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Now the facilities of Motorcycle Railway are constantly being upgraded, and many services can be satisfied in the motel at one time. This time TWOSEVENTHS We have compiled 10 pool motels in Taichung for you. In addition to a variety of themed pool motels to choose from, considerate equipment and services have greatly improved the level of water play. There are even motels in Taichung that have moved water slides In the room! Come and see which pool motel is your destiny.

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Xitun Water Cloud Flagship Concept Hotel

Shuiyun flagship concept hotel is located under Chaoma Interchange, close to Phase 100 Autumn Red Valley and Fengjia business district.This Taichung swimming pool motel has created more than XNUMX rooms with different styles and unique styles. The most famous pool room type is the two-story waterslide!In addition to the buffet breakfast, there is also a night snack. In addition, it is the first motorbike and motorcycle in Taiwan with a parent-child game room. The super considerate service and comfortable and luxurious accommodation are not only suitable for couples but also for family outings.

Nantun Lanxia Hotel

Lanxia Hotel is located in the Gongyi Road business district, close to IKEA and Wenxin Forest Park.There are 8 types of motorcycle houses to choose from to meet the needs of different customers.Among them, the motel pool room type has indoor and outdoor. The indoor pool room type has gooseneck nozzles for massage and ambient lighting to create an atmosphere. In addition to the super large swimming pool, the outdoor pool also has a large barbecue equipment, and a large refrigerator is also provided. Coconut trees, as if in the South Island Villa.

Nantun Yunhe Concept Hotel

Yunhe Concept Hotel is close to famous attractions such as Taichung Opera House and Autumn Red Valley.According to the price and customer needs, it is divided into two types: business room type and garage room type. There are 12 themes to choose from for the garage room. In addition to KTV equipment, ovens, and outdoor landscape-shaped swimming pools, this Taichung swimming pool motel also has professional rooms. First-class beauty SPA rock bath!The sky garden on the top floor has a sandpit and hanging chairs, and the equipment is super complete.

Xitun Water Dance Hotel

Shuiwu Hotel is located at the end of Gongyi Road, adjacent to Liming New Village, and can be reached from Xianantun Interchange.The entire motel mixes and matches four different elements to create a stylish and culturally creative atmosphere, with a total of seven different room types.There is an exclusive elevator in the motel, and several room types include KTV and open-air landscape paddling pool!The interior decoration of the room is designed according to the standard of a luxury house. The outdoor private swimming pool with a length of 10 and a width of 2 meters can be said to be one of the largest among swimming pool motels in Taichung.

Nantun Ballet City Resort Hotel

Ballet City Resort Hotel is located on the third section of Shangshang Road, about five minutes away from Guoyi Nantun Interchange.It is divided into business rooms and one-bedroom-one-warehouse Villa with iron and iron rooms. There are 33 Villa rooms, and each room has a different theme, such as the Middle Eastern-style One Thousand and One Nights room, the romantic Baroque room, and the super-large swimming pool and Unicorn swim ring!Each style makes people feel abroad, which is very suitable for a pseudo-abroad vacation trip.

Xitun Yuehe Boutique Hotel

Yuehe Boutique Hotel is located next to Zhongqing Interchange and No. 74 Expressway in Taichung City, close to Shuinan Economic and Trade Park.There are nine types of rooms in this Taichung swimming pool motel, some of which include water slides, electric mahjong tables, VR and other equipment.The swimming pool and waterslide equipment are all indoors, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to use them on rainy days; the bottom of the swimming pool is printed with a US dollar pattern, and the motel’s water slide is full of flamboyance and perfect for checking in.There are also deck chairs by the pool for resting, which is suitable for family travel or parties with friends!

Nantun Lohas Hotel

It only takes 3 minutes to get off the Interchange by car from Lohas Hotel, and there are Guoyi and 74 Expressway Interchanges nearby.Seven themed room types, combining LOHAS leisure and modern trends; popular room types include water slides, cellars, floating sofas, etc., each with its own characteristics, and the space is spacious and comfortable.The most popular room type is the waterslide room type. In addition to resting, bathing, and singing KTV in the room, you can also enjoy the waterslide equipment exclusively. It is a good choice for children to go out and discharge.

Beitun Mumu Hotel

Mumu Hotel is located in Beitun, close to Costco, Dakeng Scenic Area, and not far from Interchange 74.There are 27 themed room types in this Taichung swimming pool motel, including KTV singing room and swimming pool playing room. Among them, Motorcycle’s swimming pool room type also has popular water slides, and prepare donut-shaped swimming rings for easy photo punching. The theme design is very careful.

Nantun Hanguan Motel

Hanguan Motel is located in the center of Nantun, surrounded by large landmarks such as Wenxin Forest Park and IKEA.There are six themed garage rooms and elite and elegant business rooms, and each room is full of strong exotic flavor.The most popular room type is the Monarch Villa with a constant temperature swimming pool of about 12 meters. The considerate warm water service is rare in Taichung swimming pool motels, so that guests who come here can play in the water all year round.

Norwegian Forest Motel Taiping

Norway Forest Motel is located in Taiping, close to Taiping East District, 74 Expressway.There are 8 types of rooms in the museum, and each room is quite spacious with 52-61 pings. Among them, there is a super-large Rainbow Pony swimming ring in the swimming pool room, which is very suitable for taking pictures and punching cards even if you can't swim.The more special service is that breakfast coupons and car wash coupons will be provided upon check-in. This Taichung swimming pool motel has specially created a parent-child friendly space, which is very convenient and friendly for families with children going out.

The above are the recommended pool motels in Taichung this time. TWOSEVENTHS Selected Taichung swimming pool Motels with private swimming pools and water slides in the rooms, and there are even stores personally certified by Mystery Guest.If you also want to find a place in Taichung that will not be disturbed, or you want to find a place to rest for a fake vacation abroad, enjoy private space and advanced equipment, soak in the water to wash away fatigue or play water slides to wash away all stress, then The motel pool is your first choice!If you want to see more motels in Taichung, you can refer to this 3-hour breakRest Motel Taichung, or this article mainly focuses on singing room typeTaichung KTV Motel.

In addition to motels, if couples want to arrange a good itinerary for a date, they can also arrange it before going to the Motorcycle RailwayCake DIY OrHandmade ring experience.For families with children, you can chooseIndoor Parent-child Paradiseor winter onlyStrawberry Picking Experience, Whether it is indoor or outdoor, you can walk your children to let them release their energy.

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