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What kind of Taipei handicraft courses are you looking for?

9 popular hand-made experiences in Taipei, more than 30 hand-made classrooms to choose from, the mysterious guest will help you explore the store and eliminate the mine experience

handmade ring

handmade cake

handmade carpet

handmade leather

handmade candles

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Taipei handicraft courses for lazy people

Still don’t know how to choose? TWOSEVENTHS We have selected 10 handicraft studios in Taipei for you, come and have a look!

Shop Types Price 位置 Evaluation
Everyday is a Gift handmade ring From 1,980 Xinyi District, near MRT Xinyi Anhe Station
Hygge Adorn handmade ring From $1,580 Zhonghe District, near MRT Jingping Station
ART64 handmade ring From $1,900 Xinyi District, near Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall MRT Station
Sweet Me handmade cake From $580 Da'an District, near MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua Station
Spring Pig Studio handmade leather From $250 Da'an District, near MRT Guting Station
Hsu & Daughter handmade leather From $780 Xinyi District, near MRT City Hall Station
Qing handmade soap handmade candles From $1,000 Tamsui District, near MRT Zhuwei Station
ManiaFlowers flower arrangement From 1,500 Banqiao District, near MRT Banqiao Station
Round Round Pottery pottery From $1,480 Da'an District, near MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua Station
Paint Sip draw From $999 Xinyi District, near MRT Taipei 101 Station

Handmade rings can be said to be No. 1 in Taipei's handmade courses. If you don't know which DIY handmade experience to choose, it is unconditional!Following the teacher's teaching, you can make your own unique hand-made rings through knocking, casting molds, etc.; especially for couples in love, in the ceremony of making a couple's rings by themselves, there is a sense of mutual protection.Whether you want to prove your exquisite craftsmanship, want to leave items with commemorative value, or try Taipei handicraft classes for the first time, come and experience metalworking for a day.

Everyday is a Gift

Taipei Metalworking Recommendation Everyday is a Gift Handmade Studio 5
  • Located on Guangfu South Road, 7 minutes walk from Xinyi Anhe MRT Station
  • A variety of experience courses, and you can also purchase fingerprint engraving, electroplating, and diamond setting.
  • The DIY course provides copper sheets for practice and you can take them back as a souvenir.
  • There is a whole wall of metalworking props for couples or good friends to take photos and check in.

Hygge Adorn

Taipei Metalworking Recommendation Hygge Adorn5
  • Located in Zhonghe, a ten-minute walk from Jingping MRT Station
  • The teacher is a professional OEM and can make jewelry comparable to department stores.
  • One teacher teaches 2-3 students, with a maximum of 4 students at the same time
  • The DIY course incorporates cooperation elements and is suitable for couples to experience together

Mix Gene MixGene Jewelry Studio

Taipei Handmade Recommendation Guide》30+ Mystery Shop Certified Handmade Courses, the Most Complete DIY Experience 3
  • Dadaocheng's metalworking experience studio, Wenqing's ancient style old house
  • You can choose any style of ring and bracelet, and only one person can start a class
  • Lady-level enjoyment, afternoon tea snacks and event side shots are provided
  • Intimate follow-up service, life-long after-sales maintenance service


Taipei Handmade Recommendation Guide》30+ Mystery Shop Certified Handmade Courses, the Most Complete DIY Experience 5
  • Xinyi Eslite and Yonghe Double Branches
  • Small class teaching, one person can start a class
  • Metalworking experience items are all silver jewelry
  • Copper sheets for typing practice, which will be made into additional charms

The handmade cake experience is mainly divided into two types. One is the baking DIY experience taught by the tablet. As long as you follow the recipe step by step, you can make a decent cake in the same way.Don’t be afraid if your cooking skills are comparable to the dark cooking world. The other is the baking class with a teacher. The teacher will teach you the whole process, and you can also discuss special items or ingredients with the teacher, and add a little innovation to the fixed recipes.In addition to making coffee at Wenqing coffee shop during the holidays, why not just make handmade cakes that are comparable to coffee shop grades!

