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Yoga with Vivian

I am teacher Vivian. Yoga accompanies Vivian to overcome many difficulties in life. Whether it is work or health, I can feel my growth and progress bit by bit. This feeling is passed on to the students.

Teacher presentation

I like sports. I participated in the track and field team for two years in elementary school. When I grew up, I started to try different sports, such as swimming, retraining, and mountain climbing.Until 2014, I started to get in touch with yoga. From community yoga and watching videos to practice, and in 2020, I began to explore the yoga world in depth, and went to different places to practice, from sports centers, yoga halls, private small class yoga, etc. No matter where I was, after the class feel good mood.Until 2020, I will participate in the yoga teacher class, and I want to share this beautiful journey of yoga.

A teacher once said to me: "You are meant to do yoga", which deepened the idea of ​​wanting to pass on yoga, and at the same time, I am very grateful for what each teacher has brought to me.Yoga is life. What yoga brings to Vivian is not only physical exercise, but also spiritual precipitation and spiritual change.Similarly, Vivian also hopes to bring you such a feeling and accompany you to explore the world of yourself and yoga.

Teaching license

  • RYT 200 hours Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher of America
  • 100 Hour Mindful Yin Yoga Teacher
  • 100 Hours of Female Yoga Teachers
  • 28-hour Rainbow Kids Yoga

teaching experience

  • 2021-2022: Sports center group class (stretching yoga, hatha yoga)
  • 2021-2022: Online Yoga Teaching (Gentle Flow Yoga, Stretching Yoga, Mindful Yin Yoga)
  • 2021-2022: One-to-one yoga instruction

Offer courses and prices


Slow Flow Yoga Online

Through asanas (yoga movements) combined with breathing, the movements are gentle and smooth. At the same time, it can increase the heart rate, strengthen flexibility and strength, and achieve physical and mental balance.



Online Deep Stretching Yoga

Classes have different themes: chest openings, hip openings, twists, etc.Deepen body extensibility, use muscles flexibly, help relax body and mind, and improve flexibility.



Mindful Yin Yoga Online

Through yoga asanas, you can perceive the body's "present" feelings and emotions. The rhythm is slow, and each movement stays for a long time (3-5mins). With breathing and asanas, you can increase your perception of the body, improve flexibility, and make muscles, Relax body and mind and achieve self-healing.



One-to-One Yoga Class (60mins)

One-to-one courses will discuss with students what they want to improve or improve. The customized content meets the needs, and the time can be adjusted flexibly.

Starting from $1200/class (depending on entity or online, location, excluding venue fee)


Packaged yoga class (more than 3 people) (60mins)

Students can propose what they want to practice and learn, and the teacher will try their best to cooperate. The mode is customized or arranged by the teacher, and the progress of each class can be adjusted in due course.

From $1,200/class (depending on physical or online, number of people, location, venue fee not included)

Mystery guest evaluation

"Online yoga instructor Vivian has a gentle and friendly personality, and his teaching style has a healing atmosphere, which makes people relax physically and mentally. The online yoga course Ching chose this time is Mindfulness Yin Yoga. Compared with other flow yoga, the rhythmic breathing is slower and longer, so Each movement stays for a longer period of time, allowing students to feel the body's response better in each pause movement.

In the course, coach Vivian gently guides the students to enjoy the "present moment". Whether it is the body or the emotion, he hopes that the students will enlarge their perception and observe. Ching felt relaxed and comfortable after the class, and relieved the tense nerves in the morning. It is very suitable for those who want to do yoga at home to relieve stress. "


Curriculum Highlights

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