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If you don’t relax in a busy life, your body will protest unceremoniously to you.this time TWOSEVENTHS Almost all special missionsTaichung massage shopMysterious customers who have been pressed for a round, I would like to introduce you to the ANMO SPA studio, which is famous for its full-body essential oil massage. ANMO SPA provides reservation-based services, plus customized massage items, which is a new experience of SPA massage that is different from large massage halls!

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio

James James

Taichung Spa Experts
I want a massage wherever I goJames

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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experience content

Experience shop: ANMO SPA
Experience items: essential oil massage + facial scraping
Experience date: 2020.09.13

Experience introduction

[ANMO SPA review] Exquisite Taichung SPA massage studio, tailor-made customized body massage 3

ANMO SPA is located on the first floor of Dengfeng 21 Community Building near Xiaoming Girls' High School in North Taichung District. If you are a driver like James, you can pay attention to the fence of the underground parking lot after passing Hankou Road on Zhongqing Road, and you can go directly to park , non-resident parking is 20-30 yuan per hour, which is very affordable.After parking the car and going to the first floor, James opened Google Maps to find out where ANMO SPA is located in the community. When the elevator door opened, the storefront of ANMO SPA came into view. road people.

[ANMO SPA review] Exquisite Taichung SPA massage studio, tailor-made customized body massage 0

ANMO SPA is smallTaichung Spa MassageCompared with large massage halls, the studio has a small space, but the fully transparent floor-to-ceiling windows are paired with gray-blue walls, and the lighting is actually full of texture. There are curtains in the corridors, so guests don't have to worry about privacy issues at all.And the small wooden counter with dried flower decorations makes people feel very cozy. The best thing is the fireless wax melting lamp on the counter, which makes the counter full of the smell of scented candles with the warm light, as soon as you step into the store door It makes people relax.

Taichung SPA recommends Anmo SPA 2

ANMO SPA has two massage rooms, one shower space and four masseuses.The interior space continues the textured shop style outside, which is different from the dim lighting and atmosphere of traditional massage parlors. The goose yellow lighting with white walls and a few simple photo frame decorations make the box-style massage space simple and elegant. Lost elegance.In addition, ANMO SPA currently adopts a full reservation system, and the masseuses and comfortable environment allow girls to relax with peace of mindTaichung Spa MassageGood choice.

4 [ANMO SPA Review] Taichung Essential Oil Massage SPA

Next, explain the massage plan of ANMO SPA.

If you want to make an appointment at ANMO SPA, you must first choose the desired "massage hours", and then decide where you want to strengthen the "basic massage service". ANMO SPA charges are calculated by the number of hours. There are two types of one hour or two hours. Regardless of the type, you can enjoy basic massage services such as "essential oil massage" and "full body shiatsu". However, most people choose both. Hours of comparison can be completely relaxing.

In addition, if you choose the two-hour plan, you can also choose the "professional option". The professional options of ANMO SPA are very diverse, including hot stones, cupping, sliding, scraping, head scraping, cupping, body exfoliation, Thai massage. Lajin, abdominal massage, chest massage, etc.It is recommended to choose one or two for a two-hour massage SPA, otherwise it will be compressed into massage time.

11 [ANMO SPA Review] Taichung Essential Oil Massage SPA

Before starting the full body massage, for hygiene reasons, you need to change into the paper underwear and massage underwear provided by ANMO SPA.After changing into the clothes provided by the store, the masseuse will ask you which parts you want to strengthen, or the parts that are particularly sore. Of course, experienced masseuses can even judge the parts you may need to strengthen based on your gender, age or occupation .

15 【ANMO SPA Review】Taichung Essential Oil Massage SPA.jpg

The basic service James chose wasXNUMX hours full body massage, the masseuse that day was Mika, the store manager himself. He helped me strengthen the acupuncture points around the shoulders, neck, head, temples and eyes without specifically asking if there were any parts that needed to be strengthened. This position should be particularly stuffed, with a lot of integrity... ".

