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He is often said to be too serious, trying to use the beauty of this world to influence his overly rational brain.I like to explore the world with a curious and unlimited heart.I am willing to experience new and challenging things, but indoor activities are also within the scope of my strategy, that is, there is no limit.

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[Ximending Top Pork Chop Studio Guide] 5 escape room themes compiled at once, the latest top Pork Chop reviews and discount information

TWOSEVENTHS This time, let’s make an in-depth evaluation of Taipei’s escape room recommendations: Top Pork Chop Game Studio. Not only will you learn about the top Pork Chops Game Studio, but we will also provide you with business hours and contact information...
麓寶寶采耳 11
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[Evaluation of Lubaobaby's Ear Picking] Nangang Neihu Ear Picking named by the details!Exclusive techniques make you want to stop

Since the establishment of the first founding store in Sanchong, it has been well received by customers. Lubaobao's professional ear picking, which has expanded all the way to Donghu, has become the first choice for ear picking in Neihu, Nangang, and Xizhi. All kinds of ear picking...
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[Caicaier Evaluation] 60 minutes of ear picking and tendon enjoyment!The ear-picking experience in the East District that will make your whole body feel numb

Want to experience ear picking but don't know where to choose?don’t worry, TWOSEVENTHS This time, a mysterious guest who often works overtime and needs to relieve stress is sent to unbox the evergreen tree of Caier in the East District of Taipei for you - Cai...
台北做蛋糕推薦 台北蛋糕DIY
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[Recommendation for making cakes in Taipei] Handmade cakes and desserts are super easy! Comparison of 7 Taipei DIY Cake Baking Classrooms

TWOSEVENTHS This time, I would like to recommend 7 cake-making shops in Taipei. From the level of craftsmanship, the environment, to the price and accessibility, I will comprehensively evaluate the most suitable Taipei baking teaching for you...
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