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An engineer who is addicted to alcohol and work, he has run through the north, the middle, and the south. He likes to try new things and appreciate the joy of life. !

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[Recommendation of Taipei Shrimp Fishing Restaurants] KTV with BBQ available 24 hours a day, review of 5 indoor shrimp fishing restaurants in Taipei

Shrimp fishing is a leisure life with Taiwanese characteristics. In recent years, many tourists have come here to experience the shrimp fishing culture. this time TWOSEVENTHS From environment, equipment, transportation, services, etc...
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[Hsinchu Strawberry Picking Recommendations] The sweet and rosy strawberry season has begun, a review of 4 Hsinchu strawberry farms

In addition to experiencing the fun of farming, picking strawberries by yourself can also provide you with a deeper understanding of the growth process, planting techniques, variety differences, etc. of strawberries. Especially for families with children, it is a...
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