6 [ANMO SPA Review] Taichung Essential Oil Massage SPA

ANMO SPA’s oil pressure massage uses medical-grade essential oils. Men’s oils are relaxing essential oils containing peppermint, which can relieve stress and not have a strong smell; Eliminates edema.

5.1 [ANMO SPA review] Taichung essential oil massage SPA

At the beginning, the masseuse will start to relax from the back, and then press slowly from the shoulders and neck to the soles of the feet.As a reminder, ANMO SPA's essential oil oil pressure massage is basically aimed at the back and limbs, and the front uses simple dry finger pressure. Unless the customer has professional items such as abdominal or chest massage, the oil pressure will only be used on the front.After turning to the front, heat will be applied to the neck and eyes, and pressure will be directed at the acupoints on the head.

14 [ANMO SPA Review] Taichung Essential Oil Massage SPA

As for the professional items, James chose "Chest Massage" and "Thai Stretching".Because James has the habit of going to the gym, but he usually doesn’t stretch and stretch his muscles seriously after exercising to relax his muscles, so the masseur started oil pressure massage on the pectoralis major muscle where lactic acid accumulated.Slowly relieve the entire tense large muscle group by relaxing the tendons.During the process, because the hot compress was too comfortable, I accidentally fell asleep while pressing it.

【ANMO SPA Review】Taichung Essential Oil Massage SPA Offer

After waking up, start Thai-style passive yoga. Those who have had a massage in Thailand know that there is usually a back stretch before the end of the massage. The masseur will slowly press your hands up from the end of the spine step by step until you hear the sound of bone crackling, as if the entire back is stretched. However, the masseur must also decide whether to stretch the back according to the softness of the customer.

13 [ANMO SPA Review] Taichung Essential Oil Massage SPA

When scraping, some parts of the face will be a little sour, but at the same time it can unclog the blocked places.The benefits of facial scraping are that it can not only promote the circulation of the face, but also dredge the lymphatic system of the face. Most importantly, long-term facial scraping can firm and lift the face, as well as drain water and slim the face.

9 [ANMO SPA Review] Taichung Essential Oil Massage SPA

In addition to facial scraping, ANMO SPA also provides additional course services such as "body exfoliation", "body brushing", and "facial maintenance". Through the combination of basic services, professional items, and premium courses, ANMO SPA allows consumers to choose a massage combination that suits them from among the many services, and can have a different experience every time they go.Taichung SPA storeAt home, it is deeply loved by fans.

10 [ANMO SPA Review] Taichung Essential Oil Massage SPA

After finishing all the massages, the considerate ANMO SPA will provide a cup of hot tea as the end of the whole massage treatment.If you want to wash up a bit, you can also go to the bathroom at the back to wash off the essential oils on your body.But because the essential oils they use at ANMO SPA are not very greasy, James drank hot tea and took a short rest that day, and then left.

【ANMO SPA Review】Taichung Essential Oil Massage SPA 1

This time James experienced at ANMO SPAEssential Oil Massage Program, During the two-hour body oil massage, from the head to the soles of the feet, from the back to the chest, even the face was not missed.With the help of the masseur, it seems that the fatigue in the body is relieved all at once.The best thing is that the store respects the customer's choice throughout the process, and there is no extra sales promotion. After all, the purpose of doing a body spa massage is to relax.When you come to ANMO SPA for massage, you really only need to empty your head and give yourself to the masseur.

Mystery guest evaluation

Originally, James liked to go to large massage parlors, but after experiencing ANMO SPA this time, James completely changed his view of small SPA massage studios. The environment of ANMO SPA is small and exquisite but also very comfortable. There are no standard regulations and procedures, and the massage menu is set completely according to the needs of consumers.Although you can't press it anytime, but the masseuse has a whole set of treatment services, each time you will remember your recent physical condition, what should you do step by step this time, and you can really customize the massage according to your needs. This is a large massage The results are incomparable.

Environment: ★★★★★
Attitude: ★★★★☆
Easy Parking: ★★★★★
Diversity: ★★★☆☆

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