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This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio

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Pay attention to ear piercing hygieneShi Yang

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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【ART64 穿耳洞評價】打完耳洞耳環就在上面!專業衛生的高雄打耳洞選擇 2

ART64 is a self-owned brand of sterling silver jewelry. It has been established for more than 20 years. Now it is a space that combines art and technology. Most of the silver jewelry sold on the counter is designed and developed by ART64 itself. In addition, there are silver jewelry works introduced by overseas designers. What’s more special is that it can fully customize orders according to customer needs, and also has professional ear piercing. Cave services and metalworking teaching, a full range of services to meet the needs of the public.

6 branches in Taiwan

【ART64 穿耳洞評價】打完耳洞耳環就在上面!專業衛生的高雄打耳洞選擇 4

ART64 currently has 6 business locations in central and southern Taipei, including the New Taipei Yonghe flagship store,Taipei Breeze Nanshan Counter,Taichung Taroko counter,Tainan Xiaoximen counter,Kaohsiung Dayuan 100 Store Counterand Kaohsiung Times Department Store counter. Each branch has its own regional characteristics, and there will also be store-limited hidden products, so customers can have little surprises when they go to different stores.

Able to serve across branches

【ART64 穿耳洞評價】打完耳洞耳環就在上面!專業衛生的高雄打耳洞選擇 6

It is worth mentioning that no matter which store you go to for ear piercing, you can experience the same quality of professional ear piercing services, and subsequent needle removal services do not require you to go back to the original service store, which makes people who often travel north and south I think it is so convenient!

【ART64 穿耳洞評價】打完耳洞耳環就在上面!專業衛生的高雄打耳洞選擇 8

ART64 ear piercing prices start at $800, and the cost includes two ear piercings and a pair of STUDEX316L grade medical steel anti-allergic earrings. The equipment used by ART64 is the STUDEX professional ear piercing gun made in the United States. It complies with the US FDA and EU EC inspection specifications and can accurately position the piercing. Moreover, each pair of earrings is individually sterilized and packaged. The thickness of the ear needle is 1.3mm, which is slightly smaller than ordinary earrings. Thick, can make the formed ear holes more stable, and you can wear most earrings in the future.

Insure liability insurance for customers

【ART64 穿耳洞評價】打完耳洞耳環就在上面!專業衛生的高雄打耳洞選擇 10

In order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, ART64's professional ear piercing services are even covered by Shin Kong Product Liability Insurance and Public Accident Liability Insurance. The piercer will wear disposable gloves during each ear piercing service, and The equipment will be thoroughly disinfected before and after each operation, which is very safe in terms of hygiene and safety. It also subverts the previous concept that you must go to a medical institution for ear piercing.

One-stop shopping for earrings

【ART64 穿耳洞評價】打完耳洞耳環就在上面!專業衛生的高雄打耳洞選擇 12

After piercing your ears, you can also choose sterling silver jewelry sold by ART64, including sterling silver earrings, sterling silver rings, sterling silver necklaces, sterling silver pendants, sterling silver bracelets, sterling silver anklets, and even sterling silver earrings. There are silver cufflinks and sterling silver parts that you can DIY by yourself, which can be said to be very complete! For detailed experience, please refer to:[ART64 Review] North Central South Department Store is the most convenient location! Various ring styles to create exclusive love style.

【ART64 穿耳洞評價】打完耳洞耳環就在上面!專業衛生的高雄打耳洞選擇 14

This time Shiyang came to ART64 Yuanbai store to review. It is located on the 9th floor of Yuanbai store in Lingya District, Kaohsiung. Parking is very convenient. Today’s task is to get my husband’s ears pierced to create a fashionable and handsome appearance!

Provide self-assessment before ear piercing

【ART64 穿耳洞評價】打完耳洞耳環就在上面!專業衛生的高雄打耳洞選擇 16

Before the ear piercing, the ear piercer provided a self-assessment form for Shi Yang’s husband to fill out, and verbally explained people with physical conditions such as weak immunity, metal allergies, lupus erythematosus, AIDS, diabetes, and keloids. It is not suitable for ear piercing, so as long as the above diseases are ruled out, most healthy people can safely pierce their ears if they have adequate sanitary conditions and use medical-grade equipment.

