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Mahina Mindfulflow

I'm Mahina and I come from the field of motion psychotherapy.Yoga, mindfulness, and physical and mental exercises using the body as the medium accompany me on the road of highly energy-consuming modern life and trauma repair, and cultivate a power to connect with inner stable support. I also look forward to sharing this warmth with you who need it/ you.

Teacher presentation

Mahina is currently a personal yoga instructor, mind-body movement educator, and mindfulness instructor.

With a delicate mind, psychological background and many years of physical practice background, he is good at providing students with a people-oriented and trauma-informed space.According to the needs of students, the teaching content integrates a variety of fun and changeable physical exercise elements (eg Pilates, manual fitness, animal flow, etc.), mindfulness stress reduction, meditation exercises, exercise science and cognitive neuropsychology.

Our bodies remember. The body is the home of our whole life. It records our life stories from the fetal period to the present every minute.Through feeling and awareness exercises, using neuroplasticity, we learn to distinguish what consumes energy and what nourishes, and find the most suitable tools and methods for taking care of ourselves.

We welcome you who are experiencing physical and mental imbalance and hope to balance your autonomic nerves, enhance awareness and connect your body and mind through gentle exercises; you also welcome you who want to improve muscle endurance, mobility, sense of balance and fascia health, and you who like to relieve stress through sweating .Let us use our own comfortable pace to bring the exercises on the mat into our daily life, improve our body, mind and quality of life, and love ourselves from the heart.

Teaching license

  • RYT200 American Yoga Alliance Adarsh ​​Teacher (by Adarsh ​​Williams)
  • Yoga Alliance Mindfulness Yin Yoga 100 Hour Teacher (by Corey)
  • Body and mind integration yoga 100 hours advanced teacher (by Serena) MBSR mindfulness stress reduction 8-week workshop (by Li Meili)
  • Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy 8-week Workshop (by Wang Xuya)
  • Reiki Practitioner Usui Reiki Level XNUMX Certified Healer (by Justine Nolan)

teaching experience

  • 2021-2022: Private one-on-one/small class (home & studio)
  • 2021-2022: Online yoga teaching (body and mind soothing, muscle flow, freehand fitness, mindful yoga, mindful meditation)
  • 2021-2022: Yoga Vibes long-term cooperative teacher
  • 2021 Establish MindfulFlow Space private yoga studio

Offer courses and prices


Body and mind soothing (Yoga Vibes small class)

Combining mindfulness (Vipassana), breathing meditation, yoga postures, and physical and mental movement exercises to promote the balance of autonomic nerves, enhance awareness and inner resilience.Suitable for the group: the general public, those who need a space for relaxation and self-care.

$390-500/class (varies according to the course purchase plan)


One-on-one private yoga (60-90 mins)

We will understand your needs and expectations of the course before the consultation, and customize the course content according to your needs and physical and mental state.When consulting, we will arrange a trial class first, and then make further follow-up class appointment arrangements if we feel suitable.

From $1,300-1,800/class (basic fee, excluding venue fee/traffic cost)


Customized package (60 mins)

For more than 3 people, according to the needs of package classes, customize the most suitable course content, and understand your needs and expectations before consulting.

$ varies (depending on the number of people)


One-on-one Reiki Healing (60 mins)

Usui Reiki Healing is a non-invasive adjuvant therapy, which is widely used in European and American medical institutions.We will understand your needs and physical and mental state before the consultation, and arrange an experience. If you feel suitable, you will make further arrangements for follow-up class appointments.

$800/class (basic fee, excluding venue fee/traffic cost)

Mystery guest evaluation

"Coach Mahina was born in the field of psychotherapy, and because of her own traumatic experience, she embarked on the road of helping others. After being exposed to yoga during the training process, she opened an online yoga course that integrates body and mind, hoping to help more students improve their inner energy and find themselves.

When Ching made an appointment for the course, the clear and detailed consultation form showed that Coach Mahina attached great importance to the psychological state of each student.Before the class, I also ask the students what they want to achieve through social software. During the class, they first use mindfulness to stabilize their thoughts, and remind Ching to feel the current physical and mental connection from time to time.Then when practicing asanas, even simple and slow movements can feel the energy flow in the whole body, and the whole class made Ching feel comfortable all over the body.However, online yoga courses currently only provide one-on-one teaching, which is more suitable for students who want to focus on physical and mental healing. "


Curriculum Highlights

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