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In the busy modern life, it is a great enjoyment to relieve muscle tension and fatigue through SPA massage; but how to make a difference and stand out among many SPA shops is up to each person.this time TWOSEVENTHS I would like to introduce the recommended SPA store in Taipei East District: LaForet, which not only provides foot bath, essential oil massage, breast massage, hair removal and other services, but also elevates SPA massage to another level through hearing and smell.Want to know what LaForet 拉夫莱 evaluates?Let's explore this immersive female-only SPA with the mysterious guest!

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio


Taipei Spa Experts
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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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experience content

Experience Store: LaForet
Experience items: shoulder, neck and back soothing, foot bath care, ice muscle hair removal
Experience date: 2023.05.18

Lafleur video guide

Lafleur environment introduction

Lafleur's review

LaForet is a female-only SPA that is fully reserved. The studio is located in a building that is a 5-minute walk from Exit 1 of Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station, and the traffic is very convenient.From the left entrance of the building on Guangfu South Road, there is a fountain. After exchanging certificates with the guards on the first floor, you can take the elevator to the East SPA studio on the 8th floor.

LaForet LaFlei Rating 1

After entering the studio, what catches the eye is the whole row of crystal decorations. After entering from the left, there is a sofa for waiting while waiting. There are two exclusive sofas for foot baths next to the sofa area, and there are two rooms inside, a massage area with two massage beds, and a hair removal area with a toilet.

LaForet LaFlei Rating 3

Yuna took a break on the sofa after entering the studio, while enjoying the honey yuzu tea provided by the store. "LaForet" means forest in French, and it also represents purity. Therefore, this east-side SPA hopes to let guests feel that their environment and products are natural and pure, so LaForet, except for pregnant women, Massage with woody scented pure and natural Aesop essential oils.

LaForet LaFlei Rating 4

Also LaForet Lafleur isTaipei SPA storeAmong them, there are a few immersive experiences that focus on relaxing the body and mind. You can relax your body and mind under the white noise of the forest, and feel the services of masseuses carefully.After the massage, the store also provides hair dryers, combs, makeup primers, and sunscreen, so that guests can tidy up before going back. Yuna thinks it is very considerate.

Lafleur provides services

LaForet LaFlei Rating 5

LaForet aims to take care of women and pregnant women, so it has specially created a set of massage, maintenance and hair removal courses covering all parts of the body from head to toe for women. This time, Yuna chose the most popular relaxation and immersion experience courses recommended by this Eastern SPA: Angel shoulder, neck and back soothing, and preparations for wearing sandals in the summer: Goddess Rose Foot Bath Deep Treatment and Ice Muscle Hair Removal.

LaForet LaFlei Rating 6

In addition to the usual, women need to take good care of themselves during pregnancy, so LaForet provides one-stop services from before delivery to after delivery, including massage for pregnant women before delivery, postpartum lactation, and postpartum pelvic enlargement. Serve.Laflei mentioned that the belly binding service will provide massage for the loosening of the rectus abdominis after childbirth, so that the core muscles can be slightly concentrated again. Laflei recommends that it can be combined with exercise to make the abdomen firmer faster.For pregnant mothers, such meticulous care is very reassuring.

LaForet LaFlei Rating 16

Another popular course is breast enhancement massage. Yuna chatted with masseuses after the class and learned that they are often asked by customers, "Can breast enhancement massage really change the size of breasts?" Breast massage within ten days, combined with the secretion of estrogen, can dredge the breasts and make the breasts more concentrated.In addition, in addition to regular breast enhancement massage to dredge around the breasts, if you take 10000 mg of collagen a day, which is beneficial to the breasts, it can further assist the breast enhancement effect.

Angel shoulder, neck and back soothing experience experience

LaForet LaFlei Rating 7

Before the Angel shoulder, neck and back soothing class, Yuna changed into the beauty clothes provided by LaForet, and then went to the room in the massage area to lie on the mat. Relax and start this spa experience that satisfies all five senses.

LaForet LaFlei Rating 8

After the singing bowl is finished, the oil will be mixed and massaged. At the beginning, massage with manual techniques for 30 minutes, then use the acid-dispelling stick to massage the tendons for 30 minutes, and then use the cylindrical-shaped roll with red beans in it for hot compress. After the massage, the masseur will Wake up with the natural and soft sound of the husk bell, and finally wipe off the oil on your body with a hot towel.

LaForet LaFlei Rating 9

Yuna, who is very afraid of pain, is very afraid of the pain caused by applying pressure to the fascia in traditional acupressure massage shops, and the tendon pulling technique that causes pain or even bruises the next day after the massage. Laflei mentioned that their massage mainly It is mainly about relaxation, and the superficial layer is brought to the fascia.