【ART64 穿耳洞評價】打完耳洞耳環就在上面!專業衛生的高雄打耳洞選擇 18

Also because the ear needles used in ART64 are individually sterilized and packaged, and are made of medical-grade 316 stainless steel and are made of anti-allergenic material, so as long as you take good care of them after returning home, you basically don’t need to worry about allergies and infections.

Use medical steel anti-allergic material

【ART64 穿耳洞評價】打完耳洞耳環就在上面!專業衛生的高雄打耳洞選擇 20

ART64 Ear piercing includes the ear, ear lobe and ear bone. However, because the ear piercing gun has angle restrictions, whether the position designated by the customer can be pierced still needs to be evaluated by the on-site ear piercer. The STUDEX 64L grade medical steel anti-allergic earrings provided by ART316 Professional Ear Piercing are available in many colors. The basic price is $800 and includes professional ear piercing services.

Ear piercing process

【ART64 穿耳洞評價】打完耳洞耳環就在上面!專業衛生的高雄打耳洞選擇 22

This time, Shi Yang’s husband chose a shiny gold color to pierce the ear bone and earlobe of the same ear. Because it was his first time to have his ears pierced, he was a little hesitant about the choice of location, but the piercers at ART64 were very patient. Offer advice without any pushiness or impatience.

【ART64 穿耳洞評價】打完耳洞耳環就在上面!專業衛生的高雄打耳洞選擇 24

After both parties confirm the puncture site, ART64's ear piercer will disinfect it first, and then insert the ear needle with a very quick and neat "snap" to complete the puncture. After the piercing was successful, the ear piercer picked up a mirror to show the result to Shiyang’s husband, and added: “After the piercing, the oppa was so excited!” which made us laugh.

Instructions on how to care for ear piercings

【ART64 穿耳洞評價】打完耳洞耳環就在上面!專業衛生的高雄打耳洞選擇 26

Then the ear piercer explained in detail how to care for the ear piercing, and actually demonstrated how to clean the ear piercing. Unexpectedly, the method turned out to be so simple, just use saline solution to gently wipe the wound every morning and evening. The follow-up is that as long as you keep it dry and avoid pulling, the pierced ear can usually be stable and maintained well.

Provide free needle removal service

【ART64 穿耳洞評價】打完耳洞耳環就在上面!專業衛生的高雄打耳洞選擇 28

Needle removal is required 30 days after earlobe piercing, and 90 days after ear bone piercing. Because customers are afraid of discomfort caused by improper piercing, ART64 provides free needle removal service. When you return to the store for needle removal, you can bring your favorite earrings and ask the piercer to put them on, or you can choose any sterling silver earrings in the store at a 8% discount, which surprises Shiyang!

【ART64 穿耳洞評價】打完耳洞耳環就在上面!專業衛生的高雄打耳洞選擇 30

However, I still want to remind everyone that sterling silver earrings are the material that can truly prevent allergies and stabilize ear piercings. Do not choose materials of unknown origin, otherwise they may cause infection and inflammation, and you will have to accept your fate. When the hole heals, everything will be lost.

Mystery guest evaluation

ART64 ear piercing has very good reviews and has been operating in Taiwan for many years. However, the feeling they bring to the public is not a purely commercial space, but full of warmth and taste. This time Shiyang and her husband came to ART64 Yuanbai store to experience ear piercing. In addition to feeling at home, they also had a lot of exchanges about art knowledge with the ear piercer. The process was very pleasant and comfortable.

Whether you like the silver jewelry on the counter or want to experience professional ear piercing, ART64 can complete the selection and ear piercing in one stop. After the ear piercing is completed, the earrings are on it. The sincerity that ART64 brought to Shiyang is full of memories. After returning home, I want to actively introduce it to my relatives and friends. If you want to find the most professional ear piercing in Kaohsiung, you can go to ART64.

Shi Yang

Pay attention to ear piercing hygieneShi Yang

Environment: ★★★★★
Diversity: ★★★★★
Easy Parking: ★★★★★
Teaching attitude: ★★★★★

store offers

Exclusive offer

Make an appointment for two people to experience, ART64 treats you to high-end afternoon tea

ART64 occasionally launches the "Handmade Afternoon Tea Date" event, inviting you and your significant other or best friends to enjoy the fun of handmade metalwork, the sweetness of afternoon tea, and spend a pleasant afternoon.

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