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Don’t know where to spend the cultural coins yet? In fact, in addition to buying books, there are many stores where cultural coins can be used. Cultural coins can be used to make handmade rings, bracelets, necklaces, leather bags, carpets, flower arrangements, and even multiplayer games such as escape rooms. this time TWOSEVENTHS 10 Kaohsiung Cultural Coin cooperative stores are selected to introduce the store’s services, Cultural Coin activities, and student discounts. Let’s find the store that is most suitable for you to use Cultural Coin, and become the most beautiful artistic youth!

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio


Kaohsiung Cultural Coin Master
1200 Use it well and use it fully Coco

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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ART64 has branches in the north, central and south, and has two branches in department stores in Kaohsiung. It is a sterling silver jewelry brand that combines design and metalworking. It not only provides uniquely designed silver jewelry, but also provides professional metalworking teaching. haveear piercingWaiting for a full range of services! This Kaohsiung Cultural Coin cooperative store offers a variety of hand-made silver jewelry courses, including hand-made rings, shaped silver pendants, bracelets, and customized jewelry. You can use Cultural Coin to experience it easily, whether you want to make it for yourself or as a gift. It is definitely the most memorable gift for relatives and friends.

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Lay Leather Boutique Design Studio

Lay Leather Boutique Design Studio is located a three-minute walk from Xinyi Elementary School Station on the Orange Line of the MRT. The leather DIY handicraft courses in the store include bracelets, ID cases, wallets, small bags and other items, with a wide range of styles. This Kaohsiung Cultural Coin cooperative store also provides customized products and services, ranging from wedding souvenirs to customized gifts. It also sells a variety of handmade leather souvenirs, especially recommended for those who like to make their own leather bags. Come and experience it.

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Mystoto Escape Games

Mystoto Escape Games is located near Sanda Yuanbai in Kaohsiung. The internal environment is very spacious. The studio has 4 horror-oriented escape room themes, including Baby Soul Scary Waterway, Desolate Hotel, Alien Abduction, and Pharaoh's Mystery City. Those who love thrillers and horror route types Players cannot miss it. It is worth mentioning that this Kaohsiung Cultural Coin cooperative escape room uses a large number of mechanisms, and even the prompts are provided using mechanisms, which is very special. In addition, if a player spends over $2,000 in cultural currency in a single purchase, all players can get a $50 coupon. Grab your friends who must play escape rooms every week!

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Get hairy and hit

Yawn Yarn Tufting is located on Zhongzheng Road and Minzu Road in Kaohsiung. It is located on the 15th floor of the Cathay Zhongzheng Building. The store is spacious and equipped with all kinds of equipment. The yarn wall on the side is not only beautiful but also good for photography. The best thing is that all items in the classroom can be paid for with cultural coins, including shaped carpets, square pillows, canvas bags, storage baskets and shaped mirrors, etc. Almost all the choices you can think of are provided. If you want to spend some healing craft time with your sisters, this Kaohsiung Cultural Coin cooperative store is a good choice.

More than just a flower lab

Not Just Flower Lab is located in Qianjin District, Kaohsiung City. The store offers a variety of handcrafted group classes, including handmade candles, incense and dried flowers, etc. In addition to offering small group classes, this Kaohsiung Cultural Coin cooperative store also provides corporate classes, with customized and exclusive course content based on customer needs, such as fragrance sprays, alphabet cake candles, eternal lanterns and other handicrafts. Recommended For people who like to make DIY gadgets to experience.

Emily's Garden

Emily's Garden is a small literary space filled with various hand-dried flower courses. It is located on Xinkang Street, Fengshan District, Kaohsiung City. The store provides a series of handmade flower art DIY courses, such as dry flower living flower art certificate course, wedding series bouquet course, preserved flower glass cover series and various opening flower ceremonies. Almost all flower art-related handicrafts can be purchased at this Kaohsiung store. Culture Coin cooperative stores see that if your significant other likes receiving flowers, they recommend that they make you a bouquet of flowers that will never fade and belong only to her.

classic wet plate photography process

Different from the general studios used for taking image photos, the Dianxiang Wet Plate Photography Studio located in the Dayi Warehouse Cluster of the Pier 2 Art Zone mainly provides teaching courses on classical imaging techniques, such as black and white negative film development, hand-processed color positive film workshops, etc. . In addition, there are also classical printing experience activities and photography-related courses. It is especially recommended for novice friends who have just started playing with film cameras. You can use cultural coins to experience various photo development courses in the store.

do crafts

Dosao Craftsmanship is the handicraft promotion center of the 30-year-old ceramic brand "Meinong Kiln" in downtown Kaohsiung. It is located in a XNUMX-square-meter space on Siwei XNUMXnd Road. It is a space where cultural and creative young people can expose their brands. It is also a cultural currency of Kaohsiung. Cooperative store. The classroom launches different experiential activities every month, such as clay pottery, flower art, carpentry, dessert baking and other activities. Different artists will also consign cultural and creative products, which is recommended for those who like to do handicrafts or visit cultural and creative markets. Friends come to dig for treasure.

That leather studio

Na Leather Studio, located on Senan Street, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City, provides a variety of handmade leather goods courses. Different handmade courses are launched almost every month. In the past, it has offered handmade leather goods, laser engraving, 3D printing, Various courses including fabric sewing and knitting. In addition, this Kaohsiung Cultural Coin cooperative leather classroom also provides customized leather goods services. You can design your own patterns or customize brand logos, and you can use Cultural Coins for both. It is recommended to friends who like leather crafts to experience it.

Table addiction board game leisure space

In addition to buying books, watching movies, and experiencing handicraft courses, cultural coins can also be used to play board games. The Table Addiction Board Game Leisure Space adjacent to Gaoying University offers more than 500 kinds of board games. In addition to light meals and drinks, the store also has private rooms on the second floor that can be used to project screens, making it a good choice for college students to use cultural currency. Whether you want to meet up with friends to play board games, watch game live broadcasts in a private room, or even discuss group work, etc., this Kaohsiung Cultural Coin cooperative store is a good space.

The above are the recommendations for using Kaohsiung Cultural Coins this time. TWOSEVENTHS 10 Kaohsiung Cultural Coin cooperative stores have been selected, some of which have been personally certified by Mystery Shop. If you want to use cultural coins, in addition to handmade DIY items such as metalworking and carpets, there are also various options such as dried flowers, leather crafts, film printing, and board games. Whether you want to make a handicraft for yourself or a friend, there is no problem. , let’s maximize your $1,200 coming-of-age gift money!

If you happen to travel to other areas, you can refer to this articleUse of Taichung Cultural Coins,Use of Tainan Cultural CoinsStore guide, use cultural coins together and become a literary youth. In addition, if you like dynamic activities and are also worried about how to use dynamic coupons, this article has also compiled 10Stores where Kaohsiung Dongzi coupons can be usedFor your reference, we have everything from one-on-one coaching sessions in the gym to boxing, yoga, running, cycling, rock climbing, swimming, diving and other water activities. Don’t miss it if you want to lose weight!

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