Sweet Me

Sweet Me Sweet Me This Taipei cake DIY classroom is located in the lively East District
  • Located in the lively East District, 5 minutes by MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua
  • Tablet full self-service DIY, little helper carefully cares from the side
  • Utensils after use do not need to be washed by themselves
  • XNUMX% discount on cake making during weekdays

Cat Cake Lab

He is also specialized in the teaching of Korean-style extruded flower cakes, which are rare in Taipei baking courses.
  • 3 minutes walk from Yonghe Dingxi MRT Station
  • The teacher takes you to do it, the main cake baking and decoration class
  • Constructive baking teaching, even beginners with zero foundation
  • There is also a rare Korean flower extrusion cake teaching

Miss J Baking Studio

The boss has a strong background and has a professional qualification graduated from Le Cordon Bleu
  • Located in Qingguang Business District, 5 minutes from MRT Zhongshan Elementary School Station
  • Professional teachers graduated from Le Cordon Bleu
  • One person, one machine implementation, five-star baking classroom environment
  • Every dessert made has a beautiful package to take home

JMI Handmade Bakery

Taipei recommends JMI handmade baking for cakes
  • About 5 minutes walk from MRT Beimen Station
  • Taught by the teacher, with a small class size of 2-6 people
  • Unable to attend class according to the schedule, you can also make another appointment
  • Focus on cute style, good at modeling cakes and desserts

Handmade carpets are a new trend in handmade courses in Taipei recently. You can use the Tufting tufting gun to complete your own tufted carpet stitch by stitch, from drawing to production.Usually, the direction of the work will be discussed with the teacher in advance, and the course time on the day will be about 4-5 hours.If you have high requirements for the results of your work, it is recommended that when choosing a store, you can first confirm the course time and the limit on the number of yarns used, so that you can make a satisfactory handmade carpet.

OneonePaint Play Wenchuang

Handmade carpets in Taipei recommend OneonePaint Play Wenchuang
  • Located on Yanji Street, East District, close to the MRT Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station
  • Pet friendly, you can bring your pets to make carpets with you
  • There are more than 100 choices of wool, which can be used to make carpets, bags, mirrors, etc.
  • There are also creations of alcohol ink paintings and gold wire reliefs.

Dottie studio

Recommended handmade carpets in Taipei A+Do Studio2
  • Close to Ningxia Night Market and Shuanglian Market
  • We only receive one group of guests a day
  • Use your mobile phone to connect drawings and draw drafts directly
  • The items are quite diverse, bringing Tufting to its extreme.


Taipei handmade carpet recommended 997 STUDIO2
  • The alley opposite the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall and adjacent to Guangfu Market
  • Comes with two fat cats, no extra charge for sucking the cats
  • Carpet courses can be used to make plush mirrors at an additional price
  • Class duration is 5.5 hours, with a one-hour break in between

Art13 Studio

Recommended handmade carpets in Taipei Art13 Studio2
  • 3 minutes walk from MRT Linguang Station
  • The course has two sessions a day, each session lasts about 5 hours
  • Multi-person cooperation, no additional charges
  • There are also hand-made experiences such as fluid bears and flowing animations.

Now that all the major boutiques are selling personalized products, if the leather goods in your hands are sewn stitch by stitch by yourself, it will show your exclusive personal taste.Leather hand-made courses include leather selection, cutting, lettering, stitching and edging. The content ratio of each hand-made classroom is different, but there are models suitable for beginners to experience DIY.If you are worried about your handicraft level, it is recommended to start with small items such as key rings and coin purses, and then discuss complex styles such as bags after getting used to them.

Scrap leather hand creation SCRAP

Taipei leather diy recommends waste leather handmade leather SCRAP 2
  • Time-honored Taipei Leather Studio, founded in 2006
  • About 5 minutes walk from Yongan Market MRT Station
  • 3 hours of handmade leather goods experience, about XNUMX to XNUMX people in a class
  • More than 30 leather DIY fits to choose from

Spring Pig Studio

Taipei Leather DIY Recommended Spring Pig Studio
  • Adjacent to the business district of Normal University, 10 minutes walk from Guting Station
  • Wooden Japanese-style independent studio
  • The classroom can accommodate about 10 students
  • There are hundreds of bags, wallets or small items to choose from

Hsu & Daughter

Taipei leather DIY recommended Hsu & Daughter Xu's father and daughter 2
  • There are two mansion studios and Songyan Eslite stores
  • A maximum of 6 students can be accommodated at the same time
  • There are 2 teachers to teach, small class size to take care of
  • There are also sales of leather goods and leather goods customization services

Shekinah Handmade Leather

Taipei leather DIY recommends Shekinah handmade leather
  • 3 minutes walk from MRT Shuanglian Station
  • Handcrafted leather courses offer up to 50 styles
  • Experience projects are not too difficult, very suitable for novices
  • There are also advanced hand sewing and hand dyeing techniques for veterans to challenge

Hand-made candles can be said to be a hand-made experience in Taipei involving visual beauty and olfactory acuity. The main thing is how to use different fragrances, essential oils, dried flowers and other raw materials to DIY the colors and flavors you like.But don't think too complicated, there are conscientious little helpers in the candle making course to take you to complete it together.And the best thing is that some candle DIY stores even provide snacks and afternoon tea, where you can learn candle making skills while eating.

