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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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【邏思起子密室逃脫攻略】6 款密室逃脫主題一次整理,最新邏思起子評價優惠資訊 2

Founded in 2015, Luosi Knife Studio currently has 6 major escape room themes, as well as 2 branches located near MRT Nanjing Sanmin Station and Xinyi District Yongchun Station.Among them, the Xinyi flagship store is a space shared with the Mumuri board game store, which can be said to be a paradise for those who love games.

Secret room game features

【邏思起子密室逃脫攻略】6 款密室逃脫主題一次整理,最新邏思起子評價優惠資訊 4

In recent years, the style of Luosi Kaizi's secret room has gradually shifted from overhead fantasy and rich puzzles to facing reality and exciting mechanisms.The new theme "Prisoner Sound" that will be launched in the near future is said to be the most solid realistic background in the past years. How the studio can restore the heavy history while maintaining a real and amazing gaming experience is quite exciting.

Location and transportation

【邏思起子密室逃脫攻略】6 款密室逃脫主題一次整理,最新邏思起子評價優惠資訊 6

FromThe official website of Luosi Screwdriver Escape Room,可以迅速找到各主題的簡介、賣點、收費與建議遊玩人數。


【邏思起子密室逃脫攻略】6 款密室逃脫主題一次整理,最新邏思起子評價優惠資訊 8


以 Selena 玩過的Escape Room TaipeiGenerally speaking, the price of Luosi screwdriver is reasonable and moderate, and there are also discounted prices for students.


【邏思起子密室逃脫攻略】6 款密室逃脫主題一次整理,最新邏思起子評價優惠資訊 10

整體而言,邏思起子密室逃脫的數量雖然不是最多,但題材與遊玩人數相當多元,從 2 人成行的小密室,到 20 人同玩的三線式大型主題,喜歡密室的人都能在邏思起子享受逃脫的樂趣。


【邏思起子密室逃脫攻略】6 款密室逃脫主題一次整理,最新邏思起子評價優惠資訊 12

From the first adventure secret room that integrates multiple civilization stories "創 世紀", slightly scary vampire theme "Scarlet Castle", to the pirate theme that extends the adventure style "One Eyed Jack"Large secret room with jungle exploration"Misty Island", until the most topical horror theme that attracts many novices to the secret room"Xinhai Tunnel"and"Yongchun Hospital", it is not difficult to find that the escape room logic screwdriver always emphasizes the immersive sense of immersion, and actively challenges the perfect cooperation between sound and light effects and mechanisms.

Yongchun Hospital

Recommended index: ★★★★★
Price: $999/person
Suitable number of people: 4-6 people
Experience time: 110 minutes
Game plot:

Yongchun Hospital
Once a prestigious maternity hospital

Committed to providing the most "professional" nursing services
Commitment to take care of the "physical and mental health" of every patient

you may not have heard of it
but you must go to the hospital
Everyone who comes here has their own suffering

The pain and memories this time will make you unforgettable
How should you deal with this diagnosis?

Xinhai Tunnel

Recommended index: ★★★★★
Price: $750-790/person
Suitable number of people: 4-6 people
Experience time: 100 minutes
Game plot:

Hold the steering wheel, step on the gas pedal
A six-seater van drives into the Xinhai Tunnel

For the supernatural rumors in the Xinhai Tunnel

But when you drive into the tunnel
Only then did I realize that what is waiting for you is not a lackluster supernatural story

Welcome to Gexia Kaiyun Car Rental Company
Next, welcome to experience it yourself

Scarlet Castle

Recommended index: ★★★★☆
Price: $500-690/person
Suitable number of people: 4-8 people
Experience time: 100 minutes
Game plot:

on the other side of the world
"They" have a strong vitality
in the endless years
Only human blood can fill "their" dry souls

Today you all received a mission to rescue human beings
The rich merchant's daughter "Charlotte" is kidnapped by vampires
Everyone please rescue her before midnight

​Will everything go so smoothly? !

One Eyed Jack

Recommended index: ★★★★☆
Price: $450-690/person
Suitable number of people: 2-6 people
Experience time: 80 minutes
Game plot:

In the 18th century, a new page was written in maritime history, and many legends were born, and "One-Eyed Jack" was one of them.

He is the greatest enemy of the Dutch East India Company!

However, one operation failed, and he was captured by the Dutch East India Company as a slave. He never gave up his escape, and he risked everything and left a message in a bottle...

This time, we will become passionate pirates, follow the clues left by Jack, rob the merchant ships of the East India Company, and snatch all the treasures!

Misty Island

Recommended index: ★★★★★
Price: $500-690/person
Suitable number of people: 5-21 people
Experience time: 110 minutes
Game plot:

Have you ever heard of Gaia Energy?Legend has it that it is hidden in the Misty Island

and guarded by three ancient civilizations

Gaia energy can only be awakened by logging into the Misty Island, walking into the ruins, and completing the ceremony


Use your wisdom and courage to complete the challenge of the ruins!Good luck to everyone~

創 世紀

Recommended index: ★★★★☆
Price: $450-650/person
Suitable number of people: 5-20 people
Experience time: 100 minutes
Game plot:

Legend has it that the powerful gene stone that can create civilization is stored in the Temple of the Century - Red Sun. Now the planet "Nadia" is facing the brink of destruction, we must find the gene stone to continue the civilization of "Nadia"!

Coinciding with the Nine Stars Lianzhu, which is rare in a century, the Century Temple will be opened for 70 minutes and then closed.Adventurers, do you dare to accept the challenge, complete the mission, and save the planet "Nadia"?

Since ancient times, no creature has been able to leave the temple safely! !
You will face not only deadly traps, but also...

Take your partner and courage to take an adventure together!

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Popular Horror Secret Room, Xinhai Tunnel from $750 per person

The horror index is four stars.Netizen's experience: The ultra-real driving experience will make people afraid of driving in the future!

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