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In addition to the scenes, puzzles and plots in the escape room, more possibilities have already been developed.Adding NPCs (non-player characters) to interact with players in the secret room not only guides the progress of the plot, but also increases the fun of escape from the secret room, and also increases the overall degree of freedom in the game process. This time, Shiuan, a room expert, selected 5 recommended interactive escape rooms in Taipei with NPCs, so that the escape room is not just an escape, and some themes will even affect the final escape result according to the degree of interaction with the NPC! Lock the idol burden in the safe first, and bring your social cattle partners to play together!

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puzzle-loving Shiuan

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I love to solve puzzles, brains make me happy; I am a meatball, don’t sit when I can lie down; spread happiness, spread joy everywhere; Xuanxuan is me, come and play with me!

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During World War II, the Empire of Japan secretly established the "Atomic Power Development Information Institute" to facilitate the government to create atomic bombs.However, due to internal and external troubles, the Chinese and American allied forces are approaching step by step, but the chief of intelligence has been assassinated, and the whereabouts of the confidential information is unknown... "You are now the person closest to the key information. You must find the key to change the world."

Just looking at the introduction of this theme, it is not difficult to understand that this is a secret room escape theme of intrigue. The person next to you is a partner one second, and may become an opponent in the next second!The entire escape room is said to be composed of hundreds of organs, and each player will trigger at least 20 organs during the process, which is really cost-effective.

Each escape room will have a different ending, and the NPCs will have different performances for different players. It can be said that it is one of the best special gameplays in the escape room in Taipei. Don’t be intimidated by its price. After playing It can only be said that the value for money is excellent!

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Top Pork Chops: Ghost Shop

The annual settlement of the Shinigami trainees is imminent, and if you don't work hard, you can only hold your hands temporarily.I have heard of the legendary ghost store, which has everything in store, as long as you can find the way, you will be saved!Little fantasy creatures from the ghost world will help, right?

This ghost store has to go through many tests if you want to see its style. The puzzles in this room escape game are all-encompassing. There are mechanisms, operations, observations and homophonic stems. Everyone is very busy!But I finally found the way, and only after I actually went in did I realize that this place really lives up to its name, trying to imagine all kinds of tricks and all kinds of tricks.If you want to hug Buddha's feet, you have to pay some mani mani, or find a way to please the little shop assistant, or you have to send out a bargaining master!

To pass the assessment at the end, in addition to relying on heresy methods, there is also a super invincible surprise method, which is completely unexpected and super cool!It's a surprise, it's definitely not a scare, and it's directly ranked first in the escape room for 2 people in my mind!

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LoGin: Livid Bar

I received a strange entrustment letter a few days ago, and it turned out that my memory was stolen.In order to complete the task, the senior invited us to go to the bar. According to the legend, as long as you drink the wine here, you can get an unexpected love.However, if you want to fulfill your wish, you must use an unforgettable story in exchange... What is the magical power of this bar?And what does it have to do with the client's memory?

As soon as I stepped into the bar, I saw that the bartender had been waiting for a long time. As a well-known drinker, I took out the prepared story and chatted with the bartender in exchange for the opportunity to learn more about this bar.The deeper you go into the interior of this bar, the more you find that the secret cannot be revealed word by word!I have to be amazed by the bartender's superb acting skills, the unique scene in the bar, and the bartender's special tune.

Different from the previous real-life escape rooms, the process of Livid's bar requires a lot of interaction with the bartender, and according to different choices, it will lead to completely different endings.Such a special escape room in Taipei, come and have a drink at Livid Bar!

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Crazy Secret Studio: Flower Moon Banquet

There is a famous Peach Blossom Pavilion in the capital, where the girl who lived for several months makes people dream about it, and the legend that the Peach Blossom Hairpin can make people get enviable love is even more charming, but is it so simple?

As soon as you enter Taohua Pavilion, you will be attracted by the antique decoration, as if you have traveled to an ancient inn in a second, not to mention the unexpected surprise at the opening, which is not only shocking, but also a visual feast!When you thought that the surprises given to you by Huayue Banquet are over, even more surprises are yet to come!Since "feast" is in the title of the game, there is really something to eat!Although it’s not a full feast for people to eat and drink, the meals provided by the crazy secret studio are also quite sincere, especially the taste is so addictive, I can’t help but tell the waiter to have another one!

As a rising star of the escape room in Taipei, Huayueyan breaks away from the old room framework and brings players a lot of fresh experiences. It will definitely be among the top recommended escape rooms in Taipei in 2023!

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Enter Space: Take it!New Year's Eve

Originally a happy Spring Festival holiday, but because my parents lost their bags, I have to face the "concern" of relatives I haven't seen for a long time alone. I feel embarrassed when I think about it!But if you can please the elders, maybe you can make a fortune with red envelopes!That being the case, let's fight hard!

On the way to Grandma’s house, I was excited and looking forward to it. The whole escape room game was designed as if I was playing an online game. You need props to fight monsters, so you can get Buff bonuses by solving puzzles, let alone this game. The theme of the whole mechanism, and the interaction with NPC is a highlight, not only to remember to use secret weapons at all times, but also to show the housekeeping skills of the tongue, in order to get more red envelopes, do not hesitate!

As a room escape game with such a special gameplay, it integrates puzzles into the scene and sets off the atmosphere with NPCs. It is not only suitable for two-person escape rooms, but also suitable for three or five friends. It makes people want to go back and forth after playing Grandma's house!

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After reading the above 5 Taipei NPC interactive secret room escapes, did you not expect that secret room escapes can be played like this!The weather outside is cloudy and cloudy. It is strongly recommended to come in the secret room to shelter from the wind and rain and hide from the sun. Not only are there puzzles that can engage the brain, but also immersive scenes and super cool mechanisms, which bring a shocking feast to the senses, and so on. There are many secret rooms where you can interact and play with NPCs. Even friends who are not good at solving puzzles can join the chat team and chat with NPCs to get clues!Are you excited to see this?Hurry up and make an appointment for these super interesting secret rooms, and join the ranks of secret room addiction!

In addition to real-person interaction, escape rooms often incorporate horror elements into the theme. If you like horror rooms that send chills down your spine, don't miss itTaipei Horror Chamber,Taichung Horror Chamberwaiting for two finishing articles.If you want to know more room escape studio reviews, don't miss itTaipei,Taichung,Kaohsiungwaiting for the chamber of secrets review article, I believe that it will become a poisoned patient of escape from the chamber of secrets in the near future.

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