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Wulai Double Hot Spring House combines natural beauty with private space. It also provides beds for couples to take a rest after bathing. this time TWOSEVENTHS We have selected 10 Wulai couple’s hot spring houses that also have beds for bathing and resting. In the wet and cold winter, hurry up and find your favorite Wulai hot spring hotel. Let the comfortable steam of the hot spring house wash away the stress and fatigue. Bar.

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As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Volando Resort

Fulanduo Wulai Resort Hotel can be said to be the first choice for many couples to choose Wulai Double Hot Spring House. The atmosphere of the soup house Villa is very comfortable, and the overall decoration uses a lot of natural materials such as rock chips and wood. In addition to the landscape hot spring house where you can enjoy the natural scenery while taking a bath, there is also a luxurious landscape hot spring house with double beds, separate toilets, and hot and cold spring pools. It is worth mentioning that each bathhouse faces the Nanshi River and the entire mountain forest, and the bathtub is very spacious, even if two people lie side by side, it is still very comfortable.

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Fumori Sakaji Trio

Only 5 minutes' drive from Wulai Old Street, Fulanduo Trio is a brand new branch of Fulanduo Resort Hotel. The architecture emphasizes the use of original materials, reducing excessive artificial building material selection, so that people and nature can be integrated. The double hot spring room has a variety of sizes to choose from, such as the Senmu room suitable for young couples. It can overlook a mountain view and is equipped with a Japanese-style wooden interior design. You can feel like you are on vacation in Japan without having to fly to Japan. In addition, this Wulai couple's hot spring house also offers a variety of hot spring baths plus set menus or afternoon tea options. The ingredients emphasize indigenous flavor + local ingredients + healthy vegetarian food. It is highly recommended as a good place for couples to go on a date!

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Lvchen Hot Spring B&B

Luchen Hot Spring B&B is about 6 minutes' drive from Wulai Old Street. It is located at the commanding heights of Wulai, overlooking Wulai Old Street. The decoration style of the B&B is modern and simple, with imported handmade tiles, which is different from the traditional Wulai hot spring resorts. There are three types of couples' hot spring baths with beds in the hotel. They have endless mountain views and you can also see the sunrise in the early morning. Among them, the mountain view classic double room hot spring bath costs $2 for 2,800 hours on weekdays. It is recommended for those who like to watch the mountain views. young couple come to enjoy.

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Pushi Lizhi Hot Spring Club

Pushi Lizhi Hot Spring Hotel is located near the Wulai District Office. It is designed in a minimalist and natural style. It provides a total of six themed hot springs and five couples' hot springs with beds to choose from. Among them, the 10 square meter stream-viewing room has a Lunar New Year one-bed, two-dining plan at a discount of only $9,999. Couples can enjoy the scenery outside the window while taking a bath. When they are tired, they can rest on the extra-large bed in the room. When they are hungry, they can also enjoy this Wulai couple’s hot spring bath. Exquisite dinner prepared in the house.

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Shanshuiyan Hot Spring Hotel

Shanshuiyan Hot Spring Hotel is about a 5-minute drive from Wulai Old Street. It provides an exclusive parking lot, so you don’t have to worry about lack of parking space when you drive up. There are four types of double hot spring baths to choose from in the hotel. Each hot spring bath house has a spacious bathroom. Three of the hot spring bath houses provide hot and cold hot spring pools. As for the price, the exquisite hot spring house with a bed charges $2 for 2,200 hours on weekdays. The price is affordable and is recommended for couples who want to stay away from the crowds and relax in the hot spring bath.

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Yizhan Hot Spring Hotel

The Yizhan Hot Spring Resort is about a 4-minute drive from Wulai Old Street. It is located on Huanshan Road in Wulai District. It provides the largest parking lot in the Wulai tribe. There are also many local snack bars of the Atayal Aboriginal people nearby. There are two hot spring baths for couples to choose from in the hotel. Among them, the exclusive hot spring bath for two people with a bed only costs $1.5 for 1,800 hours. The hot spring bath is spacious and affordable. It is especially suitable for taking a bath with your significant other and then going for a walk nearby and eating something. snack.

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Spring World Hot Spring Club

Spring World Hot Spring Resort covers an area of ​​more than 500 square meters, about 5 minutes' drive from Wulai Old Street, and is decorated in Japanese style. The hotel provides eight different room types of double hot spring baths. Among them, the double bath bath with a bed and a view provides hot and cold hot spring pools. The bathroom is designed with a large floor-to-ceiling window; couples can watch their other half soaking in the hot spring while enjoying the magnificent mountain scenery outside the window. , after bathing in the hot spring, you can also take a good rest on the bed in the hot spring room to continue the warm atmosphere brought by the hot spring.

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Tangguan Hot Spring Club

Tangguan Hot Spring Resort is about a 15-minute walk from Wulai Old Street and offers free parking. The hotel specializes in couples' hot spring baths and Wulai local delicacy packages. Among them, Sakura no Yu for two people can be enjoyed for 1.5 hours with Wulai light meals. The discount price is only $1,380, which can be said to be a very cost-effective price. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the hot spring pool and bed, this Wulai couple’s hot spring house also has a small living room space for use. It is recommended for young couples who want to eat some local food after taking a bath!

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Wulai Shui'an Hot Spring

Wulai Shui'an Hot Spring is only a 5-minute walk from Wulai Old Street. It has a good location and each double hot spring house has an independent balcony with Nanshi River view and hot and cold hot spring pools. It is the best choice for couples to take a bath. The best part is that this Wulai couple's hot spring house is affordable. A standard creek-view hot spring room only costs $3,500 for a weekday stay, and a 2-hour hot spring bath only costs $1,200. Recommended for student couples, they can ride to the hot spring after studying. After taking the hot spring, they can also walk to Wulai Old Street.

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Wulai Songlu Hot Spring Resort

Wulai Songlu Hot Spring Resort is located on Xiluoan Road, Wulai Old Street, with an average altitude of 900 meters and an area of ​​2,000 square meters. It has an excellent geographical location. There are three double bathhouses with beds to choose from, with prices ranging from $4,000 to $7,000. Among them, the Panoramic Couple Hot Spring House costs $4,200 per night on weekdays. In addition to enjoying the hot springs and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Nanshi River, you can also experience the only hot spring stone slabs in Wulai, which makes bathing in the hot springs a different experience.

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The above are the recommended hot spring houses for couples in Wulai this time. TWOSEVENTHS We have selected 10 Wulai couples hot spring resorts with beds in the hot spring rooms for resting, some of which are certified by the mysterious guest himself. Each hot spring resort provides different hot spring room types for two people. In addition to soaking in hot springs to relieve stress, many stores also offer Wulai local delicacies. In addition, taking a bath with your significant other while admiring the scenery outside the window is definitely a must-have relaxing itinerary in winter. It is especially recommended for couples. During the spring break, find a day to come to Wulai to stroll around the old streets and soak in the hot springs to relieve stress.

In addition, if young couples want to consider hot springs in other areas, you can refer toYangmingshan Couple Hot Spring House,as well asBeitou Double Hot Spring House Recommendation. In addition to relaxing in hot springs, there are many ways to relieve stress, such asRock bath in Taipei,Taipei steam room, you can go directly after get off work to allow your body to perspire and detoxify regularly. In addition, if you have needs for full body massage and foot massage, you can also refer toTaipei Foot Massage,Taipei Spa MassageThere are variousTaipei MassageStress relief options. Remind everyone, work carefully when working, but also relax seriously when relaxing!

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