Qing handmade soap

Taipei scented essential oil candle DIY recommendation: Qing Qing Handmade Soap 1
  • Located near Zhuwei MRT Station
  • One-to-one teaching, all courses are by appointment only
  • The DIY course will start from raw materials and mixing ratio
  • Can be customized, and there is also a hand-made candle certificate class

Do it after get off work

Taipei Scented Candle DIY Recommendation: Handmade after get off work
  • Located in the Ximending business district, adjacent to in89 luxury movie theater
  • Handmade experience items are diverse, including candles and flowers
  • DIY courses are taught in small classes of 6-12 people
  • There is also a small studio where you can take beautiful photos of your works

BEYOND SCENT Fragrance Studio

Taipei Handmade Recommendation Guide》30+ Mystery Shop Certified Handmade Courses, the Most Complete DIY Experience 21
  • 2 minutes walk from Sanchong MRT Station
  • There are no more than 6 people in the class, and 1-to-1 teaching is also provided
  • A+B courses can be purchased at an additional price, and the experience can be packaged at one time
  • Coffee biscuits are provided on site, and there is a small studio and props


Taipei Candle Course Recommended Take Easy 2
  • Adjacent to MRT Daan and Science and Technology Building Station
  • The main feature is natural beeswax flowers, imitating the blooming appearance of real flowers
  • Up to 8 kinds of flower patterns, provide experience lessons and certificates
  • A maximum of 4 people can be accommodated in a single candle making class

Japan has the so-called wabi-sabi aesthetics, which is an aesthetic concept that accepts imperfections, and dried flower art is a hand-made experience choice in Taipei that coincides with this.Even if it is the same flower material, when it is made into dried flowers, there will be slight differences due to the drying process, and this imperfection is the charm of immortal flowers or dried flowers.In addition, after getting rid of the storage restrictions of fresh flowers, through the collocation of different dried flower materials and various creative containers, there are more changes in dried flower art works.Still have no idea?Then find a hand-made class in Taipei that focuses on dried flowers and try it out!

VIVIN Flower

Taipei Dried Flower Making Course Recommended VIVIN Flower1
  • 7 minutes' walk from Da'an Station, within the Rui'an Street business district
  • Teaching in a space design company, full marks for environmental aesthetics
  • More than 4 people can start a class immediately, up to 8 people
  • Each course comes with a drink and a snack

like life dry florist

Taipei dry flower making course recommended like life dry flower shop 2
  • Well-known Taipei Flower Art Studio opens classes
  • Five minutes from Zhongshan Junior High School MRT Station
  • Small class classes with less than 10 students per week
  • Course content will be changed according to the needs of major festivals

Pine cone feel

Taipei dried flower making course recommended pine cone feel 2
  • Located at the B1 department store counter of Taipei Main Station Jingzhan
  • Floral art course mainly focuses on preserved flowers and dried flowers
  • There are many classes, and even one student will start the class
  • There are also flower courses, but 6 people are required to complete the class


Dried flower making course in Taipei recommended Mania flower Weiweixianghua flower art studio
  • Located in Banqiao, near Lin Family Garden
  • Dry flower art studio combined with coffee shop
  • Teachers have IFDA Korean dried flower certificate
  • The style of the finished product is mainly Korean flower art

When we were young, we always liked to use clay to create various ideas. When you grow up, you can still use your own hands to create your own unique sense of ritual for life, and pottery is just such a creative way.If you want to experience the fun of kneading pottery in Taipei, you don’t need to go to Yingge!All kinds of pottery workshops in Taipei City provide pottery kneading or hand-made DIY experience.Whether it's utensils or food utensils, use the warm power of fingertips and palms to make pottery a part of your life!

