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If you're not going up the mountain or down to the sea, you're on the way to drink and eat meat.I like the desolation and vastness of the mountains and seas better than the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle. I love surfing/diving/Latin dancing/kickboxing/hiking/cooking/wine tasting/travelling, and strive to explore the unfinished world.

台北攀岩推薦 台北攀岩場
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【Taipei Rock Climbing Site Recommendation】Novices can also enjoy rock climbing experience, 9 indoor bouldering gyms in Taipei are evaluated

Rock climbing is becoming more and more popular in Taipei. Indoor rock climbing is not affected by the weather, and it is more interesting than fitness.So how should you choose a rock climbing venue in Taipei for the first time? TWOSEVENTHS The explorer...
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[Taipei Painting Classroom Recommendation] Introductory oil painting and acrylic painting teaching, evaluation of 8 Taipei studio experience courses

Painting courses combined with cafes or galleries is a popular experience activity recently. Using the paintbrush in your hand to freely sway the creativity in your mind is not only healing but also full of sense of accomplishment.this time TWOSEVENTHS from...
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