Flying in the blue sky of Houbi Lake, looking at the healing sea below, it seems that all troubles can be solved easily.Playing parasailing does not require special skills. The power generated by the speedboat pulls tourists up from the water to experience the freedom of birds.The safety of the parachute is very high, and children over the age of seven can play. Usually, two people can be taken off at the same time. If you bring a child or a timid person, you can also appoint a coach to accompany you.If you are an adventurous person, you can also specify the thrill of rapid landing, and usually the store will meet your needs!

wide water ski

Kenting water sports recommended wide version of water skiing

Wide board water skiing, also known as speedboat surfing, looks a lot like surfing, but it is a boat wave instead of an ocean wave. As long as you follow the boat, you can also surf in the lake with the wake of the boat during sailing. Wave.Compared with real sea surfing, this is more suitable for beginners. Even if you can't swim, you can easily control it. Generally, beginners experience sliding time for about 15 minutes, which is quite a test of balance.Kenting Water Sports recommends wide-board water skiing for those who want to experience floating on the water. If you are already a professional surfer, you can also have a gorgeous roll on the lake, which is absolutely 100 points eye-catching.

Kenting XNUMX-in-XNUMX Water Sports

Kenting water sports recommended Kenting three-in-one water sports

Most of the above mentioned are single-item Kenting water play recommendations, but there are definitely more than that in enthusiastic southern Taiwan. Banana boats, jet skis, rock airships, Popeye, and many other water play facilities in Kenting will definitely make you want to play. It is a great enjoyment to be reluctant to go home, especially a group of friends is the most suitable for participating. Spraying sea water on the water together, or floating happily.Many stores have launched three-in-one Kenting water activities, or even four-in-one and five-in-one programs. You can choose 3-5 of the interesting water activities you are interested in, and you can get a more favorable price for Kenting water activities!Usually these Kenting water play trips include equipment rental, so as long as you bring a happy and safe heart, you can go home safely.

The above are the recommended water activities in Kenting this time. TWOSEVENTHS Introducing 10 options for water play in Kenting. Hengchun Beyond The Surface Diving has a variety of attractions, including mountains and seas, and the variety of water sports in Kenting is so dazzling that you won’t get bored even if you stay there for a month.However, due to the booming business opportunities and the large number of stores, the quality of water sports stores in Kenting varies. It is recommended that in addition to comparing prices and service items beforehand, you should also read more reviews, or follow TWOSEVENTHS Recommended store for Kenting water activities, you will never step on the thunder and you will have a good time!

If you want to find options other than Kenting, Xiaoliuqiu is also another popular place for water sports in Taiwan. For recommendations, please refer to this articleXiaoliuqiu Free Travel Raiders, take you to quickly understand how to play Xiaoliuqiu.

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