Round Round Pottery

Taipei Ceramic Art Recommended Round Round Ceramic Art
  • About 5 minutes walk from Zhongxiao Dunhua Station
  • There are 14 pottery courses in total.
  • The course time is two hours, hands-on teaching
  • The price includes glazing and kiln costs for one piece

Baopingan art space

Taipei Ceramics recommends Baopingan Art Space 2
  • Ximen Shopping District, 10 minutes walk from MRT
  • It is also a cafe full of pottery works
  • The fee for a single pottery class includes afternoon tea and snacks
  • Provide pulling machine for everyone to practice pulling skills

happy tao family

Taipei pottery recommends happy pottery family 2
  • Jinmen Street between Guting and Taipower Building Station
  • There are 2 choices of kneading pottery experience and breaking course
  • If you sign up for multiple sessions, you will have a discounted price
  • Children under the age of 12 can also participate accompanied by parents

Zhuo Zhuo DrawGrow

Taipei Ceramic Art recommends zhuzhuo DrawGrow3
  • About 3 minutes walk from Xinhai MRT Station
  • Most of the pottery courses are concentrated on Saturday, Sunday and 3 days
  • As long as 2 people sign up for the course, the class can start
  • The price includes the cost of glazing and repairing and firing of the work

Most of the handmade courses in Taipei focus on one-off works, but taking a cooking class not only allows you to taste delicious dishes right away, but also the cooking methods and skills in the class can become a good partner in your life.Many cooking classes in Taipei now provide complete teaching, teaching you step by step how to make amazing dishes comparable to restaurants outside.However, when signing up for a culinary class, remember to check the format of the class. If you want to cook ingredients yourself, you must choose a practical class, and a demonstration class is suitable for those who want to watch the teacher operate.

Orange Dining Table Cooking Classroom

Taipei Cooking Class recommends Orange Table Cooking Class
  • Located next to Beitou Mingde Station, directly opposite the MRT station
  • The course schedule is intensive, and there are courses available almost every day
  • The faculty is diverse, and there is an opportunity to teach with famous chefs
  • The operation starts from the raw materials and learns from scratch

Laurel Nest Kitchen

Taipei Cooking Class Recommendation: Laurel Nest Kitchen 1
  • Next to MRT Taipower Building Exit
  • Culinary aesthetics space, hosting many cookbook writer activities
  • There are about 6-8 people in class, one lecturer and 3 teaching assistants
  • 2 people share a table, elegantly learn to cook

mama de maison

Taipei cooking class recommends mama de maison3
  • Opened in 2009, located near MRT Fuzhong Station
  • Instructor of cooking courses graduated from Le Cordon Bleu
  • Only 9 people are accepted in one class, with demonstration classes as the main body
  • Only one type of cuisine is taught in each period, and one period is about 2 months

ABC Cooking Studio

Taipei Cooking Class Recommendation: ABC Cooking Studio 1
  • Established in Taiwan by the Japanese cooking classroom system
  • There are 4 Classroom branches in Taipei
  • A lecturer leads 3-6 students to practice at a table
  • In addition to cooking, there are also baking items to choose from

Many people always worry that they do not have the foundation of painting or artistic talent before taking painting courses.But don't worry, even if you don't have the opportunity to get in touch with painting methods such as oil painting, sketching and watercolor, professional art consultants can skillfully guide you to complete the work.At this time, instead of worrying about your own skills, it is better to spend more time thinking about the appearance of the work you want to present. As long as you relax and brush, you will definitely be able to complete a work that satisfies you.In addition, more and more studios have begun to diversify their operations and open spaces that combine with coffee shops. If you want to spend an afternoon full of artistic atmosphere, then it is recommended to add painting to the list of hand-made experiences in Taipei.

Paint Sip

Taipei painting classroom recommends Paint Sip 3
  • Only a five-minute walk from MRT Taipei 101 Station
  • The painting teaching course adopts an appointment system, and there are 7 major items in total
  • There are customized courses for designing photos into various styles
  • Fees include art consultant guidance and teaching aids

Three brushes oil painting wet classroom

Taipei painting classroom recommends three brushes wet oil painting classroom 3
  • 10 minutes from Taipower Building Station, next to Hakka Park
  • The classroom is mainly based on oil painting teaching, and an appointment system is adopted
  • Canvas size 4, larger available at additional cost
  • Register for multiple sessions to enjoy multiple discounts


Taipei painting classroom recommended Studio 83 2
  • Located in Shilin Tianmu District, near Tianmu Shin Kong Mitsukoshi
  • Painting teaching offers group and private one-on-one lessons
  • Group lessons are two hours and offer 23 sessions per week
  • The store provides a variety of media for course use

The Escape Artist

Taipei studio recommends The Escape Artist
  • Located on the second floor of Songyan Eslite, the classroom is an open counter
  • Only pure free painting, can use watercolor and acrylic
  • Course fee includes paints, utensils and packaging
  • Meals and drinks provided at the bar need to be purchased separately

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