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Freediving has become a trend in recent years. However, in the sea, you not only need to overcome your inner fear, but also pay attention to safety at all times. Therefore, it is very important to find a qualified and good freediving shop!this time TWOSEVENTHS A special mysterious guest visitsTaichung Free Diving Recommended Stores: Free Pilot Free Pilot, let's see if Mysterio can become a qualified Free Pilot through the Free Pilot Free Diving Course.

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio

Lucy Hou - Lucy Hou

Taichung Freediving Master
Dive all over Taiwanafter lucy

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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experience content

Experience store: Free Pilot Free Navigator
Experience project: free diving RAID course
Experience date: 2021.03.06

Free Navigator Introduction

Liberty Navigator Appearance 1

Free Pilot is the stronghold of Free Pilot, hidden in the old house of Qinmei Green Light Project, and people passing by often stop at the door, but different from the surrounding cultural and youth arts and crafts shops, Free Pilot's products lead everyone to experience The passion of the sea.

Liberty Navigator Rating 01

Walking into the Liberty Navigator store, the indoor space is about 15 pings. There are many interesting underwater photos on the walls, tables, and windowsills. Lust for diving glamour.

Liberty Navigator Rating 02

And the name Free Pilot is because the founder thinks that everyone is in a dull and unchanging life, and wants to take everyone to experience the interesting underwater world after get off work and after school, to freely swim in the sea and forget everything Stress becomes the navigator in your own life.

Liberty Navigator Appearance

At the beginning, it was mainly operated online. Until the establishment of physical classrooms in 2020, the free pilot free diving course has AIDA and RAID dual certificates. The two biggest features are unlimited free group training courses and free underwater photography. These two alone Lucy, who wanted to learn free diving, felt it was worth the price.

Free Navigator Review 03

In addition, freelance pilots also offer SSI International Mermaid courses, ranging from basics to certificate courses, suitable for girls who want to swim under the sea like a mermaid.

Free pilot self-diving course preparation

Free Navigator Evaluation Group Training

The free pilot free diving course is divided into 8 classes, including 1 discipline class, 1 flat pressure specialized class, 1 confined water class, 2 deep pool classes, and 3 open water classes. with otherTaichung Freediving ShopThe 5 courses are not the same. The free pilots put more emphasis on learning free diving and practicing well. After a large number of group training, they will go to the sea training to take the license test. They don't worry about the length of time for the students to obtain the certificate, but they are afraid that the students will give up on their own.

Free Navigator Review 04.jpg

The class pattern and assessment standards of the RAID system and the AIDA system are the same. Lucy feels that the free diving system is actually not important after passing the test. The important thing is whether you can dive freely after the test.

Free Navigator Review 05

Compared with the certification system, what needs to be paid more attention to is the overall price of free diving courses. The difference between free diving and scuba diving is that it requires a lot of practice to train ear pressure balance and bend down to dive. According to Lucy's own experience, few people can get the license immediately in just three days.

Free Navigator Review 06

Therefore, in addition to the cost of the course itself, don’t forget to evaluate the cost of private group training after the course and the cost of make-up sea training. Usually the overall cost will be about 5,000 to 10,000 more in the end. At this time, Free Navigator’s unlimited free group training system comes into play! It will definitely enable students who come to learn free diving to learn free diving skills in a down-to-earth manner.

Freelance Navigator’s Lesson Experience

liberty navigator interior

The free pilot's subject classroom is in the store. Before taking the subject course, you must first log in to the RAID system website to register, and choose Free Pilot as the institution for learning free diving. There are also safety reminders about free diving on the website. Information can be read first.

Liberty Navigator Rating 8

In the subject teaching part, the free pilot explained the breathing process from the physiological structure and where the desire to breathe comes from, which is very clear.The freelance navigator coach with rich teaching experience breaks down the ear pressure balance that everyone is most likely to get stuck, and trains the base of the tongue and soft palate that are not usually used. This part is one of the reasons why Lucy Hou recommended it the most.

Liberty Navigator Rating 9

There are two lessons planned for the calm water course. The first lesson is general swimming pool training, including swimming 200 meters, static apnea for 2 minutes, level diving 40 meters, implementation of the buddy system and rescue.The first class will teach you how to use the mask, snorkel and fins, so you don't have to worry about whether you can swim or breathe.

Liberty Navigator Rating 6

The swimming pool training in the second class is deep water pool training, starting to enter the experience of free diving. The first step is to overcome the fear of not stepping on the floor when entering the water. Through the persuasive encouragement and patient waiting of the free pilot coach, Students can gradually relax their tense emotions and tense muscles, and gradually get used to the state of floating and sinking on the water surface with kicking fins.

Liberty Navigator Rating 7

The training in the deep pool includes rope climbing, flat pressure exercises, bowing into the water, and constant weight diving. At this time, it will test whether the decomposition movements of the usual practice of flat pressing are successful.