LaForet LaFlei Rating 10

In addition, through natural white noise combined with wood dimming shadows and pure natural Aesop essential oils, plus singing bowls before massage and gentle awakening after massage, these immersive experiences with ASMR effects allow Yuna to completely relax and rest the body and mind , even fell asleep comfortably during the massage, definitely Yuna inoil massage taipeiOne of the most relaxing experiences ever.

Goddess Rose Foot Bath Deep Care Experience Experience

LaForet LaFlei Rating 11

LaForet's goddess rose foot bath deep treatment is carried out on the sofa used for the foot bath, and provides looser pants for guests wearing skirts or tighter pants.After sitting on the sofa, soak your feet in the bubble warm water foot bath sprinkled with sea salt and rose petals, and then trim your nails, polish them, remove the hard skin, and exfoliate your nails one by one.

LaForet LaFlei Rating 12

After tidying up the toenails, I will first soak in warm water with sea salt rose petals and warm water bubbles, and then proceed to the step of peeling the skin of the feet; then the whole foot to the calf will be exfoliated and the film will be applied to the knees. After the film is applied, massage will be wrapped Air machine, use pressure to press the legs to increase blood circulation, and finally wash and polish the armor.

LaForet LaFlei Rating 13

Yuna, who often wears sandals, often feels that the skin on the soles of her feet is particularly dry, but after the deep treatment of LaForet's Goddess Rose foot bath, her entire calf is smooth and brightened, and the foot bath at this east-side spa is not only about soaking feet and grooming nails , they will also remove the hard skin on both sides of the nails very carefully. Lovely's comfortable and relaxing experience is the best store that Yuna has ever done in the foot bath in Taipei.

Ice muscle hair removal experience experience

LaForet LaFlei Rating 14

Lovely's ice muscle hair removal is carried out in the hair removal area room, and the hair can be processed in the toilet of the room first. Yuna was always afraid of the burning and pain of laser hair removal in the past, and Lovely said that Ice muscle hair removal is a hair removal technology that penetrates the shallower layer of laser optics and is painless and does not hurt the skin. Yuna felt a icy cold feeling at the moment of beating, the process was simple and fast, and there was no heat or pain.

LaForet LaFlei Rating 15

Because the hair follicles in the private parts are usually thicker, Lovely recommends doing hot wax first and then ice muscle hair removal.Because hot wax physically removes hair from the follicle by the roots, which can make the hair thinner faster, and the effect of ice muscle hair removal after hot wax will be better; after hair removal in the private area, it can be used with Laflei's private Cleaning products around the skin can be reused, and imported products using lactic acid bacteria can help maintain the private parts and prevent infection.

Mystery guest evaluation

After several SPA massage courses, Yuna feels that LaForet is a women-only SPA that "takes care of women completely". The immersive relaxing massage is Yuna's most appreciated part. , the smell of woody essential oils, white noise during massage, singing bowls and the sound of fruit shell bells when awakened, and even the touch of the body and hot compresses, every link in the experience of the five senses has been carefully considered and arranged.People can take care of the whole body and even every stage of a girl's life without thinking about it. Yuna is highly recommended to female friends who want to pursue purity, nature and relaxation.

Tidy: ★★★★★
Environment: ★★★★★
Technique: ★★★★★
Easy Parking: ★★★☆☆

Lafleur store details

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  • LaForet Laflei charge price

    Angel shoulder, neck and back relaxation: $1,099/60 points
    Goddess Rose Foot Bath Deep Treatment: $1,600/90 points
    Wafeng Healing Body Massage Release: $2,399/120 points
    Full cranial immersion: $1,499/60-70 points
    Release intraocular pressure SPA: $1,599/60-70 points
    Chinese shoulder and neck soothing management: $1,199/60-70 points
    Relaxing leg care: $999/60 points
    There are also courses such as facial women's SPA, breast massage, skin care, hot wax and ice muscle hair removal, pregnant woman care, etc.

    Learn about the full billing plan
  • Contact LaForet

  • LaForet Lafleur opening hours

    Appointment required, please private message for details LINE @

La Fleur discount

Exclusive offer

Petty bourgeoisie recommended!Back exfoliation add-on for only $500

When you make an appointment with Angel's Shoulder, Neck and Back, you can enjoy back exfoliation at an additional purchase price of $500 (original price $700). All appointments are reserved for private space, allowing you to quietly become beautiful!

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