Free Navigator Review 08

It is a pity that usually there are not many people who can quickly make the flat press smoothly. According to the teaching experience of the free pilot instructor, only 2% of the students can get started quickly. Therefore, the training in the deep pool has once again tested The patience and stamina of the coaches and the breadth of experience.Because the amount of practice required for free diving must be very intensive, the arrangement of the free pilot free diving course does not require students to pass the sea training test as soon as possible.

Free Navigator Review 04

As mentioned earlier, free pilot students can participate in unlimited group exercises, regardless of whether they have obtained a certificate or not, they can participate in group exercises, and there are coaches accompanying them.What's more considerate is that if you are a student who cannot cooperate with the group training time on weekdays, you can also arrange to practice together in a regular deep pool class with space.

Free Navigator Review 011

Freelance pilots also have students from counties and cities around Taichung, so the coaches of freelance pilots will also specially help students from other counties and cities to arrange group training time together. With such a careful and comprehensive arrangement, I highly recommend students from other counties and cities to participate in the freelance tour. Pilot Freediving Course.After repeated rounds of group training in deep water pools, as long as you have the approval of any coach of the free pilot, you can arrange time to sign up for three open water courses, which is the so-called sea training.

Liberty Navigator Rating 11

The last part of sea training includes constant weight diving of 10-20 meters, underwater rescue at 10 meters, underwater guarding, underwater situation elimination and other training.Because the training in the deep pool is solid enough, the sea training pass rate of free pilots can be as high as XNUMX%.

At the same time, the free pilot also insists that every student must pass open water training before he can get a photo.Since being in the sea is not as deep as indoor pools, the inner pressure and fear you face are very intense. Therefore, even if the sea water temperature is low in spring and autumn, free pilots will still hold sea training courses to allow students who need them to participate in the assessment. Winter clothing will be provided for students to wear.

Free Navigator Review 09

The free pilot knows that it is impossible for everyone to learn free diving in three days. Therefore, the general group training class, the free pilot does not charge additional coaching fees, and chooses the North District Sports Center to practice in Taichung. You only need to pay the entrance fee .Winter clothes, fins and other equipment can also be rented from the coach, and the transportation and accommodation of the sea training, the coaches of the free pilot will also help arrange the vehicle pick-up, and only need to share part of the fuel cost, which can be said to be a very considerate service.

Free Navigator Review 010

What is even more enviable is that the underwater photography skills of the freelance pilot coaches are amazing. The underwater photos in this article are all from the hands of the coaches.I believe that everyone wants to take good care of their body and practice their potential skills, just to save the most beautiful moment underwater, then you can definitely trust the underwater photography skills of the free pilot!

Mystery guest evaluation

This time, through the explanation and decomposition exercises of the Free Pilot coach, Lucy can easily master the practice method of Franzo's ear pressure balance, which can be said to be the difference in the amount of teaching experience.And Lucy really likes the stronghold of Liberty Pilot. It is a home that brings everyone who loves to play with water together. When you walk into Liberty Pilot, you will feel isolated and relaxed.

The most fearful thing about diving is becoming a diving orphan. However, the atmosphere brought by Free Navigation brings everyone together because of diving. It is easy to meet new friends. The relationship is as close as friends in a club. After passing the certification, you can also participate in diving tours. , and the price of the freelance pilot is also very reasonable. For students and petty bourgeoisie, tuition fees can also be paid in installments. The most important thing is that the instructor’s underwater photography skills are so good that there is nothing to say. Overall, the CP value is quite high. Freediving options in Taichung.

Lucy Hou - Lucy Hou
Affinity: ★★★★☆
Interesting: ★★★★☆
Accessibility: ★★★★☆
Teacher-student ratio: ★★★★★

Free Navigator store details

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  • Liberty Navigator Price

    RAID Freediving Basic License Fee:
    $14,500 per person
    Group class $12,300 (according to the number of applicants in the month, you can help to join the group to apply for a discount)
    The above does not include transportation, board and lodging for sea training, which can be arranged by yourself or by the store, and there is no arrangement fee

    SSI Mermaid International Certificate Course:
    Mermaid Acting Lesson $5,000
    SSI Swimming Pool Mermaid Basic Course $8,000
    SSI swimming pool mermaid license class $14,000 Original price $16,000
    SSI Ocean Mermaid Certificate Class $18,000

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  • Liberty Pilot Hours of Operation

    Tuesday to Sunday 14:00-20:00
    Closed on Monday

  • Liberty Navigator Contact Information

    Official website:
    Facebook:free pilot

Liberty Pilot Offer

Exclusive offer

Learn good diving instruction! LV1 open water license group price is $12,300

It doesn’t matter if you can’t find friends, Free Pilot will help you organize a group! Taichung's "Learn Well" diving tutorial provides free group training to help you take beautiful photos and help you unlock the most beautiful leisure and social experience.

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